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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 190

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have a new baby boy. Their second child, a son named Moses Martin, was born this past weekend. Unless you have been living under a rock you know they already have a daughter named Apple.

It's a good thing these two have a lot of money. They are going to need it for all the therapy bills their children will need after getting their a$ses kicked at the playground. The good side of all of this is hopefully Gwyneth will be too busy breastfeeding for the next little while to be offering her silly opinions on life to the press.

In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, Nicole Richie lashed out at critics who think she is too skinny. She said: "Am I thin? Yes, no doubt about it. But to say I'm on the verge of death is just untrue. "My family get really upset to see these people writing lies about their child. Do they ask me about it? No, because they know that I eat. And I eat whatever I feel like, sandwiches, whatever."

Now that she mentions it...yes, yes, this is the body of a girl who eats tons of sandwiches. That is if a pea between two tomato slices counts as a sandwich.

Paris Hilton is promoting her new album by bragging how great her voice is. She said: "I’ve always had a great voice. You either have it or you don’t. It’s something you’re born with."
She also told Elle magazine she is successful at whatever she attempts, "I’m a brand, a model, an artiste, an actress, a designer. I write books."

And so humble. Sheesh. Paris isn't even remotely "talented" in any of her $ex tapes either. (Or so I have heard) She doesn't even have that to fall back on.

Matt LeBlanc has a new girlfriend just days after filing for divorce. He is now dating Andrea Anders - a co-star on his recently cancelled 'Friends' spin-off, 'Joey'. He has already moved out of the his California home after admitting he was seeing someone else. A longtime friend of Matt's soon to be ex-wife told People magazine: "It was very sudden. She was absolutely blindsided by what transpired."

So Matt cheated on his wife and left her for another woman huh? I guess his days of being FRIENDS with Jennifer Aniston are over. First his show gets cancelled, then his kid gets sick, then his marriage ends.
It just hasn't been his day, his week, his month or even his year......

Madonna has been taking guitar lessons so that she can perform 'The Sound of Music' for her two children. Madge and husband Guy reportedly treat Lourdes and Rocco to renditions of hits from the 60s musical, including 'Do-Ray-Me' and 'My Favourite Things'.

Has anyone checked to see if hell has officially frozen over?

Pop star Pink hates wearing clothes and wishes the music industry would let her perform naked. She also wishes it was acceptable to demand potential dancers remove their clothes before they audition to be in her music videos.
She says, "Why can't everyone just be naked? That's what I love about being the artist, if I had a casting couch for my videos. I'd be like, 'Take your clothes off and shake it.'"

Um, making potential employees take off their clothes is sexual harassment!!! But, then again Pink probably thinks harass is two words.

Dolly Parton admits that she once stripped and dashed across Tom Jones' lawn after a drunken night out with pals.
She says, "My friends dared me to do this after we had been out to a Mexican restaurant and had margaritas. Tom Jones was hot as he could be at the time . It's amazing what a margarita can do."

I wonder how many calls the police got that night from people reporting two strange circular objects jiggling through the grass.

Mariah Carey was so heartbroken after reading reports of Whitney Houston's alleged descent into drug addiction, she has invited Whitney to duet with her on her next album. Mariah is determined to help Whitney beat her addictions and make a glorious comeback.
She says, "My heart goes out to her, she's such an immense talent. I'm right there for her."

If Mariah really wants to prove she cares then maybe for once she could let Whitney stand in the "good lighting" when they perform together and not hog the camera so much.

Evangeline Lily in ELLE Magazine.

Christina Aguilera sings in the new PEPSI commercial.

Lindsay Lohan in the video rental store. She seems shocked that nobody has ever rented MEAN GIRLS. She thought it was one of her best films.

Gavin and Gwen leave her baby shower which was given to her by her NO DOUBT band mates and had a star studded guest list.

Heath Ledger and his baby Matilda go for a walk.

Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan try and copy Britney and Madonna. Only, it doesn't work. They just come across as REALLY Desperate Housewives.

Tara Reid cuddling her smokes.

Paris Hilton barely dodges a pile of vomit outside of a night club. Surprisingly, it's not hers.

The next day Paris and Stavros who are back together again...(who can keep up?)..spend the day together.

Omarosa gives herself some support.

Pamela Anderson joined the Pussycat Dolls on stage the other night. She apparently kept popping out of her bra. In Pam's they actually make bras big enough for her?

I firmly believe that the Simpson sisters, although they are both wealthy...skimp on extensions. It seems whenver Jessica takes hers out.....

She lends them to sister Ashlee. Or is it just me?

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres toast each other backstage at the Ellen show where Jen was recently a guest.

Christina and hubby Jordan steal a smooch.

And the other "happy" couple at a party for his cd release.

Did I mention Brad and Angelina had their baby??? Here they are.
NOT....These are lookalikes. Fooled you.

Prison Break behind the scenes photos.

More Wentworth. A never seen before photo of him and Mariah on the set of her video "We Belong Together"
Even Mariah can't believe her luck. She can't even look him in the eyes....those mesmerizing eyes.....



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