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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 197

Victoria Beckham has hooked up with Kylie Minogue's stylist to freshen up her image. Victoria was dressed by stylist William Baker for a Spanish magazine shoot. He managed to make her look exotic in a huge purple afro, high heels and white stockings. Now, following the successful photo shoot, Victoria is said to be keen to work with Baker again.
A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "They have struck up a close friendship and William is even telling people he is now the Beckhams' stylist."

The woman needs a sandwich. Not a stylist.

A candid Nick Lachey told Rolling Stone magazine he still doesn't know if Jessica ever cheated on him. He said, "Sometimes I think it would be easier if I had just walked in the house and found her in bed with a guy. I wouldn't have to deal with the uncertainty of adultery," Nick revealed. He does say he still has feelings, " I knew my marriage was over. I would marry her all over again because I still love her. "

And all this time we thought she was the stupid one.

Keira Knightley says she wishes she'd got famous later in life so she could have slept around as a teen. The weird thing is, her father agrees. She explains, "My father says: 'I wish this had happened in five years' time, you could have been 20 and got really pissed and slept with loads of people and no one would have known.'
"That would have been great," she concluded.

Too weird for me. I don't know any woman who's father wants her sleeping with everyone....unless he also happens to be her pimp.

Blabber - stick her foot in her mouth - Eva Longoria is at it again. This time she is quoted in America's People magazine as saying: "I'd much rather be in a relationship. There's no way in the world I would rather be single. Tony is the same. I've said the only reason Tony and I are going to stay together forever is because we're too lazy to look for someone else."

What a romantic thing to say. Sheesh.

Kate Winslet has revealed she can't watch herself in 'Titanic' or any other film she has done because she thinks she is a rubbish actress. The Oscar-winning beauty says she can't bear watching her own films because she is too self-conscious. Kate says she even forces her husband to change the channel if 'Titanic' is on TV.

Could that be because she doesn't want to see her ripe firm breasts as they once were in the Titanic. You know, before she had the kids.

Britney Spears’ baby Sean Preston recently fell and bonked his head and his mother reportedly thinks the high chair he was sitting in might be to blame. A nanny was taking the seven-month-old tot from his high chair earlier this month when “something snapped,” according to a report in People magazine. According to In Touch Weekly. “The chair’s back broke,” a “family insider” explained to the mag. “She’s going to see if there was a fault in the chair.”

Blame the chair this time. Last time as she sped down the highway carrying the kid on her lap with no seat belt she blamed the paparrazzi. Then there was those Hawaii vacation photos where Brit had her sunglasses on, sunscreen, hat and baby Sean....NADA. I guess that was the sunblock manufacturer's fault since there was only enough in the bottle for Britney. Next she'll be sueing KFC when baby Sean chokes on a pile of chicken bones mysteriously left in his crib.

Nick Lachey tells all. You aren't missing anything cuz I already told you what he said.

STAR Magazine claims Tom plans on taking the baby away from Katie. (why? did she let out a small yelp by accident while delivering ?)

LIFE & STYLE says Britney may lose baby Sean to child services. Brangelina's African wedding plans are also discussed.

IN TOUCH WEEKLY says that Jessica's still wearing her ring. (Yep but, it's around her neck so who cares?)

Janet Jackson looks fab. Apparently she gained all that weight for a movie role that never panned out. I'd be pissed!

Christina Aguilera in an advert for PEPSI.

Tom Cruise in O Magazine. O is for OUT? ODD? OUT THERE?

The beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin (Who played Johnny Cash's first wife in WALK THE LINE) Is in my new favorite show. BIG LOVE. It's about a polygamist in Utah. Ginnifer plays wife number 3. This show ROCKS.

Here is Chloe Sevigny on the beach who coincidentally plays wife number 2 on BIG LOVE (The guy has 3 wives....he's on viagra and always Did I mention it's my new fave show?

Kelly Ripa and her youngest child Joaquin have lunch.

Paris Hilton shopping while on a cell phone. SHOCKING FOOTAGE....Unlike any photo we have ever seen of her.

Carmen Electra at yet another premiere of SCARY MOVIE 4

Courtney Love needs a spray tan. STAT!! Just look at her knee caps - is that rugburn?

Pink takes a carnival ride for her new video.

Tori Spelling's fiance Dean gives her a peck as he carries his son around.

Sienna Miller out with a friend.

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) reunite for a cosmopolitan.

Mischa Barton plays with her adorable new pup.

Who knew there was this much denim in the world?

Heidi Klum brings home some toys for the kiddies. (Unless Seal has some sick stuffed animal fetish I don't wanna know about)

Ace got voted off. Good riddance! Not really crazy about this season's AMERICAN IDOL But, if I have to choose....I'll take Chris.

Is it Monday night yet? Scofield and his sexy brother look hot here. (His brother can actually look hot while standing next to Scofield? I have underestimated Lincoln!)

YOWZA......Suddenly orange is my favorite color.

Speaking of PRISON BREAK...give Katie Holme's a break. Click the link and help her keep quiet during childbirth. It's a game. A highly addictive one....have fun!!


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