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Friday, May 26, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 218

Actress Victoria Principal has filed for divorce from her husband. She was married to prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Harry A. Glassman for nearly 21 years. According to papers filed, Victoria is citing irreconcilable differences.

Translation : She's had all the free cosmetic surgery her body can take the last 21 years. No need to keep him around anymore.

Mariah Carey is counting on her longtime friend, "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson to mix things up a bit on her "Adventures of Mimi" tour, which kicks off in August.
"With this tour, I'm going to be working on some different arrangements for some of the older songs, to kind of like, give it a little more life to them," Carey recently told The Associated Press. "That's not to say they're going to sound totally different and to freak anybody out ... (but) I love re-singing songs to different music."

You wanna mix things up Mariah?? Sing live. Unlike every other performer does these days. That's one thing we know you can do well. Never mind the bells, whistles and low cut dresses.....just sing!

As you probably know by now, Madonna starts off her latest tour by being lowered onto stage on a gigantic cross to which she is adhered to. She has defended the crucifixion stage stunt, saying Jesus would not mind. The Queen Of Pop claims her performance - which outraged Christian groups worldwide - was an appeal to her fans to help Aids charities.
She said: "I don't think Jesus would be mad at me and the message I'm trying to send. Jesus taught that we should love they neighbour."

Jesus won't mind one bit. As long as Madonna promises to keep the high notes to a minimum.

Ashton Kutcher is so desperate for a baby he reportedly jetted across the US to wife Demi Moore when he heard she was ovulating. America's Star magazine reported: "Demi Moore was ovulating - and he rushed to Louisiana, where she is filming 'Mr Brooks', to be by her side."
However, Kutcher's representative has denied the story.

Ofcourse they had to deny the story. What is the rep going to say? "That's right, my client is whipped. .....he does whatever she wants"
What a stupid story.

Paris Hilton has bough a $3 million mansion. According to Britain's Hello magazine, there is a special living area inside the house for her dogs complete with iron gates branded with the family emblem.Inside the gated area, the pampered pooches will sit on plush pink cushions with the Hilton crest on them. The dogs will drink from custom-made pink personalised bowls and each has a crown to wear.

Why doesn't she just buy a Human society type shelter since all her dogs end up there anyways!!! The only thing this woman can relate to when it comes to dogs is that they are both bitches.....

Gay director Pedro Almodovar confesses he hasn't always preferred men and directing Penelope Cruz in his new movie Volver has left him very confused.
Almodovar says, "I have a lot of affection for Penelope and during this movie I was almost in love with her. Well, this is a confession. You all know that I'm gay, but when I was younger I had a bisexual live-in partner. With Penelope, I felt desire again. I was very turned on by her. I was completely hooked. Don't tell her."

He may want to take Penelope's clothes off but, only to try them on himself!

George Michael dedicates his new single to his female fans who never realized he was gay.
The track, An Easier Affair, reveals the struggle he had with his sexuality before coming out in 1998.
He sings, "This is one for the ladies/ The ones who love me/ I told myself I was straight/ Now I'm having too much fun dancing with the freaks."

WHAT??? You mean to tell me George Michael was gay when he was in WHAM??? NO WAY.
I never believed for a moment it was my sex he wanted.

Brad Pitt and Ed Norton once co-starred in the "Fight Club" together and may be reuniting on television this time instead of the big screen. The two are in talks to star in a mini-series playing famous American explorers Lewis and Clark.

Ooooooh, can I play Europe? Or whatever country it is they discover????

Britney Spears' parenting mishaps have sparked the creation of a new website that offers child safety tips and t-shirts with the slogan "Save Sean Preston".The website's creator, who calls herself Angel, told Star Magazine, "The response has been off the charts. We are here for child safety. If she can't handle one child, what will she do with another one?"

This woman does not need another website dedicated to her. She needs to roll up the rim.

According to the Magazine LIFE & STYLE weekly, Jessica Simpson told a friend, “I’m tired of being alone. I have no one to come home to, no one to call at the end of the night. I’m traveling all over the place by myself. When I was with Nick, I had someone who understood what I was going through.”

Poor Jessica, look at her she's even depressed while she shops. My heart bleeds for her. NOT.

ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE features Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

More Jen and Vince.

I know the secret to Janet Jackson's weight loss. Just stand next to a very rotund person. The pounds just melt off.

Jennifer Aniston getting out the car. She left her headlights on.

Pamela Anderson's headlights are always on and I don't even think she drives.

Did the church of Scientology get Mariah too???? Here is Mariah dresses in a plain white dress that covers her boobs in a room full of men.
Something's very wrong here.

Shakira and an assistant at the LISBOA airport.

Reese Witherspoon could teach Britney a lot. Look how she carries her son, opens her car door, balances her cafe latte and still manages to shoot the paparrazzi a deadly look.

Prince performed at AMERICAN IDOL last night.

Tori Spelling, her new hubby, his son and another kid at American Idol. Tori looks bored out of her mind.

Heather Locklear at AMERICAN IDOL with her daughter Ava. Apparently Ava was rooting for Katherine and Heather for Taylor.
It really is true....mother knows best.

Katie puts on a forced smile as she attends yet another of Tom's kids lame sports events. I am sure Katie would rather be home resting or putting a bag of ice on her sore nipples.

Nick Lachey out and about.

Jake Gyylenhaal plays some Brokeback basketball.

Jennifer Garner surprises hubby Ben Affleck on the set of a new movie he is directing. How cute are these two?

Drew Barrymore stops to smell.....her hair.

Britney suddenly realizes she left the kid in the car. And forgot to roll a window down.
It's amazing how she can carry her piping hot STARBUCKS, adjust her bra strap and balance in those high shoes, yet she manages NOT to drop the coffee. Well, in all fairness to her those damn lattes are pricey!!

Jennifer Aniston leaving her hotel. I love love love her outfit.

Paris frolicks half naked on the beach. No, she's not drunk and on vacation yet again....she's filming her new music video.

Meanwhile her ex Stavros cozies up to another big boob.

Brian Austin Green's (EX 90210 star) companion must not of seen the sign that says LOADING only. I don't think any groping is allowed.



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