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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 164

Pamela Anderson will be taking singing lessons in preparation for her role in the upcoming movie version of the show Baywatch. Pammy says she might be calling on her former boyfriends Tommy Lee and Kid Rock to help prepare for the part.

Oh that's just an excuse so she can have $ex with them again. Reese Witherspoon learned how to sing for "Walk The Line" without needing to "consult" with any bad boys. And since when did Pam's character on Baywatch ever sing anyways?? Shouldn't she just be practising running down the beach in s-l-o-w motion?

Teri Hatcher has confessed she has had some help in keeping her face free of lines.
"In the past I've had Botox and collagen." she admitted in an interview in America. But, Teri has vowed to not to have any treatments again. She said she would let herself age naturally and gracefully instead.
"I haven't had anything done to my face in over a year and I don't plan to. It needs to be ok to have wrinkles."

And here I thought she naturally looked surprised all the tiem....The botox stopped working huh Terri?

John Travolta became frustrated when he couldn't find any good scripts and decided to write one himself. He plans to shoot the movie in the U.K and he will also sing the film's theme song.
When asked what type of film it was he said, "a tear-jerker. Fans will love it, but there's a love theme throughout." Speculation is that John may have asked his co-star from the movie Grease - Olivia Newton -John to join him for the project.

Aw. After all these years, she's still -The One that he wants...the one, the one he wants.....ooh ooh ooh....honey.

Heidi Klum has been addicted to McDonald's Big Macs since her childhood. She says she can't get enough of the burgers.
She says, "I love that weird sauce with the pickle things in it."

Heidi should do her own documentary." SUPER MODEL ME" Where they follow her around as she pigs out on nothing but McDonald's yet still manages to have an a$$ you can bounce quarters off of....when she struts down the runway at the Victoria Secret fashion show.

Shakira says she is practically a man. She told Britain's Heat magazine "I feel very much in touch with the woman in me, but, I think I have taken a more masculine approach to life."

Yes, I agree. I think if most men could be women they would thrust their chests out every chance they got.

Victoria Beckham is reportedly set to star as the super bitchy Alexis in the big screen remake of '80s soap 'Dynasty'. An insider told Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "The casting crew wanted someone British, glamorous and also slightly aloof."

I don't remember Alexis having waxy skin and implants? How are they going to re-create the famous cat fight when Alexis and Crystal fight in the pool? This time Alexis (Beckham) is just going to end up floating and it just won't be the same.

Ashlee Simpson says she is very defensive when it comes to her sister Jessica. She is quoted by Britain's Heat magazine as saying: "When I read somebody saying something about Jessica, I want to kick them."

Give me a break. These two pretend to be so close but, they don't fool me. Body language says it all. The only person Ashlee Simpson ever wanted to kick was that poor McDonald's employee last year and yes....HER SISTER Jessica.
Get in line after Nick and the rest of us Ashlee!!

Kid Rock celebrated being single this weekend by partying with ten models and WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan and Hulk's daughter Brooke. Kid who just split up with heiress Tamara Mellon, even spun some records in the d.j booth at the club they were partying at. According to America's New York Post newspaper, Kid was overheard telling someone, "It does not get better than this. Babes, booze and music."

So really how was this day different than any other day in this sleazy rocker's life? And by the way, WTF was Hulk Hogan's 16 year old daughter doing at a club??

Jessica Alba, who appears in a bikini on the cover of Playboy's March issue, is threatening to sue the magazine. She says that the men's magazine is trying to make it seem that she appears in a "nude or semi-nude pictorial." Her lawyer has demanded that the magazine cease distributing the issue and provide Jessica with a "monetary settlement" for its unauthorized use of her image for commercial purposes.

PLAYBOY should be sueing her! How could any naked centrefold have a chance at being even half as hot as Jessica even with her clothes on?? The Magazine will be ruined forever now.

US WEEKLY says Britney is pregnant and Brangelina have mystery rings. Mystery rings as in WEDDING rings or cell phone rings???

Rebecca Romjin is featured in the next VANITY FAIR.

Lindsay Lohan in a SEVENTEEN magazine shoot.

Brooke Burke poses for DT Mag. I really wish they would ask me if they could super impose Brooke's head on my body. I really hate when they do that.

Ok, this is funny. Here is the ORIGINAL ad featuring Nicole Richie for JIMMY CHOO shoes.

Here is a spoof on the ad I found on the website www.galleryoftheabsurd which is now an ad for JIMMY CHEW.

I wish Paris's boyfriend would take his own advice.

Mischa Barton looks like she is trying to keep the press at bay. I don't even think they are interested. They are waiting for Rachel Blisson to enter!

Surprise, surprise....Tara Reid seen leaving a bar with a COUPLE of guys. Must be a slow night.

Nicole Richie is only pregnant for a segment on the new season of SIMPLE LIFE. She can't get pregnant anyhow. Didn't she stop getting a period like 35lbs ago?

Another scene from the show. Paris and Nicole shot this scene together but, gave each other the cold shoulder and did not speak the whole time.

Is there a doctor in the house? Paging Dr McDreamy!!!!

Yummy Mummy Angelina

Mummy Britney? She's still in Louisiana promoting Mardi Gras and everyone is yapping that she looks preggers. Britney, Britney honey it's called B-I-R-T-H C-O-N-T-R-O-L

More Britney with some kids in New Orleans. I hope to God she is not singing to them. They have been through enough with the hurricane and all.

Christina Aguilera looking cute as a button.

Guy and Madonna arriving at the Los Angeles airport. I hope she's not wearing one of her studded corsets under that coat. She'll set off the alarms in customs.

Ex Sex and The City star
Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James look like they are going on a wilderness expedition.

Lindsay Lohan looks alright from the front at this GM event......but...

When she turns side ways she makes a real boob of herself. OOPS.



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Hmmm thats weird Pam is gonna be singing in Baywatch... Watch her turn into a singer now, oh my.

That Nicole ad is so hilarious! Also it should be interesting to see the new season of The Simple Life as they will be doing it seperate. For the scene they did together though, I def. wanna see that. Can you say awkwardness? =P

Whats also funny is that Lindsay's whole body is covered in freckles except her boob area, lol. Well she pulled a Tara Reid, what is new when ur a drunk! =P

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