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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F Volume 169

Teri Hatcher has revealed that she was a victim of child abuse. The Desperate Housewives star spoke of her ordeal in Vanity Fair. She told of abuse she suffered from the age of five at the hands of her uncle Richard Hayes Stone, who she helped to convict in 2002.
She said: "I remember him making me touch him and feeling like I don't want to do this at all. I was completely horrified. All I did was blame myself."Despite confronting her pain, Teri stressed the long-lasting effects of her abuse,"The biggest effect to me is this area of love and men, which hasn't been so great."

Her uncle is behind bars now for 14 years. He molested his neighbour's daughter also who ended up killing herself and leaving a note behind to explain why. Kudos to Teri for testifying against him and helping to get him convicted!

Marc Anthony is convinced his wife Jennifer Lopez's acting talents are exceptional. The two are working together on the new movie EL CANTANTE.
He says, "No one more than me knows what she is capable of doing. She is in the middle of a couple projects right now that could set her up for recognition."

I think she is a very convincing actress also. Only, I think she's at her best when these two are in the throws of passion.

Talking to the Daily Mirror, Mariah Carey revealed she is afraid she is losing her curves. The diva explained, "I've been working out like mad you can even punch me in the stomach and feel how tight that is. But I've gotta slow it down, cuz the other day someone told me I was losing my ass and I don't want to lose that."

The only a$s she ever lost was Tommy Motolla her controlling ex husband. As for her bragging about her "tight" can have one too. Instantly. It's called air brush.

The word "Bootylicious" from the song by former group Destiny's Child - is to be added to the dictionary. Beyonce admits she is shocked it is being added to the English language and confused.
She is quoted in Britain's TV Hits magazine as saying: "I'm not very proud of that. I don't know what it says in the dictionary but my definition is beautiful, bountiful and bounce-able."

Ofcourse she would say that. The song is about her a$$. Yup, she wrote the song about her own a$$. Even Mariah hasn't thought of that yet.

Katie Holmes has allegedly asked Victoria Beckham to be her birthing partner. A source told Grazia magazine, "Victoria and Katie have struck a real rapport ever since they were introduced by Tom and both of them are thrilled by the friendship. Victoria has become something of a mother hen to Katie, so when she was asked if she would be with her during the birth, she said yes straight away."

Why isn't Tom the birthing partner? Isn't Katie expected to be quiet through the whole ordeal according to the rules of Scientology? Perhaps that is why she is choosing Victoria to be in the room. She has absolutley NOTHING to say to her.

Mary J Blige is so obsessed with cleanliness she demands a brand new toilet seat is installed for her at each of her shows.
A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Mary's demands even gave J.Lo a run for her money. She wanted a new toilet seat installed backstage at all the venues she played at through the tour."

So she won't sit on a previously "used" toilet but, she will stick her hands all over her crotch while she sings and then put her hand on the microphone that is right near her mouth.
Yup, much more sanitary. Sheesh.

Salma Hayek went on a special diet for her new movie with Colin Farrell. A hamburger diet! The actress had to be more voluptuous for her role as a rounded 1930's Mexican woman in 'Ask The Dust'. Salma decided to go a junk food diet to gain the weight quickly.
She said: "The character needed more weight so I ate a lot of hamburgers."

If this is what eating hamburgers does for your body then excuse me while I fire up the grill.

Rapper Lil' Kim is set to star in a reality TV show about her final days of freedom. She is currently behind bars for perjury. She agreed to have cameras follow her for two weeks before she was locked up. Fans will see the star saying goodbye to friends and family in the show to be called 'Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown'.

Who cares? I'd tune in if the cameras showed her actual stay in prison. No extensions, acrylic nails, make up, fancy clothes. And Kim running away from all those butches looking for a new girlfriend.They could of called this show PRISON ACHE.

Shakira's music video for her song Don't Bother, has pissed off a nun at the Catholic high school where Shakira attended in her youth.
Shakira says, " A lot of people think I like to expose my body, but I don't. It's just because the dance moves require it. One of the nuns is looking for me after seeing the Don't Bother video"

I bet not only the nun is looking for her. Most of the priests, a few altar boys and a Bishop are too!

Here's the VANITY FAIR where Teri Hatcher tells all about her horrible ordeal

Drew Barrymore has a big smile on the cover of Marie Claire.

That's a blurry Ashlee Simpson on the cover of JANE Magazine.

Charlize Theron is always in style but, this month she makes the cover of the actual magazine.

This is from one of the rag mags. Ashley and Mary Kate tanning on their balcony.

Another rag mag insert. Speculation continues that Denise Richards and John Stamos are a couple.

Nick Lachey strikes a very manly pose for CARGO Magazine.

Kristin Davis at the premiere of Shaggy's new movie. With Shaggy of course.

Wrestler Stacy Kiebler and actress Tia Carriere who were both contestants on "Dancing with Stars" caught up with each at the Shaggy premiere.

Sarah Jessica Parker almost looks stunned or annoyed or surprised or something.....because someone wants her autograph.

The cast of the new show Notorious which stars Tori Spelling. Get it? noTORIous. When your father is Aaron Spelling I guess you can attempt a comeback as many times as you want. Loni Anderson is in the cast and will play Tori's mother.

A party to celebrate the Sixth and final season of the SOPRANOS on HBO. No wonder they are cancelling the show. The cast looks miserable and sick of each other. Except for Edie Falco but, I think Tony has his hand on her ass. BADA BING!

Eva Longoria and her boyfriend Tony wandering about.

Lindsay Lohan. WTF is she so stressed about? Not sure which club to go to tonight?

And this week's WARDROBE MALFUNCTION award goes to.... The Pussy cat dolls. Not a surprise. When you barely have a wardrobe - a malfunction is expected and most likely welcomed.

French actress Catherine Deneuve is hard to read. Either she's intrigued over Pharrell's advances or she's reaching for the gun in her purse.

Michelle carries around precious Mathilda. Her baby with boyfriend Heath Ledger. Now that's a little pumpkin head!

Renee Zellweger on the set of her new film "Mrs Potter" - NO NOT Harry Potter's wife...

Tweenies everywhere...brace yourself! Justin and one of his n sync band members met up recently. Hmm...reunion in the works? They won't be a boy band though. Now they are a MAN band.

Jennifer Lopez looks like she is trying out Salma Hayek's junk food diet.
Nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk.

Nick Lachey. If you are reading this....don't panic....Jessica is on the set of her new movie and for this scene she is pregnant. Let's face it...even if she was preggers it wouldn't be yours anyway.

No movie set here. Real tummy. She's not only pregnant but, officially the stupidest person ever.

Ok, Gwen is really pregnant. She's a yummy mummy.

Rumors are flying that Enrique Iglesias is fooling around behind Anna Kournikova's back with spanish singer Paulina Rubio. This photo isn't helping matters. Then again, he could be just taking some wax out of her ear or picking lint out of her hair.

Who's the drunken blonde that had to be escorted out of a Hollywood night club?

I know, I would of guessed Tara Reid also. Too easy right?
Actually it's a giggling Christina Aguilera. She didn't get kicked out of the club or anything, just needed some help leaving. Hubby is to the right.

I have no idea who these guys are and they are both probably gay but, I really don't care.
Prison Break is still weeks away, no Braddy photos today so we need some kind of eye candy.



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IMHO Britney and Katie are a tie when it comes to stupidest person ever!

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