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Monday, May 22, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 214

Sorry, I have been a busy girl these days. To make it up to you here is a gossip packed WTF for your long Victoria day weekend. Enjoy.....

Oops she did it again...Mother of the year Britney Spears almost tripped as she left a hotel earlier today while holding Sean Preston. She had a drink in her right hand as she tried to go through a group of onlookers. She then tripped causing the baby's head to go backwards and off went his hat. She luckily regained control just in the nick of time.
Here's the play by play.

Britney leaving the hotel with baby Sean and a cup of water, club soda or vodka possibly (hey, you never know) in her other hand.


A bodyguard saves the day and Britney manages to keep the glass intact in her other hand. (Must be vodka...good vodka)

I was going to cut Britney up in every way imaginable and say things like shouldn't you be holding your kid with both hands, how come she drops the baby but, not the drink etc .....but, then I saw this picture of Brit with her son after the incident occurred and I couldn't bring myself to beat her up about it. The press will do that enough for all of us.

And then I saw this picture of her crying....I remembered when my dog was only 3 months old and I was holding her on my chest. I was watching European soccer which I am very passionate about. Portugal, my team had scored. I got so excited I screamed, scared my poor pup who dove over my shoulder and landed on her little back on a pile of weights I had behind my chair. She screamed bloody murder and had a limp for a day or so!! She was only 6lbs at the time....but, recovered and she was good as new after that but, my point is - I dropped my baby and I am a great doggie Iam going to let Britney off on this one. For now.

And more .....Britney Spears has been criticized by a leading dietitian for feeding her baby son ice-cream. The pregnant pop star recently revealed she uses the sweet treat to help the eight-month-old get to sleep.
She said, "He loves ice cream - it makes him sleep better."

Yeah, cyanide would make him sleep better too but, that doesn't mean you should be giving to him.
I must mention that I am glad Sean is wearing a hat these days....Britney now needs to ensure he wears one out in the sun and not just as a "I am cute, look at me" fashion statement. Afterall, the kid's name is Sean Preston Federline which as an anagram is SPF....he needs a hat in the sun!

Carmen Electra is going to be in Joan Jett's next music video entitled "A.C.D.C". The video will feature Carmen as Joan's female lover. Electra and Jett play a would-be couple in the music video, but Electra's character can't decide if she'd rather be with a man or a woman.

Which suddenly explains why she married Dave Navarro. (Those are his nail polished fingers... not hers)

Madonna claims she married husband Guy Ritchie for all the wrong reasons. She told Tatler Magazine, "I went into the marriage saying, 'He's fantastically talented,very witty, very smart. He's going to make me laugh and look good because he's so successful and of course, he's gorgeous, sexy and handsome." However, now she now realizes what marriage is really about, she added, "None of these things mean anything after you're dealing with raising children and scheduling and finances. "

Since when is marrying a man for his intellect, handsome looks and sense of humor the wrong reason???

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have sold the first picture of their unborn baby for 5 million bucks according to a report. Apparently the couple negotiated the huge fee with an American weekly magazine. The money will be donated to charity.

The picture they choose to sell to the media should prove to be very interesting....

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt's family is denying they do not like Angelina Jolie. Rumors have it that Brad is upset that the family still is chatty with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Brad's brother Doug says the family are glued to the phone in America waiting for the news. "We all want to help them get through the birth in any way we can," Doug says. "We just want them to enjoy it and to know we're all thinking of them."

Yeah, I am so sure Brad and Angelina give a crap what anyone thinks about them. What a stupid story.

Kelly Clarkson doesn't like singing her hit 'Because Of You' because it is too personal. She wrote the song about her family life, but finds it painful to have to sing it. She told Britain's Now magazine, "I don't like singing it all the time. At first it was like, 'I don't want to talk about this all the time' but, then I meet people who are touched by the song and that means more to me. "

Kelly may have a hard time singing it but, I am sure she has no trouble spending all the money she is making from the sales of that song!

