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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 215

Angelina and Brad are worried sick after Angelina's adopted daughter Zahara was struck down with a mystery illness. Zahara reportedly stopped sleeping properly and cries when she is put on her back. According to a report in Britain's The Sun newspaper, Brad wants to take Zahara to the US for treatment but heavily-pregnant Angelina wants to stay in Africa until she delivers her baby.

Hmm, does this have anything to do with that tiny African barbie Maddox keeps sticking pins into - or is that just a coincidence?

Lindsay Lohan is after Paris Hilton's most recent ex - Stavros Niarchos. Witnesses stared openly as the two "kissed and held hands" at a popular night club. A source revealed, "Lindsay went back with him that night to his hotel room."

Stravos obvioulsy likes his women easy.
Easy going.
Really easy.

Nicole Richie and boyfriend Adam Goldstein, broke up again last week - and insiders say it was a weight issue. One spy said: "After they got back together for the second time, she said she would improve her eating habits and stop her club hopping." But Richie still goes to clubs and is still skeletally thin, despite telling Vanity Fair that she is getting help from a psychiatrist.

Oh well, I guess Nicole did eat. Her words.

Dancing with the Stars" Stacy Keibler suffered a minor seizure at an event. Stacy was sent to the hospital, where doctors ran tests and released her in "good health," according to a statement from Stacy's representative. Stacy's boyfriend -- "7th Heaven" actor Geoff Stults -- stayed by her side the whole time. Doctor's say it was an isolated event and Stacy will be fine.

This woman is so fit and a wrestler to boot, no wonder her boyfriend has such a good beside manner. She'll either kick his ass or deny him of hers....

Val Kilmer was so desperate to get to a strip club he hitched a ride with a complete stranger. Val apparently approached the puzzled motorist after he got fed up of waiting for his car service to pick him up. A source is quoted on as saying: "It was totally bizarre. He approached a complete stranger and he said to him, 'I'm Val Kilmer - can you take me to Stringfellows?' And the bloke obliged! Val jumped in and headed off."

A strip club called "Stringfellows"??????? I didn't know Val was into thin naked men?

Victoria Beckham is designing a jewel-encrusted watch for Geri Halliwell's baby girl. An insider told Britain's Daily newspaper: "Victoria wanted to give Geri something unique so she is designing a mini watch. It's specially designed for a small child - gold, with a pink face studded with tiny pink diamonds."
The source added: "Victoria wanted Geri's daughter to have something special that she could use when she's older.

Then she should ensure one of her 3 sons dates Geri's daughter when they are older. Pass on those fabulous genes!!!!

Britney Spears has hardly seen her husband since revealing she was pregnant, it's been claimed. Friends close to Britney claim she is constantly left alone with the baby, Sean Preston, while Kevin Federline works on his rap album.
A friend told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Kevin was in the studio or drinking. Even after she returned they've barely been together. "

Britney always has accidents with the kid, now she needs to have an "mishap" with Kevin - you know, "accidentally" dropping some rat poison on his cheezies, filling up a beer bottle with raccoon urine..... call me Britney, I got tons of ideas.

Denise Richards was at home the other day when she heard Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" playing from the street outside. She peeked through a window and saw Heather Locklear and a girlfriend in her car with the song blasting. Heather and her friend thought their prank was hilarious. Denise called the stunt "very high school."

If Heather really wanted to get revenge on Denise she should of made her sit through "THE PERFECT MAN" that horrible movie Heather did with Hilary Duff. You can never get those two hours back!

Rebecca Romijn who plays mutant Mystique in the sci-fi series X-Men says she loves to be naked. She is quoted in Britain's News of the World newspaper as saying: "I love to be nude and I love sex. Being a dominatrix in the bedroom, sex in cars and in public places all turn me on. And having my ears kissed turns me on like nothing else. They're easily my most erogenous zone."

If only she had shared this information with her ex-husband John Stamos.....

Penelope Cruz refuses to leave Europe to live in Los Angeles, because she fears Hollywood could transform her personality. She says, "I feel very grateful for the opportunities they are giving me in L.A also, but there are a lot of positive things (but) there are always things that are dangerous, maybe even more for a woman."

Yeah like her kooky ex boyfirend!!!

Marriage of the Mulletts... Duane "The Dog" Chapman (Of the show DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER) finally married his girlfriend of 16 years and the mother of two of his children. (He has 11 all together)
Wow, he was Kevin Federline before Kevin was. Beth does look like Britney in ten years.

Jennifer Aniston in a magazine shoot.

Braddy and the kids go for a bike ride.

A preview of Madonna's latest world tour. I guess she is out to shock again.

Jessica Simpson does lunch with Victoria Principal....hmmm....either Jess is trying to snag the role of Pamela in the "DALLAS" feature film or they are working on an infomercial together.

Looks like Michael Bolton's in for a special treat tonight.

Dita Von Teese and her hubby Marilyn Manson ....without his "stage" look.

Sandra Bullock walks the 3 legged dog she rescued.

Gwen Stefani looks radiant.

Lindsay Lohan is already hanging all over Nicole Richie's ex. Lindsay loves them sloppy seconds.

Madonna leaving the kabbalah centre.

Jennifer Aniston at the CANNES festival.

Halle Berry and Rebecca Romjin at CANNES.

Beyonce sizzles at CANNES.

Pay Attention Britney.
Mischa Barton cuddles her puppy, carries shopping bags and walks at the same time.

Nicole Richie fights her way through a shoe sale.

Tara Reid and her saggy implants. Psssttt...It's called a BRA Tara.

Paris Hilton checks to make sure her boobs are still there.....

Twig legs Victoria and her hubby David at a party thrown by P Diddy.

Ozzy is probably telling Prince Charles a really dirty f&*^%$ING joke.

Father of our nation.....Kevin Federline and his degenerate buddies.

Christina Aguilera out with her little brother. Aw.

Fergie really shouldn't make that face.



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