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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 185

Tom Cruise revealed that he plans on marrying Katie but,.....not yet. Cruise was in Germany to promote his film "Mission Impossible 2" on the country's popular "Wetten Dass ..." ("I'll Bet ...") TV show. He told the interviewer, "First the baby, then the film. Then, in summer, we want to get married. I won't let this woman get away."

Especially since she's got that homing device strapped to her ankle and those electroids in her head that track her every thought.

Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake disapproves of her husband Kevin Federline. Justin reportedly is horrified by Britney's life both professionally and personally and believes Federline is to blame. A source tells US Star magazine, "He thinks Kevin is gross, and there's not much that would change his mind about that. He's sad at how things have turned out for her. There's not a lot he can do about it - other than watch what goes down between them like it's a slow-motion car wreck."

I agree and it seems we all are craning our necks to slow down and take a look. I still maintain that Britney is better off with Kevin. That is for purely my own selfish reasons. If I have to see Britney and Justin in anymore horrid matching outfits I might scream.

Meanwhile Britney's spokesperson has denied reports Spears is pregnant after she was spotted drinking alcohol at Federline’s birthday celebrations in Las Vegas last week.
Her representative stated, “Britney’s not pregnant, and if she were, she wouldn’t drink.”

No, Britney would NEVER do anything stupid...Sheesh, let me count the ways...

Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity to jump on the Kabbalah bandwagon. She recently confirmed, "Yes, I am looking into Kabbalah. All of us need something. You have to grab on to whatever gets you through."

Lindsay's doing it for the bracelet. You know, the red string...Surely as an ex-anorexic Lindsay knows that anorexic girls wear a red string bracelet so that they can all recognize each other (Yes, some sick underground internet thing) - As if their ribs sticking out don't give them away.

Scarlett Johansson is set to play Napoleon Bonaparte's 14-year-old love interest in new movie, 'Napoleon and Betsy'. Napoleon is said to have been captivated by Betsy despite the fact he was 32 years older than her. Napoleon, who has not yet been cast.

I have a sneaking suspicion Woody Allen will be first in line at this audition.

Loni Anderson, 59, has been approached countless times throughout the years to pose naked for Playboy Magazine and has always declined Hugh Hefner's generous offers.
She says, "Hugh started coming at me when I was 17... but I always thought of my daughter or my son or my granddaughters seeing it"
She says now that she is older she would definitely consider taking her clothes off in exchange for a lifetime supply of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Oh really? Stand in line grand ma!

According to this week's Life & Style Weekly, Jessica Simpson who is working on her latest film "Employee of the Month,' is swearing off junk food and is ready to bring back that killer body she displayed in the 'Dukes of Hazzard.
The magazine reports:
An insider close to Jess tells Life & Style that Jessica has lost nearly all the 25 pounds she put on to play muscular Daisy Duke. Apparetnly she has vowed to stop eating chips and Cheetos which she was eating constantly and wants to start working out again.

What? Jessica has lost 25lbs since this shot??? All whilst eating junk food? If I didn't hate the bit$h enough as it is....
Seriously though that must be a typo....she would be dissappearing if she lost 25lbs.....

Wentworth Miller featured in TV GUIDE

Shakira plays covergirl for TEEN PEOPLE Magazine.

Sarah Jessica Parker in FOR ME Magazine.

Howard Stern proves that even with Photoshoppe....for some people there is just no help for their looks. Yuck.

Madonna's featured website for her CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR.

Pamela Anderson rallying for animals while looking like a bug.

Fergie backstage at the Juno's grabbing some freebies.

Jennifer Garner goes shopping.

Justin Timberlake wins the belt for the best burp at the kid's award show NICKELODEON.

Lindsay Lohan was also there and won several awards. She wore a simple brown dress I suppose to be a good influence on the very young children in attendance.

Instead she ended up literally making an ass of herself.

Kate Hudson, baby Ryder and some homeless guy....oops sorry that is her hubby Chris Robinson....go for a walk.

Mischa Barton walks barefoot with boyfriend Cisco. They could be the new Federlines.

Mira Sorvino is preggers with her second child. Here she carries her daughter Mattea. What a cutie!

Pamela Anderson puts make up on Rick Campenelli. Not sure why.

Pamela seen at a Juno pre party. Holy hip bones....she could rival Nicole Richie!

Nicole Richie at her boyfriend's birthday party on the weekend.

Britney goes out and gets her nails did.

Sharon Stone and her younger son at the airport. Her basic instinct is to protect her young cub.

Who knew that Avril Lavigne hung out with Hilary Duff??


Tim McGraw on the TODAY show.

Usher gives peace to y'all.

So, he's not wearing a hat. Do we care?



Blogger T-man said...

What's with the scary-looking guys dating the beautiful women?? T-man just doesn't get it! Those men should at least comb their hair. T-man combs his hair for Chelsea everyday (well, most days). Well, actually his mom combs it. Mischa can do much better! (T-man's mom is a fan of the O.C.)

9:16 PM  
Blogger T-man said...

Even Micha's dog looks embarrassed!

9:18 PM  
Blogger hot lips said...

I'm not convinced that aliens haven't swooped down and kidnapped Pamela Anderson and sent a transvestite robot down in her place.

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