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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 195

Jerry Hall is the face of new impotence sex drug Levitra. She was chosen to promote the Viagra competitor because of her 'open attitude to sex and relationships'. Jerry was quoted as saying, "People get old on the outside but they feel young on the inside and still want some romance, and have sex, for as long as possible! People who suffer from erectile dysfunction need to realise they're not alone, they don't have to suffer in silence, it's not that big of a deal."

No it's not that "big" of a deal...which is why they need the pill in the first place. Since they came out with all these impotence pills I pity all those young gold digging women. Now they REALLY have to work hard for the money. Literally.

Sean Combs otherwise known as Diddy prefers his women to have a Brazilian wax. He recently revealed, "For a woman, a wax is necessary. It makes room for all the moves I make when I'm going to please her." He also says his secret to wooing women is washing their hair.

I hope he means the hair on their heads.

Hilary Duff promised she will never take off her clothes for a movie role. She told Britain's Telegraph Seven magazine: "If I do a movie I want to be myself. I don't want to take my top off or anything. In the States, it seems it's the trend to turn 18 or 19 and then take your shirt off and do something crazy, and I don't know what comes after that.'

I know what happens. You end up in a 'Girls Gone Wild' video.

Sarah Jessica Parker is addicted to buying wrinkle cream because she's so terrified of looking old. The star who recently turned 41, confessed to Grazia magazine: "I believe in buying as many of those creams that say 'eliminates small lines' as possible. I have them all stacked up in my bathroom cabinet. "
She says she feels old and has body aches, " And now, you know, my neck hurts a little bit, little things are beginning to ache. I find it hard to climb the stairs."

It's not old age, it's all those years of her wearing those sky high stillettos that are finally catching up with her!

Brad Pitt has found a novel way to protect adopted son Maddox....he has had a Buddhist prayer tattooed on his lower back.The body art, a prayer of protection for the three-year-old, matches the black columns on partner Angelina Jolie's shoulders. The tattoo which which looks like three scratches on Pitt's back, is a Sanskrit blessing.

Brad could of saved the money and just come to see me. I would of put three scratches on his back for free.

Jessica Simpleton has struck again. She was shopping for necklaces in L.A and she loved them all so much she gushed to a salesman, "I love them all. I don't know which one to buy!" Finally, the blonde star picked out a handful of pendants and said, "I'll take these eight - one for every day of the week!"

She must be taking the Beatles song "8 days a week" literally. What an idiot.

Winona Ryder strikes a pose. I wonder if those clothes are stolen. Hee hee.

Jenny McCarthy stikes an interesting pose for BOSS Magazine.

Colin Farrell seems to be on the alert for banana peels.

I almost did not recognize Brittany Murphy seen here with a Nightclub D.J.

Jordan and Christina out and about.

Paris looks like she is trying desperately to get Stavro's attention by giving him a hickey at a Laker's game.How so grade 8 of her.

Nicole Richie and Adam stroll down Rodeo drive.

Mischa Barton has an adorable new puppy. I hope she realizes they are not fashion accessories. (Don't be a STUPID GIRL Mischa!)

Kiera Knightley on the set of her new film with co-star Michael Pitt. (No relation to Brad)

Mariah Carey doesn't want to be photographed???? What?? It can't be her...must be an imposter!

Kate Moss looks like she wants to ride a horse.

Julia Roberts signs autographs outside the building of her Broadway play she stars in.

Jennifer Garner heads out to her car.

Ever wondered what Beyonce's hair REALLY looks like??? Here ya go. I dig it.


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LOL Love the Lindsay L... comment LMAO !! heheh
And the Beyonce's hair photo WTF is with that ?! LOL It may even contain a Family birds in THERE hehehe !!
LMAO ROTF when u made the Brad three scratches QUOTE !! WOOT MAMA U SEX Kitten !! ;)


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