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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 201

Teri Hatcher suffered an eye injury when a light bulb exploded on the set of ABC's "Desperate Housewives," People magazine reports. "Glass lodged in my right eye and proceeded to scratch my cornea." Hatcher was quoted as telling the magazine, "I was taken to a wonderful eye doctor, and am now wearing a most glamorous eye patch over the right half of my face."

I wonder which one of her co-stars "bright" idea it was to have this "accident" happen. Well, according to rumors they all can't stand Teri.

Katie Holmes is home alone with baby Suri while Tom Cruise is out doing promos for "Mission: Impossible 3". People who have lived in the house that Cruise and Holmes are currently renting say it's haunted. Sources explained that the previous owners"heard noises in the house" and described it as "creepy," "haunted" and full of ghosts.

Those aren't ghosts!!! It is probably Katie screaming out all through the day. Why? Because now she can.

Tom Cruise told the press that he'd spoken to Katie "about a billion times" since flying out to promote the film and that his daughter was "beautiful".He also revealed that he may well be joined by his wife-to-be at his next film premiere, because he wants to make a movie with her.
He told MTV, "I can't wait to do a movie with Kate. I don't think working together is a bad idea at all."

Hmm. It'll be tough to name a movie with Tom and Katie in it. Especially since the titles "Psycho", "Sleeping with the Enemy" and "My stepmother is an alien" are already taken.

Ashlee Simpson has joked that she is more attractive than sister Jessica. Ashlee claims she is prettier than her sister and denies any sibling rivalry in the past. She is quoted in Scotland's Daily Record newspaper as saying: "I'm taller than she is and my legs are longer than hers andI got lucky because my chest size isn't completely massive."

It's like comparing Barbie and Skipper. Remember Barbie's little sister skipper who was flat until you pulled her arm all the way back and suddenly she grew boobies???
I don't know who's better looking but, I do know they both have brains the size of peas. And I'm being generous.

Britney Spears has fired her nanny. She made the decision to get rid of the nanny in the wake of the child falling from his highchair, according to In Touch Weekly. Britney has been “hiding out and depressed” since her son’s head-bonking incident.

Firing her nanny was a really stupid move. When they find a half empty beer and the kid's head stuck in the toilet who the hell is she going to blame then?

The Hollywood star accused of performing a sex act in front of a masseuse at a famous hotel was today named as actor Kevin Costner. A female masseuse at the hotel's spa claimed unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination against the hotel after she lost her job. She said she was fired unfairly after making a complaint to management actor's behaviour while she gave him a massage.

Apparently while she massaged his temples, Kevin was "polishing his pistol" under the towel.
Leave it to Kevin who left his wife of many years for a playboy model to do this while on his honeymoon with his new young playboy model wife.
Some men LITERALLY are never satisfied!!! Oink Oink.

Angelina finally broke her silence about her relationship with Brad when she was interviewed for the Today Show. She thinks the world's fascination with their relationship is "just kind of funny," She said, "“I don’t talk about our relationship in public. But we also don’t talk about it at home. It’s one of those funny things that just happens, and you live your life, and you’re a family. But you never actually discuss it.”

Everyone thinks Jennifer Aniston has handled this all with poise and grace but, I gotta hand it to Angelina. She has kept quiet for so long. If I was pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby I would be bragging and gloating every chance I got. It's proof she had sex with him!!!! (As if we needed any)

Jennifer Lopez says her new lifestyle helped her find happiness with husband Marc Anthony. She says spending more time at home and less time partying has improved her private life.
She says, "I have become very good at disappearing. I wasn't good at it before. You have to make adjustments. Some of it is just kind of staying at home more, believe it or not."

Also Marc likes her without makeup which I am sure hasn't hurt her cause to keep out of the spotlight.

Life & Style Magazine says that Angelina is thrilled cuz she is having an underwater birth in Africa. I am pretty sure she's allowed to scream.

In Touch Weekly claims that Heather feels betrayed that her friend Denise is dating Richie Sambora. Well, I can't say I blame her.

US WEEKLY says Denise outright stole Heather's husband. Britney finally admits to being 5 months pregnant - so all you who thought it was a beer gut were wrong.

Time for PEOPLE Magazine's 50 most BEAUTIFUL people issue. Here are a couple I happen to agree with.
Let's start with Jessica Alba. She actually is at her most gorgeous in sweats and no makeup. Although, she ain't too shabby in this shot.

Beyonce Knowles is another natural beauty and she's got a healthy looking booty.

Eva Longoria is another to make the most beautiful list. I agree she is beautiful.....until she opens her mouth.

Ironically, the name of his debut hit is entitled "BEAUTIFUL" . James Blunt is indeed a beautiful man with a gorgeous voice.

Isaiah Washington who plays Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy also deservingly made the list.

Heather Locklear made the list also.

And y'all know how I feel about my girl....Angelina Jolie.

Terrance Howard from "Crash" and "Hustle and Flow" is not only a great actor but, very easy on the eyes.

You'd think Mariah would be taking advantage of the rain and wore something white and see through....but, nah...she went for the black mesh hooker look.

Dita Von Teese performs.

Scarlett Johansson and Alicia Keys on the set of the film "The Nanny Diaries" - No, it's not a film about Jude Law's babysitter.

Paris Hilton is in the parking lot. GET OFF THE SIDEWALKS!!!

Lisa Kudrow and Courntey Cox meet for lunch without (gasp) their other "friend" Jennifer Aniston. They are probably sick of her too.

David Beckham pulls his wife around. If he only realized that all he has to do is let go and she'll blow away. Gives whole new meaning to GONE WITH THE WIND don't it?

Lindsay Lohan enjoys what looks like a broccoli milkshake. Yuck.

Kirsten Dunst has a cigarette at a thrift shop. In other words she is blowing second hand smoke into second hand clothes.

Jessica Simpson covers her face with a paper bag. I bet Nick Lachey is kicking himself right about now. If only he thought of that!!!!

Gwyneth just weeks after parting her "red sea" for baby Moses.

WTF is with Jennifer Garner? Either she is confused and scratching her head or...she has lice.



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