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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 186

In an upcoming issue of ELLE Magazine, Paris Hilton finally addresses her feud with Nicole Richie. And the claws are out. Paris told the magazine, "She (Nicole) cannot stand being around me because I get all the attention and people really don't care about her. It breaks my heart. She was my sister. She was the funniest person to be around and then she let the fame go to her head.She's not the same person any more. I never want to speak to her again. Ever."

Allow me to translate - "If Nicole starts eating carbs again then maybe I'll party with her again, but, I don't like having friends who look better than me."

So I told you a couple WTF's back that the show Baywatch is coming to the big screen. And guess who's going to play the part of Pamela Anderson's character? None other than Jessica Simpson.
A source said, "Jessica has all the assets to make Pammy's part her own."

I was going to make a comment how the horny director just cast Jessica for her breasts and not based on talent at all but, then I remembered that the role of Pam's character C.J. isn't exactly one that calls for any kind of acting skills. Just a lot of running in a small red bathing suit on a very, very, cold beach and lots of jiggling. Jessica's perfect for this

Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Courtney Love are reportedly set to holiday together in Hawaii.
The wild threesome, all said to be "firm friends", have all recently weathered very public drug scandals and hope a break away will help them overcome their problems. A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Courtney is determined to be a calming influence on Lindsay who has had a really tough time of things, and she also adores Kate."

Oh my. Girls Gone Wild will look like a Disney Movie after this vacation is over. Rehab workers are no longer out of work in Hollywood.

Brad and Angelina are rumoured to be house hunting in the Dominion Republic.According to reports, Pitt was spotted inspecting real estate on the holiday island. He also allegedly met with the same designers who renovated his property in Los Angeles - at a hotel in Santo Domingo. Apparently he is sick of living in Paris cause he finds it too polluted and it smells.

Ooh, the Jolie-Pitts living in beach land?? You know what this means people??? Bathing suit shots. Lots of em. Bring it on!

Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Keener were on The Today Show promoting their film Friends with Money. During the interview Jennifer had said that she doesn't mind giving interviews as long as the questions aren't about her personal life. Well, interviewer Jill Rappaport is deaf because she asked Jennifer about the rumors that she's going to marry Vince Vaughn at Oprah's mansion. Catherine stepped in: "I thought you weren't going to go there!"
Jill responded with that she understood why Catherine was so protective but that she was merely curious, because she's never been to a lavish $8 Million wedding. Catherine responded with,"And now you won't be!"

Why is it ok for Jennifer to reveal every tidbit of her life to the press but, then when they want to ask her about it she's all like "I am here to promote my movie"
The actual truth is she only takes this horrifying bad movie roles in order to keep her in the press so she can keep dishing her own dirt. And really, the wounded puppy act is getting old. Even to a dog lover like myself.

Christina Aguilera has come a long way. Two years ago if she stood like this on a street corner she would of been arrested for prostitution. Remember how dirrty she was?

And now ...presenting the amazing magician...the vanishing Victoria Beckham.

Lisa Rinna at a Tupperware promotion. Uh, the plastic container is the one on the left.

Britney and baby Sean. He always looks bored to death or ashamed...don't he?

Kevin Federline on the radio. Don't panic, he wasn't was simply an interview.

Antonio Banderas takes Katie Couric for a spin on the TODAY show where he promoted his new film " TAKE THE LEAD"

So what was the moral of today's WTF ???
Nicole still hates Paris
Brangelina hates France
Look below and you'll see
Jessica Alba's groovy underpants



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