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Monday, March 27, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 180

Jennifer Lopez is so desperate to start a family with husband Marc Antony, she's put herself on a strict spinach diet in a bid to become pregnant. She is eating the leafy vegetable three times a day to boost her intake of folic acid and increase her chances of conception. She says, "Since my doctor recommended it I've been on spinach omelettes for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch and sauteed spinach with every dinner. "I guess if the spinach doesn't help me conceive I'll still end up with Popeye-sized muscles."

Which would be perfect because Marc Anthony already looks so much like Olive Oyl.

Nicole Richie claims she is addicted to fast food. Nicole, who has been at the centre of speculation she has an eating disorder for months, says she's a sucker for junk food in general.
She confessed to Tatler magazine "I'll pretty much eat anything. I'm a big Taco Bell fan, a real fast-food eater. "

Yeah but, then she gets "rid" of it even faster....thus, the problem.

Jennifer Aniston was left devastated when her therapist died in December 2004 - just one month before her split from ex-husband Brad Pitt was made official. It forcedrcing her to work through the pain of the divorce on her own.
She explains, "When your shrink dies, you just go, 'Really? Is this some kind of cosmic joke?' I will never forget that moment. It was devastating."

Jennifer Aniston's therapist dies a month before her divorce? Coincidence? I think not. The guy probably threw himself in front of a train the minute he knew it was going to happen. I can't say I blame him.

Penelope Cruz had to wear a false butt in new movie 'Returning'. She plays a Sophia Loren-style housewife in the film and was asked to strap on a prosthetic bottom after movie bosses decided her own posterior wasn't curvy enough. An insider is quoted in the Daily Record newspaper as saying: "Penelope's breasts were fine for the part but it was felt that she needed more curves down below."
Apparently Penelope loved her new butt so much that she begged producers to let her keep it once filming is over.

Do you think it's a sign she misses her ex Tom Cruise??? After all he's a phony ass.

Eva Longoria could be engaged. Her 'Desperate Housewives' co-star, Marcia Cross, accidentally revealed the news and quickly tried to backtrack after her slip of the tongue. Marcia blurted out to Entertainment Tonight TV show, "I think there are going to be three weddings so, I'm really excited. My own and I'm so happy for Nicollette and I'm sure Eva will marry Tony. Er... I don't have any news but I'm just saying Eva and Tony are a beautiful couple and it looks good for the future."

Eva's gonna be pissed! She loves dishing her own intimate gossip to the press.

Pink reportedly wants to open a chain of X-rated strip clubs which she will dance in herself.
An insider told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "They could be huge because everybody loves her and her determination to take on the establishment."

It could also be popular because it involves naked women. Most things that involve naked woman are popular because men are so easily amused.

US Weekly is reporting that American Idol judge Paula Abdul was almost fired last month. Supposedly, there was a lot of tension on the set. According to a source, Paula "was being very difficult...crying all the time...arriving late for meetings." Supposedly (again), Abdul was treated for exhaustion and dehydration. Producers reportedly were thinking about replacing her with either Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears.

Paula definitely appears to be in la-la land more often than not. Still, at least she had a career to speak of in the 80's and she can sing, dance, choregraph and write. WTF do Jessica and Britney know about singing? They could judge American Lipsyncer but, that's about it.

Tom Cruise taped Nicole Kidman's phone calls during their 2001 divorce. Kidman hired private eye Richie Di Sabatino, who told Page Six last week, "We swept her phones and put on an encryption device, so she couldn't be wiretapped"
Another source said, "During her divorce, she would talk to friends on the phone and every couple of minutes break into the conversation and say, 'So, Tom, are you listening,' or 'Am I saying what you want me to say, Tom?' She knew he was either tapping her phone or trying to. She not only knew about it but taunted Tom."

What a pschyo Tom is! And I thought these two would last forever they seemed so happy. Now we all know the truth. He only married her because he wanted a kid and a man. And she has both in her last name.

Jennifer Garner's fitness trainer is very proud of the way her client has chosen to lose weight after the birth of her first child. Jennifer gained 32lbs while pregnant with daughter Violet last year but according to trainer Valerie Waters, it’s sliding back off again.
“Jen is more concerned about keeping healthy and spending time with Violet than anything else. I think it’s great that Jen doesn’t obsess about her weight and is losing it at a sensible rate.”

Of course Jen is not in any hurry to lose weight. Her hubby Ben Affleck used to date big booty J-Lo, I assume he likes that sort of thing.

Vanessa Minillo puts on a school girl pose for MAXIM magazine.

Julia Roberts is the spokes model for Italian designer
Gianfranco Ferre

Teri Hatcher is the cover girl for GLAMOUR

Nicky Hilton looks like she is wearing my gym romper from grade nine. Ouch, I just had a rope burn flashback.

Ashlee Simpson sings for a crowd in Guatamala.

Victoria Beckham is seen leaving her doctor's office which sparked reports that she may be pregnant with her 4th child. I say she just went to get her routine blood transfusion....she is really thin!

Denise Richards feeds her daughter...or, er, is it the other way around?

Why so blue Carmen??

Anna Kournikova may have been pretty good at tennis but, she sucks when it comes to applying self tanner.

Kate Moss wanders around aimlessly.

Katie and Tom out and about.

Remember when La Toya Jackson was the freak of her family? Now she seems to be the "normal" one.

Nicole Richie is tu-tu funny on the set of the show SIMPLE LIFE.

Joaquim Phoenix on the set of his new film.

Paul Walker at the premiere of his film EIGHT BELOW.

Although the movie is about sled dogs. The star as you can see is no dog.

Pamela Anderson wearing a cheerleading outfit. I really hope she has a good reason for this. Then again, unless you actually are a cheerleader what would constitute a good reason? In this case kids, J is for JIGGLE.

Star Jones leaves the hospital with her hubby Al after getting her breasts lifted and a rumored tummy tuck.

Anthony Kiedis of the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS reluctantly lends an ear to Tara Reid's slurs.

Paris Hilton shows her ass at a nightclub. Notice how nobody's looking. Everyone's seen it a million times. Yawn. If you ask me she has a guy's butt.

Then Paris proceeds to grind up against and hump......yuck.....her sister. I bet Nicky had crabs the next morning. Just another typical day at the Hilton home.

Britney and Kevin at a casino in VEGAS where she took him recently to celebrate his birthday. She seems to hav learned to communicate with him using her eyes and not really saying a word. Allow me to translate,
"Yeah, sure your new album will be a hit."

"You so did not look at that waitress's ass in front of me!"

"I'm not gonna let you have any more gambling money tonight. You are cut off buddy."

While we're on the topic of men who are itching to get out...
Don't forget to watch PRISON BREAK tonight!! (As if you would!)



Blogger T-man said...

Good one! T-man thinks that Tom Cruise is a phony ass too.

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Blogger verniciousknids said...

Sheesh...I eat spinach every day - looks like I'd better be careful :D

5:07 AM  
Blogger yllwdaisies said...

Seriously? Jen Aniston's therapist died & she made it about herself? WOW!

HA! Oh my, you had me laughing out loud at that "she had both kid & a man in her last name" bit. That's hilarious!

mmm...Paul Walker.
yuk...Paris Hilton.

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