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Monday, April 10, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 189

David and Victoria Beckham will be throwing a $1,500,000 Spanish-themed World Cup bash next month.Princes William and Harry, Tom Cruise and the England football team will be among the 400 guests invited to the charity party. Flamenco dancing and other traditional Spanish performances are expected to featured. Women will be asked to wear "full-length and fabulous" gowns with lots of jewellery.

We can only hope the men will be naked. Well, David at least.

Pamela Anderson had her "people" set up a meeting with R & B singer Usher. Pam and Usher eventually teamed up for a magazine launch and rumor has it he was said to be totally captivated by the bodacious blonde. A source is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "Usher seemed mesmerised. They were together all night and doing some serious flirting. By the end, Pammy was a little worse for wear from all the champagne."

So we all know this relationship will last all of two days but, Pamela should keep him around longer. She could wash her frilly little undergarments on that washboard stomach!! (And who says men are useless?)

Courtney Love has written a song about Kate Moss's rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty on her latest album. Courtney who is renowned for her own drug use and has decided to dedicate a track to the troubled singer's addictions.

You know you are in trouble when someone like this takes pity on you because your addictions are so bad and writes a song about it.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly put on a bizarre display during a recent interview. It seems Tom was extremely affectionate with his wife-to-be as they chatted with a reporter.
Journalist Dotson Rader reports that Tom was "hooting how beautiful she was, touching and kissing her like a teenage boy on his first backseat date, aware that he was being watched".
She also noted heavily-pregnant Katie seemed dazed, passive and vacant. She added: "She never stopped smiling."

Ofcourse she never stops smiling. It's all that programming. She's a stepford wife. Tom better not ever lose her remote control!!!

Pink finds body art very erotic and loves the fact her husband Carey Hart has decorated his body with tattoos. Pink, who has more then ten tattoos herself, said: "I think they are very incredibly sexy. My husband is covered with them. I don't regret any of mine because they all represent a chapter in my life and that's what tattoos are for."

What ever happened to the good old days when you used photo albums to track the "chapters" of your life. I don't have enough room on my body to capture all the crap that's happened to me and I'm not even middle aged. Yet. Oh shut up.

Paris Hilton says that she loves her smalll boobies. She told Elle magazine: "I like being flat. I think it's hot. I never have to wear a bra."

Women with mammoth silicone breasts never have to wear a bra other. What's her point? er....points???

Salma Hayek hates the glamour and superficiality of Hollywood. So much so that she rarely ventures away from her country retreat, despite her string of celebrity friends.
She says, "I don't live in Hollywood-land. I prefer cooking dinner or playing board games. I have a farm and I love it there. I have really good friends and family. That's my life.

It would all sound so humble of her if she didn't keep showing up at every Hollywood award ceremony looking so darn perfect in her designer dress, perfect skin and gorgeous face.

Brad and Angelina are staying at a secluded Namibian beach resort, surrounded by tight security, prompting speculation their baby will be born in Africa. Namibian media reported that immigration officials confirmed the stars and five other people, including two children, arrived in Namibia Monday morning on a chartered jet from Paris.

It's a good thing Angelina is giving birth soon. Otherwise she'd never rest. That is unless she plans to give birth standing up over a wash basin while handing out food and toys to orphans. I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

Carmen Electra and her dance troupe, 'CARMEN ELECTRA & THE BOMBSHELL BABES', caused a frenzy recently when they performed at a lesbian festival.The dancers recently appeared at the Dinah Shore Golf Classic in Palm Springs, California, which has turned into an annual gathering for lesbians.
Carmen explains, "We got such a great reception. I only want to perform for lesbians from now on! It was awesome, it was wall-to-wall girls and they were just so enthusiastic and so much fun. I love them!"

Does Carmen's husband Dave know of her love of lesbians? He must be heavy on the coke again because Carmen's been acting like a porn star these days and he doesn't seem to care. Here she is on Howard Stern riding some machine to see if she can have a .....well, let's just say Dave Navarro seems to be a VERY understanding husband. (Or he's so coked out he doesn't care)

Jessica Simpson has been sued for failing to endorse her low priced apparel and jean lines. The $100 million dollar lawsuit alleges that Jessica refused to be photographed wearing items from her JS and Princy collections. She signed a three year multimillion licensing deal, but according to the lawsuit Simpson was not "actively involved" in promoting the clothing and failed to wear the collection at "public events, shows, and appearances" whenever "reasonably practicable." It was also noted that when Jessica was asked by the media to name her favorite jeans she picked True Religion ($250+) brand as opposed to her own Princy ($60 sale $29.99) line.

Jessica Simpleton strikes again. Paying $250 for jeans that are full of rips??
My favorite jeans personally are the ones that make my a$$ look good. Pretty much all of them. Hee hee.

Mariah Carey is featured in IN STYLE HOME Magazine

This is a look at HALF of Mariah's massive shoe closet.
I am so jealous.

Paris Hilton in ELLE Magazine

Britney Spears in a dance studio practising dancing to her new song "Just Yesterday" If you look in the mirror you can see Sean's baby carriage in the background and the nanny.

Clips from the new PEPSI commercial featuring Christina Aguilera.

Nelly Furtado on the front of her new cd cover. Man those portuguese girls are hot! LOL

Jessica Alba shopping. This girl could buy a potato sack and look lovely in it.

Pamela Anderson is becoming the new Victoria Gotti. Pammy is always wearing white these days.....

Kate Moss is either giving the paparrazzi the bird with a cigarette -like apendage or she's having a smoke.

Kate Bosworth is having Orlando Bloom. Much more satisfying...

Lindsay Lohan tries to cover her head. Uh, move the scarf a little lower dear, we can still see your face.

Jessica Simpson needs help grocery shopping.

Sienna Miller looks like Kate Moss with her new hair extensions.

Queen Latifah partying it up.

Katie Holmes is just going to shop until she pops.

Oh Romeo, Romeo, where fore art thou Nick Lachey?

Jake Gyllenhaal and his mommy.

Denise Richards out and about. I didn't recognize her without one of her kids stuck to her hip.



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Wow, Katie's belly doesn't look real. It looks like she's carrying a litter, not a baby. T-man thinks Tom Cruise is the devil for making his lady have a silent birth. Bad dog!!

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Everything about Tom and Katie is bizarre...

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