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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 177

Rod Stewart could be getting ready for his eighth child because his fiancee Penny Lancaster wants another baby. The two had their first child together Alistair Wallace, a boy in November. Rod has six other kids from different women.
Penny says, "We've talked about baby number two."

Even if they don't have another kid, Rod's getting up there in age. Regardless, Penny's gonna have to start doubling up on the diapers. Some for baby. Some for grand pa...uh, I mean daddy.

And Donald Trump has had another child. His wife Melania gave birth Monday morning yet they have not revealed the baby's name.
"Everyone's perfect," Trump said in a telephone interview about 20 minutes after the arrival of his fifth child.

After that very inappropriate comment he made recently about his daughter Ivanka...I am so glad he had a boy this time. I wonder if the kid looks like his mother or his dad? Either way the kid is gonna look constipated. His parents always do!!

Lisa Rinna became so obsessed with ballroom dancing during her gig on TV show Dancing with the Stars, she is opening her own dance studio. She will be re-teaming with her professional partner from the show, Louis Van Amstel, to open a studio in Los Angeles.
She says, "I was so moved by (the experience) that it has to be part of my life. It transformed my body."

Dancing transformed her body huh? All all this time I thought her mmmoth lips and gravity defying breasts were the work of a plastic surgeon. Gee, we all owe Lisa an apology.

Tori Spelling's parents are not talking to her. Famous Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling and wife Candy have fallen out with their daughter after she mocked their "eBay room" - a room in their home dedicated to the internet auction site on her new show.
A friend of Tori's told the New York Post, "There is a scene in the first episode of her new show, 'So noTORIous,' in which she makes fun of it. Her mother has a huge shopping habit and has a whole room dedicated to the stuff she buys on there. When Candy saw the episode, she threatened Tori and said she was going to sue her."

Meanwhile, Tori is getting ready to marry fiancee Dean McDermott. He's the moron that got Tori's face tattoed on his arm. I bet he's regretting regretting it now. (Not that any one would need a reason to ever regret getting Tori tattoed on them - But then again I doubt there are line ups for her nasty image in any tattoo parlors.)
Tori's parents are the ones with all the money. And by the looks of things, Tori and Dean like to shop also. Tori better start kissing up to mummy and daddy soon!

Paris Hilton has split from boyfriend Stavros Niarchos (Greek shipping heir number 2) and has reportedly found comfort in the arms of ex-fiance, Paris Latsis. (Greek shipping heir number 1)
An onlooker at A nightclub told Britain's Mirror newspaper: "The two Parises spent most of the evening together, head to head and laughing in the corner. They were getting pretty close and personal."

In other words they were both drunk and too lazy to pick up a stranger.

Jennifer Aniston quietly dropped off several bags of used clothes at the American Way Thrift Store. A source revealed, “When a woman in the store realized that it was Jennifer Aniston, she rushed to the bags but it was too late because a worker who had no idea who she was had already dumped the clothes into a bin and mixed in with clothes from civilians.”

OH NO!!! America's Sweetheart's clothes mixed in with that of mere mortals?????
Give me a break.

Rumor has it those"Desperate Housewives" actresses are at each other's throats again. This time it's over Teri Hatcher's Vanity Fair cover. One source says Teri sent an E-mail to her co-stars escalating a fight that started over access granted to Vanity Fair writer Leslie Bennetts. Apparently the policy had been that journalists were not allowed on set unless the piece was about all of the actresses, although this rule seems to have been waived for Hatcher. And that caused some unpleasantness.
"She also griped that this wasn't the first incident of outright jealousy from them and that this was now her time to shine," says a source familiar with the E-mail. "She talked about all the covers that Eva [Longoria] has gotten and how she's only been supportive."

Women have come so far! They used to burn their bras, now they burn each other.

Would you believe this is Gillian Anderson who played Scully on the X-FILES?? She looks great!

Inside the VANITY FAIR mag featuring Teri Hatcher

Guess who this is???

If you said Tina Yothers who played Jennifer on FAMILY TIES than you're right!

Linda, Brooke and Hulk Hogan on a radio show. Please tell me Brooke is not talking about her boobs as her creepy dad proudly looks on.

I wonder why everyone thinks Kim Stewart had a boob job?

Child star Dakota Fanning who will probably be in rehab by the time she's 12 - monkeys around with a hairy buddy

Kirstie Alley looks smoking! I thought she did 50lbs ago also

Felicity Huffman and hubby William H Macy at the premiere of the movie "THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING" as he puffs on a cigar

Braddy sneaks a smoke in his Paris apartment

Katie and Tom go to yet another one of his kid's soccer games

Angie Harmon rubs Brooke Shield's growing belly

Lindsay Lohan must not be getting enough press these days. Why else would she try and spark pregnancy rumors by wearing this awful bubble dress. won't work. You have to have sex to get pregnant...remember?

Denise Richards seems to be on a mission

Britney and her cousin (Carrying Sean Preston) out and about.

Greg Kinnear. Who many people think looks like my hubby. Even hubby and I think he does.

Carmen Electra and hubby Dave Navarro visited the set of THE PRICE IS RIGHT this week. Not sure why the wheel is upside down but, knowing what a pervert Bob Barker is...he would love to see Carmen stand on her head.

Christina and Jordan go for a stroll

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks are either glowing or Garth had a very bad tanning bed experience. YIKES

A funny cartoon. Well not funny to Britney probably

Ah...Doctor McDreamy at an awards event. Did he win for best DOCTOR TO MAKE OUR HEARTS GO PITTER PATTER????
I'd nominate him!



Blogger TangentArifa said...

Tina Yothers - is it sad that I knew it was her? I do like the dark hair....

Jennifer Aniston - hmmm, how is it we never get media reports of Jenn buying liquor or her "female" products? Yet, she does something altruistic like donating clothes and boom, it's in the paper. Not sure where it falls in comparison to adopting 2 children from poor countries, being a UN Ambassador, actually winning an Oscar........

9:18 PM  
Blogger Da Tew Catz said...

Is it just me, or is all the 80's clothes coming back ?!!
We've seen the purses,belts,pants, dresses, shoes etc... Please don't bring the HAIR BACK omg ! LOL !

I see alot of clothing/etc in these photo's. From this era.. makes me shiver, the 70's came back and even worse w/ the bell bottoms,and even bagger pants ... I'm afraid to see what's next !!

Jenz x0x

11:52 PM  

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