Heather Mills McCartney has suffered a relapse and is back in a wheelchair after being devastated by her break-up with husband Paul McCartney.Friends say Heather has hardly slept in the last two weeks due to her high-profile marital troubles. Heather recently had a revision amputation on her amputated leg.
One friend said of Heather, "We're very worried about her. She's at a very low ebb emotionally and physically. She is unable to walk and is in a wheelchair. She is in so much pain."
Another friend said, "She's in a very low place."

She weasled her way into Paul's life, got pregnant by him, married him and now 4 years later is divorcing him and getting over 300 million as part of the settlement.
Yep, she's LOW alright.
She can afford to get a new leg, a bunch of new legs in fact, probably an entire REAL leg for that matter.
No pity here. None for Paul either. How stupid can he be marrying this woman with no pre-nupt?

British glamour model Jordan says her most embarrassing moment ever was breaking wind in front of a group or journalists. She told Britain's Heat magazine: "I was being interviewed by four journalists when I did the loudest fart- it almost blew me off my chair. I did not admit that it was me."

That must be the single most positive thing about having massive breasts. Nobody would care if you farted or notice.

Jennifer Lopez has confessed that seeing her ex-Ben Affleck with his family makes her depressed. The thought of Ben and Jennifer Garner and their new baby makes her sick.
Jennifer told Britain's Star magazine: "Just raising the subject depresses me."
It is no secret that Jennifer wants to have children and she has even considered following the latest celebrity trend of adopting a baby. However, husband Mark Anthony, who already has three children of his own, seems to be reluctant.

Why doesn't Jennifer do what everybody else does and "forget" to take the pill......or two ....???

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston recently spoke to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD about their new movie "The Break Up" Although Vince and Jen were making a movie about a couple that can't get along, they clicked immediately.
“I felt really safe with him,” Jen said. “That was the other thing. I immediately felt comfortable and like I'd known him for awhile.”
“She's got Elvis dust,” Vince smiled.
“What's Elvis dust?” the interviewer asked.
“It's unexplainable. People are drawn to her. Jennifer's the kind of person you could put in a room and all the kids would come over not even knowing who she is.” Vince explained.

Elvis dust? Does this mean when Vince is around her - he suddenly craves fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches ????

Lindsay Lohan does her best young Elizabeth Taylor impression for INTERVIEW Magazine.

Christina Aguilera channels Marilyn Monroe for GQ Magazine.

Uma Thurman for VOGUE Magazine.

For those who are fans....some pics to tie you over until next season. The cast was at a recent party for the season finale.
McDreamy in his shades....

George looking all dapper.

Addison and George pose together....Hmmm, they could have a fling next season and get some serious revenge on Meredith and Derek.

Alex looks good here.

While Britney is dropping the baby, Kevin is out with his drop out loser friends.

Cristiano Rinaldo. The portuguese soccer player.
Let's take a moment to savour this picture.............

At first I thought Jessica Alba caused a riot at the grocery store being her pretty self and all....then I realized this is her on the set of a film she is working on. Life imitates art .....she always has men at her feet and has to beat them off with sticks.

A parody of Nicole and Paris in the ring scrapping it out. This is all over the internet.

Speaking of Nicole Richie, I hear she likes really really big organs......

Paris spends her day with friends on a yacht.

Jessica Simpson au naturale.

Hugh and Drew on the set of their new film. I love both of them.

I bet Pamela Anderson farts all the time and nobody notices.

Mariah Carey is so humble. NOT.

Trout mouth Lisa Rinna.

AMERICAN IDOL season two winner - Reubin Studdard should be called Reubin the stud.

Speaking of studs.....

Uma Thurman and her huge man feet.

Teri Hatcher and her gorgeous little girl.

Sofia Varga looks so pretty.

Salma Hayek in the rain. I bet that guy wishes she was wearing a white t-shirt.

Christina Ricci has gained some weight (She was anorexic before) And she got a breast reduction. Very ironic for a Hollywood starlet ....but she looks FANTASTIC.

Pink performs in a funky cocktail dress.

Sharon Osbourne at the L.A airport. Did she forget Ozzy at the baggage claim?

Eva Longoria tells a friend what she REALLY sees in boyfriend Tony Parker.

Britney is learning! She's got someone else holding the kid now.



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