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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 192

Before Angelina and Brad flew to Africa last week, the couple stocked up on baby stuff at a Paris boutique. They bought dresses, socks, and a bonnet. A witness told PEOPLE Magazine, "We think it's a girl, but we're not 100-percent certain." Apparently Angelina also purchased a gray T-shirt with the word "boy" on it "just in case."

Or maybe the dress was for baby Zahara and the "boy" shirt was for Maddox?? Afterall they do already have two children.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is doing his best to make his neighbors comfortable with the noisy renovations he's having done to his gorgeous home in Hollywood Hills, so he invited them all to a cocktail party once the construction is finished, according to a published report.

Damn, why don't I live on that street? If I was his neighbour I would decline the party and tell him the only way I can even think about forgiving him is if he cleans my pool and puts fertilizer on my garden. Buck naked ofcourse.
Construction noise? What construction?

Ewan McGregor has adopted aa 4-year-old girl from Mongolia. "I can confirm Ewan McGregor and his wife Eve Mavrakis have adopted the girl but cannot comment further," a rep for the actor

Very happy for the mongolian baby who got lucky but, sad for us since Ewan won't be spreading his beautiful genetic seed in this world.

Michael Douglas turned down a role in Basic Instinct 2 because he didn't want to get naked on-screen. The 61-year-old actor who is married to Catherine Zeta Jones did not want to reunite with Sharon Stone, 48, for the sequel because he thinks he is too old.
He said, "We did the first one as good as you can. You can't make the special effects any better. They offered it to me years ago, and I just saw no reason to do it. Have you seen my rear lately?"

Nope but, Catherine Zeta-Jones has the honour of seeing that saggy wrinkled butt every night. I hope his bank account is worth it.

Dita Von Teese has revealed the secret to looking sensational when stripping. The burlesque dancer, who just married Marilyn Manson, has revealed she applies all-over body make-up before peeling off her clothes to ensure she is looking as sexy as possible.
She said: "I always use a pale, shimmering powder all over. It gives me a powdered and flawless foundation for face and body."

It all sounds sensual until I imagine Marilyn Manson filling in those "hard to reach" places.

Oprah Winfrey is a rich woman and she's got no problem with that. Speaking in Baltimore on Monday at a fundraiser Oprah told the audience, "I have lots of things, like all these Manolo Blahniks. I have all that and I think it's great. I'm not one of those people like, 'Well, we must renounce ourselves.' No, I have a closet full of shoes and it's a good thing."

I am far from rich but, I got a closet full of shoes too. Thank God for Payless and Wal-Mart. And I don't have to put up with crazy people jumping on my couch.

According to Star Magazine, sources are buzzing that Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas and her boyfriend Josh Duhamel are expecting their first child together. A source reveals, "Fergie has been pregnant for about eight weeks now, but it's early days, so she and Josh only recently started telling people. They're both incredibly happy, and now comes the hard part -trying to decide if they should get married before the baby is born."

I beg to differ. The hard part will be Fergie squeezing in to her barely there stage outfits and gyrating with the band while she performs. Then again, this will bring a new light to the song "Hey Mama"

US WEEKLY says Katie Holmes is excited about giving birth. Ofcourse she is. The chip Tom installed in her brain tells her to be. It also claims that Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson are fighting over boys. I didn't realize they were in grade six.

Eva Mendes looking gorgeous in an ad for MORGAN DEVA

Tom kisses Katie for GQ Magazine. He probably is touching her more in this photo then he did when he impregnated her....with that turkey baster.

AMERICAN IDOL contestants with the band Queen who's music they performed this week. In case you don't know Bucky went bye bye. Finally! The guy looks like he eats apples through a fence.

Some people get butterflies in their stomachs....Mariah gets them on her a$$.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James.

Beyonce and Jay-Z on vacation.

Gavin and Gwen are expecting their baby very soon by the looks of it.

Heather Locklear looks like a biker Mama as she runs some errands.

Jessica and Ashlee at the Australian Music Awards. I told you...Ashlee's turn to wear the family hair extensions.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks so happy. Then again she is shopping. Shopping makes me happy too.

What a difference a couple of weeks make. Janet Jackson has slimmed down and looks fantastic.

Kevin Federline and his posse look like they are up to no good.

Kiera Knightley on the set of her new movie SILK.

Orlando Bloom is currently on vacation in Scotland with his lovely girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

Lindsay Lohan laughs her head off. If I were her I'd laugh the outfit off too.

Ah.......Wentworth Miller alias Michael Scofield alias hubba hubba alias whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man..... ladies, we need to bake a cake with a file in it and get him out!!!



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I'm not buying that pic of Tom and Katy. He's too grotesque.

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I don't think Katie's buying it either...

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