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Monday, May 29, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 219

Britney Spears has thrown hubby Kevin Federline out of her home. Sources say that Kevin, has spent three out of the last four nights with pals - while Britney has remained at home in Malibu.
Britney refuses to comment. A pal said, "Things have suddenly turned very sour. It looks bad."

Yeah, that'll teach Kevin. Let him spend even more time with his criminal friends. If Britney thinks kicking him out every so often is going to teach him a lesson she is wrong. He probably loves it cuz he doesn't have to take out the trash or feed the kid or change his underwear.

Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale, welcomed their first child together on Friday - a 7 1/2 lb. baby boy named Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. Both mother and child are doing well, said her rep in a statement.

This baby is going to handsome like his papa and stylish like his mama. Yup, he's gay already.

Angelina and Brad had a healthy baby girl. They have named her Shiloh (pronounced Shy-Lo) Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, a doctor at the hospital said there were no complications and the mother and daughter were doing well.
"She is a healthy baby," the doctor said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release information.

I am so surprised they didn't name it Wazukolita. If means "Your ex wife is an annoying little..." In tribespeak.
Maddox and Zahara are going to be confused. Who the heck's the little white kid?

Peter Andre isn't happy with his wife, Katie Price...a.k.a British glamour model Jordan. He says he wants her to bulk up sinnce she went down from a size eight to a size four.
Peter told Now magazine: "I think she's too thin. I said to her, 'Look, you don't need to be that thin, you gotta start eating now. She's getting better now and eating more. She just needed to eat more junk!"

Notice how he makes no mention of being concerned that his wife's ridiculously large implants could possibly leak toxins throughout her fragile body.....

Nicole Richie's frightening weight loss was caused by an addiction to diet pills. A close friend of the star,Crystal, has revealed that Nicole is hooked on Hoodia - a South African herb that fools the brain into thinking you are constantly full. She told Britain's More magazine that Nicole once told her: "Hoodia makes you look hot in low-cut tops and backless dresses. It is good for me."

Apparently hoodia also makes your head look preposterously large in relation to the rest of your body too. Hmm, she's right, that is hot!

The Pussycat Dolls were going to be marketed in the form of Barbie dolls until worried parents said absolutely not.Toy manufacturers Hasbro's plans to make plastic miniatures of the six-girl group were objected to by parents groups. One concered mother said: "Everyone I spoke to was shocked that this would even be considered. It could be an appropriate adult entertainment product, but definitely not for kids."

Remember when little girls everywhere loved the Spice Girls? They were a bunch of skanks too. Mind least they could sing.

Nelly Furtado revealed that she wanted her new album 'Loose' to be dirtier and sexier than her previous records. She told Britain's Arena magazine: "This album is really sexually assertive. I'm admitting to all my fans that I am a woman and I love to have sex.'

Is this the same girl who swore up and down she would NEVER use sex to sell her image?? My how things change. She went from "I'm like a bird" to "I'm like a slut"!!

Paris Hilton is set to strip in her new movie. She has a role in 'National Lampoon's Pledge' and has promised fans they can expect to see her showing off her sexy body in several racy scenes.
She told Britain's Top Of The Pops magazine: "It's a very sexy movie. It's all, like, hot sorority girls at college and everybody's beautiful. They are lots of sexy scenes with me.'

I'm confused? I thought she said everybody in the movie was beautiful????

Jessica Simpson on the cover of MARIE CLAIRE.

Jessica again but, this time as a redhead. (That's a wig)

Jennifer Aniston on Letterman. Again, she refused to comment on whether she is dating Vince Vaughn or not. She looks like she forgot her pants.

Woah, that baby Violet must weigh a ton. Jennifer Garner seems to be struggling.

Elizabeth Hurley looking fabulous out and about.

Halle Berry promoting her new X-MEN movie.

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora vacationing in Italy. They already look bored of each other.

Courtney Love looking all church-like.

Britney in curlers out with Sean. She's using two hands to hold him now. Good girl.

I know that Jillian Barberie is an animal activist but, this is ridiculous!

Lindsay Lohan at a tanning salon. If anyone needs's her!

Naomi Campbell out and about.

Christina Aguilera looking beautiful ven though she also looks like she just crawled out of bed. B$#ch!!

Wentworth Miller at the airport. I have a feeling he's going to be subjected to a strip search.

Sandra Bullock and hubby Jesse hang out together.

Pamela Anderson hosts a fundraiser for AIDS.

Jessica Simpson and her UGG-ly boots.

Paris Hilton on set of her new music video.

Nicole Richie cheats on her diet and splurges with an ice treat. Ice has all that nutritional value.

Penelope Cruz seems to be adjusting her button???

BLAST FROM THE PAST....Hey, it's SCARY SPICE otherwise known as Melanie B. If you are wondering why she suddenly has boobs that's cuz she bought them.

When Kate Moss's ironic how a girl who gets photographed for a living freaks when she's being photographed....trying to live.



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