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Friday, March 10, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 170

"Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan and boyfriend Michael Bolton may be tying the knot very soon. The couple dated in the 90's and hooked up again last Christmas. n insider tells In Touch magazine that Sheridan asked her "Housewives" co-star, Teri Hatcher, to help her pick out a bridal gown. Rumor has it Nicollette just bought a $14,000 wedding dress.

These Hollywood folk should know better by now. She should just rent the dress.

Nick Lachey is in talks to star in a new comedy show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The sitcom explores the way men and women perceive situations differently. The show is called, "He said, she said."

Nick should do a great job. Since for 3 years he was on that other show "NEWLYWEDS" that may as well have been called, "What the F did she just say?"

Mary-Kate Olsen is back with ex-boyfriend David Katzenberg. Not to be confused with another of her ex's - Stavros Niarchos, who's now dating Paris Hilton.
American mag Star quotes a source as saying: "David is crazy in love with Mary-Kate and says that he's not going to let her slip through his fingers again. She's the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He wants to marry Mary-Kate and have children with her."

Silly boy. You need to have a menstrual cycle in order to get pregnant. Mary Kate doesn't eat enough to have a period. I guess these two will be adopting like everyone else in Hollywood.

David Hasselhoff's estranged wife claims she was the victim of domestic abuse. At a private divorce hearing, Pamela Bach also asked for a temporary restraining order. However, a judge refused and simply told the pair to stay away from each other. Hasselhoff denies the claims.

I say we make this a class action lawsuit and we all sue him for abuse. All the years we had to see his man boobs jiggle while he was running up and down that beach. And what about those poor Europeans who were subjected to his singing?

Eva Longoria who is dating basketball player Tony Parker she she has a crush on three different women. Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes.
She revealed: "They've come over to my place loads of times. That's our gang. They're my crushes. I have intense love for these women."

Men will hear about four hot women hanging out together and have visions of pajama parties, pillow fights in lingerie, tickling, kissing and experimenting.

Women hear about four beautiful women hanging around and wonder when they will have their first competitive cat fight.

Madonna is considering plastic surgery. The 47-year-old superstar says it's been on her mind a lot lately but, she would keep it a secret if she did get work done. Madonna is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying, "I think about it, like everybody, and I don't rule it out. But I am not going to hold a press conference if I have plastic surgery."

These stars think we have to be told that they've had surgery? Do they think we are all as stupid as Jessica Simpson?

Supermodel Kate Moss has turned to acupuncture to ensure she keeps away from cocaine. She was recently photographed with two tiny squares of plaster in her right inner ear. Experts on acupuncture say stimulating pressure points on certain parts of the ear prompts the body to produce endorphins which reduces stress and cravings.

What? Kick a cocaine habit by having five million needles stuck into your body? Won't that just make her want heroine now?

Life & Style will report in Friday's edition that there is trouble in Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe's marriage. The mag says that witnesses at the after Oscar party said that Ryan appeared he didn’t want to be anywhere near his wife of six years. As Reese mingled, Ryan sulked alone. A source said, “He sat by himself looking pretty resentful"

Hmm. Resentful because his wife is now making 27 million dollars PER picture? I don't think it was a look of resentment. It was probably a look of "KA-CHING!!!! Daddy doesn't have to work anymore!"

A new gossip report suggests that Angelina Jolie wants her marriage to Brad Pitt to be open. Wide open. So they can both have the option to have sex with men and women alike outside of the 'marriage.' Celebrity Weekly magazine says Angelina told Brad this is the only way she will marry him. They also say the demand is a trick to get out of walking down the aisle with Pitt as she knows he'll never agree to it. A source told the tabloid, "Brad is a traditional guy and would never agree to such a thing."

Yeah, they also said he would never have an affair. Those sources are idiots. I can't imagine this story is true. But, I hope it is cuz it means I still stand a chance!

Jessica Simpson does not want a starring role in a film. She says she needs some more film experiance. Jessica, who made her acting debut in "The Dukes Of Hazzard", is determined to perfect her skills before accepting a lead role.
She says, "I'm not ready to carry the weight of a movie."

