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Friday, March 03, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 165

Jane Fonda is in a $ex video with her ex-husband Ted Turner and an unnamed brunette, according to an explosive new book. The author of the tell-all book claims that the tape shows Fonda wearing "artificial equipment" to "pleasure Turner while he services the brunette." Jane has said in the past that she was forced to have threesomes by her third husband Roger Vadim. (Ted Turner was her 4th husband)

Oh please. Two different husbands who "forced" her to participate in threesomes? One husband manages to brainwash you shame on him, second time you let it happen. Shame on you. I think they should name this video "Fun with Dick and Jane"

After Kevin Federline was photographed cuddling with a blonde outside of a recording studio, his wife Britney flipped out when she saw the photos. A source revealed, "She was literally kicking and screaming when she saw the pics. She was in Hawaii at the time and when she got back to her suite, she was so furious, she destroyed everything in sight. She called Kevin but couldn't reach him."
The source also claims Spears has since ordered her husband to pack his bags and "get the hell out" of the house she shares with him in Malibu, California.

Kevin's still scratching his head trying to figure out what he did wrong last time she kicked him out.

Jessica Simpson is convinced people are "out to get" her and has blames the press for lies linking her to her Dukes of Hazzard co-star Johnny Knoxville last year. For the first time, Jessica is addressing the rumors that have been cirulating about her.
She says, "It's so cruel. I can't save anything from being talked about because then it becomes this game and it's not a fun game. I feel like everybody's always out to get me and that's a weird feeling."

Jessica finds the press creepy yet when her daddy says on national television that his daughter's Double D's are phenominal....that's no problem.

Carol Burnett will soon make a trip to Wisteria Lane as a guest star on ABC's "Desperate Housewives." USA Today reports that Carol will play Eleanor Mason, the icy stepmother of Bree Van De Kamp (played by Marcia Cross). The episode is tentatively scheduled to air on April 9. The producer Mark Burnett says, "I thought this would be a hoot. "

Hmm...producers last name and Carol's are the same. Is this just simply a case of a nephew doing his old smelly aunt a favor?? Actually, I think Carol could pass for Bree's mom except of course that Bree would never be caught dead in a hat like this.

David Beckham believes in his very own God. The soccer star explains, "Something supernatural guides me, judges me. I feel there's a power watching us, seeing what we do and taking care of us. That feeling gives me strength."
He added, "I'm very grateful. The life path of a soccer player is the best and most beautiful thing that could happen to you."

Nice story. Then again David could be talking total crap about something stupid and I would print it. Any excuse to post a picture.

Jon Bon Jovi doesn't understand the success of singers who rely on teams of producers and songwriters to create their number one hits.
Jon rants, "It was so sickening to see some of these people - I've got to say her name - like J.Lo, sitting at a piano in a video, thoughtfully 'writing' a lyric. I was so frustrated.I wanted to say to her, 'Hey J.Lo, here's my guitar honey. Sing me a song,' and see what would happen."

Although I agree with Jon to an extent - I can turn this around. Let's see Jon design a line of fashion, create a fragrance, have a starring role in a movie, choreograph a dance routine, get married to a million men and THEN fill out a dress like this.

Army Ranger- John Paulus blabbed to the National Enquirer that he had secret gay sex with Clay Aiken after meeting him in an Internet chat room. The tabloid has even published Web cam pics of the American Idol singer exposing his torso online.
A spokesman for Aiken, who has repeatedly denied he is gay, declined comment.

Isn't all sex "secret gay sex" when you are locked in the closet? Here are the photos posted in the Enquirer. I don't think it's Clay. Clay is a bean pole and this guy has flab on him. Besides, do you really think Clay would be so stupid as to do something like this when he knows it's going to get out? Leave gay alone! Er, I mean Clay.

Cindy Crawford in an issue of VOGUE

Hilary Duff poses for a Magazine called YOUNG MONEY.

Kate Moss on V. This would of been funnier if the Magazine was named "E"

Life & Style Magazine says that Katie Holmes has made a big mistake (that's supposed to be a newsflash?)

Britain's OK! Magazine says Jessica Simpson is going to get revenge. On Nick? Her lawyer? Ashlee? Who knows...guess you have to buy it to find out.

Remember a couple months back when Sienna Miller snapped on the paparrazzi??? Here's a reminder.

Well, she's at it again. Clearly she doesn't think she is very photogenic!

Nick Lachey and Alysa Milano run into each other at an event. They would make a cute couple. Too bad I wasn't a Yentl.

Gavin and Gwen going for a stroll.

British model Jordan has gone to the dogs.

Madonna and hubby Guy out and about.

More couples spending time together. Ben Affleck and his adoring buddy Matt Damon. I bet they were auditioning for BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN TWO.

Tiny Nicole Richie and her ex Adam are spending a lot of time together considering they are supposed to be broken up.

Braddy is HOT on his bike.

Christina Aguilera looks so beautiful when she is dressed. Don't you think? I think she finally realized she doesn't need to show her body to the world. One of the perks of having a pretty face.

Unlike Tara Reid who really has nothing else to offer.

Mariah Carey must be meeting the POPE for lunch??? I havn't seen her wear this many clothes since....since....since...EVER.

Eva Longoria seems like she is floating on air. Or maybe it's just the evident water bra she is wearing.

Anna Kournikova at the GM find your style fashion event.

Heidi Klum admires her reflection. Only Supermodels can get away with doing this in public.

Speaking of Supermodels. Elle MacPherson puts her money where her mouth is at a promotion for a new credit card.

Princess Paris. Gag me.

Lindsay Lohan may have cut her hair. Anyone care? Me neither. Let's move on.

Pink signing autographs in London.

Supermodel Giselle hams it up with a bra for a Victoria Secret promotion.

Jake Gyllenhaal taking it easy in preparation for the Oscars this weekend.

Jamie Foxx gives a shout out from the recording studio.

Patrick Dempsey....just because.

A funny photo of Simon and Paula

Heather Locklear with a big smile. Are those her divorce papers she is carrying?

And if Paris Hilton's attendance isn't proof enough....looks like they will let ANYBODY into a fashion show these days!At least Courtney showered and made an effort.



Blogger Bernadette said...

Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match..find me a find...catch me a catch...Oh Yentl....can you do and Patrick???

By the way cuz...if you're going to be posting my honey Patrick's pic on your blog...have a heart and at least email me a copy of these pics so that I can download them to my home computer....(the keyboard has been covered with saranwrap so I can drool at home).

Your cuz,

2:11 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Don't be getting down on my boy, Jon Bon. He's beautiful. I can understand his frustration with the "produced" artists - they are more performers than artists since they aren't creating something of their own. JBJ has been on tv and in movies, so he kind of has some similiar experiences as JLo. He should start a line of jeans. He fills his out so nicely. heee!

I can't remember if it was this post or the newer one, but could you give us the dish on Jessica's "revenge"? And what did Nick confess to Jessica that now has rumours swirling of a reconciliation?

1:25 AM  

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