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Friday, April 28, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 202

"A source close to the family" has confirmed exclusively to Access Hollywood that Britney Spears is five months pregnant. Just 7 months ago, Britney brought Sean Preston into the world.

And judging by that high chair incident, holding him with no restraint as she speeds down the highway and never putting sun screen or a hat on the kid.....she can take him out of this world just as easily....

Kevin Federline is giving props to Britney for his aspiring singing career. He revealed that without Britney, none of this would matter: "My wife loves what I do. She is so for everything that I'm doing right now. That's the biggest thing for me, too, because if she wasn't supportive of it, I'd probably give it up."

Especially since she's the one with all the money. Duh, how else does he think he could of gotten any slight chance of stardom? American Idol? Even Paula Abdul doesn't do enough crack to say Kevin's got talent.

Jessica Simpson is devastated by a recent tell-all interview that her ex, Nick Lachey, gave to a magazine about their relationship. In the interview, Nick said he still loved Jessica, felt "blindsided" and "sucker punched" by her decision to divorce and that she refused to try counseling. An close friend of Jessica claims, "She was devastated, heartbroken. She didn't think he would do that."

Since when can Jessica Simpson read?
Maybe she had help.

A British journalist who recently interviewed Mariah Carey claims the diva sipped her drinks through a straw and wouldn't even hold her beverages herself.
He said: "She put her head to one side for people to serve her a drink through a straw, like she was unable to use her hands."

In Mariah's defense - I suppose it is hard to do anything with those ridiculous mounds of saline she's got weighing her down. She looks uncomfortable even trying to wave to fans. Soon she'll have to hire someone to do that for her too!

Arch enemies Paris Hilton and Pink are set to come face to face at a music festival. Pink recently got on the wrong side of Paris after mocking the blonde socialite in her latest 'Stupid Girls' video. Organizers of music festival now fear there will be tension as the two meet on stage. According to organizers, the two stars will definitely cross paths on stage at some point.

Finally! A music show worth watching! My money's on Pink. Although Paris certainly can afford to break a nail, get some extensions ripped out of her head, chip a golden tooth or have a haute couture dress ripped....she simply won't want to.
I love Pink but, wouldn't want to piss her off.

Brad Pitt has reportedly demanded that co-star Catherine Zeta Jones be dumped from "Oceans Thirteen" line-up all because of her hubby Michael Douglas's comment about Angelina Jolie and her "third world orphans."
Michael Douglas has now explained that comment was taken out of context and has recanted the statement. For those of you who don't know, Michael had said, "I don't know about Brad Pitt," says Douglas, "leaving that beautiful woman [Jennifer Aniston] to go hold orphans for Angelina [Jolie]. I mean how long is that going to last?"

About as long as your poor wife's movie career. Idiot.

Jennifer Lopez graces the spanish version of PEOPLE Magazine's 50 most beautiful. She was voted the MOST beautiful in the spanish edition.

Here's the cover of the American Version which names Angelina as the most beautiful.

Advert for Brad Pitt's movie coming to a theatre near you..."The assassination of Jesse James"

Jessica Simpson's new movie "Employee of the Month". Wow, look at her raised eyebrow. That is quite an acting range! Maybe she will win an Oscar afterall?

Angelina's interview on the TODAY show.

Paris Hilton article about her snazzy new mansion.

Oh God, I bet every room in Paris's house has a picture of her in it.

Eva Longoria on the cover of a foreign edition of GLAMOUR.

Mischa Barton seems to be watching where she steps. I suppose she doesn't want to crush her best friend Nicole Richie. Nicole's no where to be found. Easy Mistake Mischa....Nicole's such a twig these days, hard to tell where she is!

Janice Dickinson humps the wall and the mirror. I predict Paula Abdul will be behaving like this by the end of this season on American Idol.

Jenny McCarthy comes out with yet another book. Well, when you are a former playboy model who can't act and starting to write a book. Well, get someone else to write it for you.

Ex Victoria Secret supermodel and playmate Victoria Silvstedt really expects us to believe those are hers?
You can drive a MAC Truck through those suckers!!!!

Avril Lavigne sends her love.

Much to the dismay of men everywhere....Jessica Alba stops a wardrobe malfunction before it happens.

Kylie Minogue smiles with her pixie cut.

Nicole Richie has some more liquids.

Jennifer Love Hewitt cut her hair off! OMG....She looks like a soccer mom! Not that there is anything wrong with soccer moms....except she isn't one!!

The cameras love Salma Hayek.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at a baseball game. Either that or Ben Affleck's locked them up in a pen in his backyard.

Alicia Silverstone coming out of a yoga class.

And then there were five...WOOHOO That hick idiot Kellie Pickler's gone! I bet she'll be posing for HUSTLER by the end of the year. If she's lucky.
My predictions for the next ones to be cast off?
Catherine (I don't like her but, America does)
And man Chris will be the next AMERICAN IDOL.....

Latest thing Tom is jumping off of?
Next thing hopefully Tom will be jumping off of?
A building.



Blogger hot lips said...

That's got to be a wig on JLH. And I heard that about Mariah having someone hold her straws for her years ago. What a fruit loop.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Wowzah! I would not have recognized JLH if you hadn't said it was her. I thought it was an old picture of Mary Tyler Moore!

I'm so happy that Kellie Pickler is gone! Now, we really have a competition on our hands.

5:40 PM  

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