I was going to say that she finally has something smart to say but, let's face it, her daddy probably told her to say that and it's only because nobody has OR will offer her a starring role.

OK! Magazine says Britney's giving Kevin one last chance. Didn't she do this like 3 times already? Kevin's final chance is like Cher's final farewell tour.

LIFE & STYLE is speculating Reese and Ryan are in trouble. Meanwhile he just looks constipated in the photo. I am sure he had some bran since then and all is well again.

STAR Magazine says Britney is pregnant and dumping Kevin.

US WEEKLY claims Nick is trying to make Jessica jealous with Kristin Calverri. Save your money...not true.

IN TOUCH Magazine says Paris gave Nicole a cookie! Brangelina's having more babies.

Rosario Dawson on the cover of ESQUIRE

VANITY FAIR with Meg Ryan

This is Kiera Knightley's boyfriend.

Charlize Theron strikes a pose for ELLE.

Christina Aguilera makes the cover of the U.K edition of ELLE.

She sizzles on the inside pages also.

Guess who the classy lady is picking her ass while barefoot?

Too easy. It's Britney. I want to know why she's parked in a handicap spot! Lazy ass.

More Britney playing with Sean. She's got her hat and glasses on to protect her from the harmful UV rays.
The kid? NOTHING.

Matthew McConnaghey and Sarah Jessica Parker at the premiere of their new film FAILURE TO LAUNCH

Mariah Carey must be going to visit her grandmother. She's covered up her chest.

Kate Beckinsdale shopping with her hubby for the kids.

Nick Lachey plays with a friend's kid.

Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth try and blend in with regular people. Good luck.

Teri Hatcher looks like the cat that got the canary....actually, she just looks like the canary.

Rod Stewart, wife Penny and baby Allistair

Jerry Seinfeld, his wife and their brood.

Denise Richards and her youngest daughter Lola.

Eva Longoria show support for boyfriend Tony by showing she has his jersey number on her wallet or camera or cell phone is that thing anyway? She's just trying to divert the attention away from that zit. No fooling us Eva.

On screen brother and sister from Sopranos (Meadow and Anthony) are real life friends. Jamie Lynn and Robert at a party for Robert's 21st birthday.

Real life brother and sister Kelly and Jack Osbourne look like they are getting along these days. Did anyone check to see if Hell really froze over?

Nicole and Adam go out for dinner. Well, water and lettuce but, it's still a dinner date.

Paris spent her day shopping and goofing around. Another regular day in her warped little world

Joaquim Pheonix and Eva Mendes met for an innocent lunch. They are working on a film together. Although, this photo sparked rumors they are getting it on. She has a boyfriend and denies she ever....walked the line.



Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

lol its like Kevin has nine chances almost like nine lives... JUST THROW HIM OUT ALREADY BRIT! =P I also think shes preggers again, oh dear Britney...

HOLY SHIT... Reese making 27 MILLION a movie? Thats insane... Basically when you win an oscar your bank account goes KA-CHING as well, hahaha!

Christina looks so good in Elle, its def. her new look. Very 40s kinda look. I'm excited for her new album, some say its coming out May, other June.

Great entry! Sorry I haven't been commenting, I've been reading just not commenting as often as I do! =P

9:14 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Once again, my opinion about Madonna's neck cords has been solidified. That picture of her is AWFUL, and yet, so very common these days. She doesn't need plastic surgery, she just needs to eat!

I laughed at the "lettuce and water - but it's still a dinner date" Funny!

Reese and Ryan are not having marriage problems. When has Ryan ever come across as loving and working the crowd? But now that his wife has won an Oscar, it is bitterness? These magazines never quit!

2:23 AM  
Blogger hot lips said...

Um, how many times do I have to tell you that Ryan Philippe is a homosexual?

5:15 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

If Ryan is gay then I don't want to know. I think I speak for Reese as well.

8:05 PM  

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