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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F'S Volume 204

Anna Nicole Smith won a unanimous supreme Court ruling and gets a new chance to collect millions of dollars she says her late Texas oil tycoon husband promised her. The justices overturned an appeals court ruling that the former topless dancer was entitled to nothing.

Well, she should get something for having to copulate with that shrivelled up old man. She's just lucky Viagra was still not approved by the FDA yet in those days. Then she would of REALLY had to earn it.

Pamela Anderson wants advertisers to stop using apes to sell products. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) activist wrote an opinionated piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. In the articles she writes, "King Kong is my hero. He's big, muscular, sensitive, a terrific actor and he's not real."
Pammy wants to bring attention to the issue because of the growing trend of forcing chimps to sell products on TV. Anderson goes on to explain that in order to get the animals to perform, they are often subjected to abuse and kept in brutal conditions.

I could be wrong...but, don't they also use animals in make up testing laboratories? For Pamela's sake, she better hope not!

Paris Hilton thinks smoking is sexy. She likes the way she looks when she sparks up a cigarette.
She said: "Smoking is so sexy. It's like so cool how you canl smoke everywhere in Britain.'

Yes- now that I think about it.... black lungs and wheezing emphysema breathing sounds make me tingle all over.

Sienna Miller is popping pills to enhance her bust. She claims she was left devastated after she dropped weight for her new movie role and her bust size dropped down to a 32B. She is hoping the herbal capsules, which promise to increase boobs by a cup size - start working soon. According to Britain's Grazia magazine, Sienna told friends: "I don't even need a bra now. It'd be wonderful to have some womanly curves again, I dream about it."

Or....she could just do what everyone else has and get a boob job. Duh, I guess she's a real blonde.

New daddy Tom Cruise loves helping Katie take care of their baby daughter Suri and doesn't mind the messier jobs.
He said: "I changed her first. I change diapers all the time. I have to tell you, I love it. We have a whole system worked out. It's the 'B and B' - she does the breast feeding and I do the burping and changing the diapers. It's teamwork. It's fun.'

It's common sense. He has to change diapers and burp because Tom doesn't have breasts that are lactating....unless there is something we don't know. And don't want to know. Ever.

Angelina and Brad are reportedly planning to deliver their first biological child in a giant tub of water. A source says, "It will be natural and beautiful. "Instead of a man like Brad being pushed into the corner of a labour ward, he will be part of the birth process."
They also have a name for the baby. They like the name Africa in a tribute to the child's birthplace.

I doubt this is true since they are already leaving Africa so the baby won't be born there. I do like the idea of Angelina in water though....and maybe Brad could wear white shorts???

Magazine Scans
Nicole Kidman in an Asian Magazine called ROAD SHOW.

Lucy Lui in OCEAN DRIVE Magazine.

Star Jones shows off her new and supposedly improved boobs at the Emmy's. She got a breast lift. I'd be asking for my money back!

80's Teen singer Debbie Gibson looks miserable. Hey, she should cheer up. Her career lasted longer than Britney Spears.

I see Paris, I see France.....At least Mischa Barton is actually wearing underpants.

Hilary Duff finds something incredibly funny. I want to know why she is drinking what appears to be urine???

Paris Hilton is in Austria to promote herself...and some other cheesy product.

Sarah Jessica Parker caught off guard by the paparazzi

While Angelina, Brad and the kids board a plane out of Africa....

Jennifer Aniston does her daily good samaritan deed by....playing frisbee? Maybe she is throwing it to a homeless dog with one leg. She'll be a Goodwill Ambassador in no time.

Apparently polka dots are slimming! Who knew?

Speaking of slimming..Nicole Richie poses with a friend. I could snap her itty bitty leg like a twig by just blowing on it.

Lindsay Lohan seems excited that so many fans have gathered outside a restaurant for her. Only the twit doesn't realize that David Beckham is probably also inside !!

Heather Locklear leaves a diner after having lunch with new boyfriend David Spade.

Notice how Jessica Simpson loves the press when she has make up on and a push up bra??

Men swarm like vultures as Jessica Alba sips some alcohol....just in case she loses all judgement or her dress or something....

Teri Hatcher at an event.

Marcia Cross on the set of Desperate Housewives filming a scene they saved for ' a rainy day'

Madonna performed recently. She has now mastered the guitar. I remember in the 80's when she was really skilled at the organ. Everybody's organs.



Blogger hot lips said...

J. Simp is looking a little chubby in that picture,; isn't she?

Also, Tom is a big fat liar, I mean, I know we already knew that, but why is he acting like he's busily attending to that baby when he's actually off in China or where ever he is today.

8:54 AM  
Blogger yllwdaisies said...

Yeah, I'm tired of celebrity dads claiming to do so much work when there's a new baby.

We already know that not even the moms do much work. They all have chefs, housekeeping, & nannies. They even have gardeners, & gardening supposed to be therapeutic.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Da Tew Catz said...

Hey Mama Linda !!
Congrats & WOW I so love your revamp of your BLOG !!

I agree w/ the comments from both ladies above !

I so can't imagine The new Mrs. Cruse in the flower beds... unless it's on the movie Set !

Wonders... if they have pets, who cleans up the poop there?? Most likely the helping Hand(s).

7:45 PM  

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