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Friday, April 07, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 188

Paula Abdul claims she was assaulted at a party over the weekend by a man whose name she knew, Access Hollywood has learned. An L.A.P.D spokesperson said, "She claimed she was at a private party and an argument occurred between her and a man and that the man grabbed her by the arm and threw her against a wall. She claimed to have suffered a concussion and spinal injuries."

This could of happened. Or ...not. Have you seen Paula lately? She is either on some really good drugs or drunk half the time on American Idol. She probably just fell getting out of her car and needed an alibi OR it did happen and the mystery man was Simon.

Anyone flying over southern Nevada this week will see more than the desert. They will actually see a giant, bikini-clad re-creation of a Maxim magazine cover. The cover is made of a vinyl-mesh screen and reads, "THE ONLY MAGAZINE BIG ENOUGH TO BE SEEN FROM SPACE - AND ONLY IN VEGAS!" Eva Longoria of "Desperate Housewives," is the subject in the 110-by-75-foot photo. This was done to celebrate Maxim's 100th issue.

It's official now. Eva is a GIGANTIC slut.

Kate Moss is set to marry on/off lover Pete Doherty later this year. The couple have been through a series of public break ups and reconciliations.The drug addicted singer was quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "We are going to marry. It's going to happen at a Scottish castle. That's going to be so cool."

A castle is a perfect place for these two to get married. After all, if they think they can kick their drug habits and live happily ever after then they are living in a fairy tale. One that's gonna end in some kind of white powder...and I don't mean fairy dust.

Tom Cruise has reportedly bought an adult-sized pacifier for Katie Holmes to help keep her silent during childbirth. As followers of Scientology they have to maintain total silence in the delivery rrom. A source is quoted in America's Star magazine as saying, "In keeping with a Scientology silent birth, Tom is prepared to do whatever it takes to muffle Katie's moans and groans during the delivery."

Wouldn't be the first time Katie had a big dummy in her mouth.

Paris Hilton wants to settle down and have babies. Paris recently is dating Stavros Niarchos and she wants two children named London and Annabel.
She told Elle Magazine, "I want a boy and a girl. I can't wait to find a guy like my dad and be together forever. Right now, I'm definitely not ready."

And then someone explained to Paris how babies are actually born.

The latest Vanity Fair

Eva Longoria makes the cover of SHAPE Magazine this month. WTF? She eats like a pig and doesn't even work out?

Reason #505 why you should really think before you get breast implants. Tori Spelling's rich as ever and still received a botch job. Yikes. Tori thinks her boobs are great....This is her on Wed night's Tonight Show.

I wonder if anyone actually looked at Hilary Swank's eyes at this event.

Ryan Phillippe goes for a run.

Star Jones after her breast lift and tummy tuck.

No more surgery Star or you'll start looking like Priscilla Presley....vampiress of the night.

Evangeline Lilly gets a pedicure.

Avril Lavigne looking a little Complicated. No one knows if she is preggers or just getting a beer gut from dating Derrick that wino.

Jude Law can't pick up women or pick his kid's nannies anymore so he settles for picking his nose.

Ew and it looks like he is eating it. Wow, that Jude...what a catch. NOT.

His Ex Sienna Miller just leaves the salon from getting hair extensions.

Katie Holmes again. This time her tummy is showing...the actually skin. (And here I thought she was carrying around an overstuffed just looks so fake don't it?)

The Black Eyed Peas at a press conference in Mexico.

Pink promotes her new album on MTV.

Mariah Carey poses with the staff of Z100 radio station.

And then there were 8......



Blogger Bernadette said...

I think Tom Cruise should stick the adult pacifer up his (where the sun don't shine) and see if he can keep from screaming...ashhole...that's the word...

2:36 PM  
Blogger Dill said...

Paris give birth! no way... anyone that rich and that spoiled will find a surrogate... believe me I would!hahaha

3:34 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Ben - I love it. Yes, he should stick it up there but, I have a feeling he already has a small community of aliens taking residence in there.

Dill - That's what I am waiting for. Enough money to get a surrogate...hee hee :)

11:35 AM  

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