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Friday, May 12, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 210

If you want to know Gwyneth Paltrow's yoga secrets, you'll have to pay $65,000. And, believe it or not, someone's doing just that. An unidentified fan won the highest bid at a charity auction in aid of The Prince's Trust's 30th anniversary. Gwyneth said, "Someone's spent a great deal of money on it. Unfortunately I can't do it in the nude or anything to make it really exceptional but I will try and come up with a good plan for a yoga lesson."

I bet her husband Chris Martin made the bid. Except he wouldn't of spent the money to see her naked. You see, yoga is a very peaceful, calming exercise that requires you to breathe deeply and NOT TALK.

David and Victoria Beckham are planning yet another gigantic bash with lavish entertainment. This time they are desperate to hire burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese to do a dance to entertain their guests. A source told the Daily Mirror: "The party has a naughty theme and Victoria and David feel Dita will be perfect. She's known for her outlandish on-stage routines... Her shows usually consist of little clothing (by the end, anyway) and she's been told that nothing is off limits."

Why oh why can't the Beckhams see that the best candidate for naughty entertainment is right in their own home! (And I don't mean Victoria)

Porn star Stefani Morgan claims that Tommy Lee rules between the sheets. She told America's FHM magazine: "Everyone asks me, 'So how's the sex with Tommy?' I have no complaints. I've had a lot of great sex with other people before, and with Tommy it's awesome."
Stefani also claims she and Tommy are smitten with each other and she is hopeful the pair's relationship will develop into something more serious.

Yes because men always want to settle down with a porn star. I can see how she could be smitten with Tommy. He has a huge.............personality.

Vince Vaughn has FINALLY confirmed he is dating Jennifer Aniston. He finally opened up for the first time about the relationship while appearing on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' this week.
He said: "Jennifer's great. She's one of my favourite people. She's just really smart and funny and easy to be with - very considerate. She's great."
The talk show host went on to grill him about his plans for the future - including starting a family. Vaughn confessed: "I think having children takes a lot of focus, takes a lot of attention.

Focus and attention don't seem to be one of Vince's strongest suits.

Angelina Jolie has reportedly turned downed Brad Pitt's marriage proposal yet again. The very pregnant actress is refusing to walk down the aisle. A source revealed to Britain's Grazia magazine: "Brad has literally got down on his knees to beg Angelina to change her mind but she laughs pulls him to his feet, kisses him and says, 'Let's not ruin something so perfect'."

She probably meant Brad's perfect knees.

Portia De Rossi credits her girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres with saving her from anorexia. Portia had suffered with the eating disorder since she was a teenager and the illness got worse when she was cast as Nell Porter in hit US TV show Ally McBeal.
De Rossi says, "Learning to be more honest is probably the biggest influence that Ellen has had on me. Ellen has never really worried about her weight and is more on the side of feeling angry that for women to be perceived as beautiful, they need to be skinny."

That Ellen. So smart.

Kevin Federline, who already has a girl and a boy with former partner Shar Jackson - is expecting a second child with wife Britney Spears. As you know they already have a son.
A friend of the couple said: "Kevin would love another girl."

Ofcourse Kevin probably wasn't referring to his unborn child. He just meant he wants another girl....

Britney Spears may be pregnant with her second child, but the singer says she’s ready to strip for a movie role. She wants to make a movie with George Clooney. And she’s prepared to take it all off. Britney said: "I'd like to do something with George Clooney. He's pretty cute, but don't tell my husband."

Kevin couldn't be reached for comment. I suspect Kevin wouldn't care what Britney does as long as there is cold beer in the fridge and pot in his back pocket.

George Clooney couldn't be reached for comment either....but, I have a pretty good idea of what his reaction will be.

Whitney Houston has furiously denied reports she has been diagnosed with a deadly brain tumour, and has threatened US tabloid The National Enquirer with legal action. Houston's publicist says: "It's an absolute lie and Ms Houston is evaluating her legal options at this time."

Ofcourse it's a lie. With all that crack she smokes she has no brain left!


According to US WEEKLY Britney wants out. Apparently she was going to leave Kevin but, then got trapped by her surprise 2nd pregnancy.
Does she know there are pills you can take? You can also say no.

LIFE & STYLE Magazine claims Jessica is getting revenge on Nick by being all sexy and Nick's in tears. Yeah, from laughing so hard!!

IN TOUCH WEEKLY claims Richie has now dumped Denise. Wow, that didn't last very long but, they never do.

STAR Magazine is obsessed with weight this week. Who's up, who's down, who's not eating, who needs to lose a few...and they wonder why these celebrities have body issues!

OK! Magazine says Nick wants to try again. The poor sod.

Tyra Banks who is now a retired supermodel is Lucky to be on the cover of LUCKY.

Carmen Electra walks down the street and makes all the men's eyes bug out.

Lindsay Lohan seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction.

My favorite IDOL contender Chris is gone. Sniff sniff.

Fergie and her sister Dana at the premiere of Fergie's new movie PSYEIDON.

Jennifer Aniston and real life "friend" Courtney Cox at an party for Courtney's in-laws.

Brazillian model Gisele on MTV demonstrating how she can use her sex appeal to sell a boring product.

Michelle Rodriguez of LOST looks...well, lost.

Ellen cuddles up to Kanye West.

EGAD...Jessica Simpson leaving the recording studio. That can only mean one thing. She is coming out with a new album.

Meanwhile, Nick is promoting his new cd.

Scarlett Johansson on the set of her new movie "The Nanny Diaries"

Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton go shopping.

Teri Hatcher at a book signing for her book "Burnt Toast"

Pink really exposes her self when she sings. Literally.

Wentworth Miller .............aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Ryan Seacrest pretending to be excited about the Stanley Cup. Nice try Ryan but, we know you are really checking out the hockey players! (Not that there's anything wrong with that)



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That picture of Britney with the belly and the Uggs is too much.

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