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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 162

Victoria Beckham says she is a real life 'Desperate Housewife' who spends her days doing housework and raising her children.
She told a British newspaper: "The truth is I see myself like one of the characters from the series 'Desperate Housewives'. Lynette - the one who has the most kids. All day with the kids."

Let's compare shall we?
Lynette - has 3 boys and 1 girl
Victoria - has 3 boys and 10 nannies

Lynette - has a career
Victoria - not so much

Lynette- takes her kids with her everywhere
Victoria - not so much

Lynette - has a great husband
Victoria - has a fine husband

Lynette- runs around so much she has no time to eat
Victoria - has plenty of time to eat but, she just doesn't

Although I will agree that Victoria comes across as desperate...she wouldn't last two minutes as Lynette.

Meanwhile....David Beckham says that despite only being 30 years old says he is falling apart physically. The hunk claims he lacks the stamina he once had, and he also admits his physique is starting to sag.
He says, "I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning. For a woman, I think 30 is one of the best ages but, for a man, they say it's all downhill from there. You start putting on weight and getting lumps and bumps in places you didn't have them when you were 20."

We still love you. Bumps, Lumps and all.

Jessica Simpson took a break from filming her latest movie to dine with New Mexico governer Bill Richardson at his mansion. Jessica was invited to dinner with the governor and his wife along with her parents, studio executives and members of the governor's staff. The dinner lasted two hours and included a menu of chicken roulade, potatoes and green chile-stuffed tomatoes.
Richardson spokesman Paul Shipley explained, "The governor feels very strongly about getting involved personally to promote New Mexico's film industry."

I'm sure the governer's invite had nothing to do with Jessica's cleavage. Men in politics usually have good intentions when they set their eyes on fresh, young talent.Just ask Monica Lewinsky.

Pamela Anderson is romancing Formula One ace Eddie Irvine. The two were seen being very affectionate at the glitzy Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles last weekend.
A pal says, "I have never seen Eddie look so happy. He and Pamela can't get enough of each other at the moment. "

And really how long does a "moment" last in Hollywood. By the time I finish typing this Pammy will be doing naked cartwheels for yet another suitor.

Mariah Carey has been cast in a new. According to Variety, the diva will play the role of a waitress who along with her two brothers sets out to find their estranged father in hope of saving their youngest brother from leukemia.

Didn't think Mariah would be cast in anything after her last flop "Glitter". This is her last chance to prove she can act. Or ....she can just wear a really low cut top and hope that nobody notices.

Patrick Dempsey will reveal on a Barbara Walters' special that he's dyslexic. Apparently it is quite a struggle and according to a source, "He doesn't do cold readings. He tries to get the script in advance so that he can memorise it."
Dempsey plays Dr Derek Shepherd in hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

Patrick, if you are reading this - !!!!!TOH OS R UOY

Although Jennifer Aniston claims that her and ex-husband Brad Pitt are still friends, she admits she will not look at photos of Brad, Angelina, Maddox and Zahara.
She revealed: "I don't pay them any attention. It's poisonous."

If only we could pursuade Jennifer to DRINK the photos.

Goldie Hawn and her family celebrated her 60th birthday in an odd fashion. She explains that while they were vacationing in Tahiti when they decided to get tattoos from a local artist. She explains, "It wasn't a plan, we were all together on my birthday, we were in Tahiti and my older son said, 'You know what would be really cool? Why don't we all get a tattoo for Mom's birthday?' So, we all got them done!"

While Goldie's daughter Kate would look so cute with a butterfly on her chest...Goldie getting a matching tattoo would have to understand something. At 60 - the same butterfly has droopy wings and ends up on your stomach.

The U.K's Sun reports that Eva Longoria admitted she has put on weight, but she doesn't care. She claims she packed on the pounds because of her boyfriend, San Antonio Spurs point guard, Tony Parker. In an interview Longoria said:
"I think I'm putting on weight because I'm in love
and I don't need to try any more."

Yeah, that Eva. Such a porker. If she falls any more deeply in love she better call Jenny Craig.
Give me a break.

Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Bean hang out together.

Paris Hilton and sister Nicky out shopping. Poor things. So much money, so little time.

Nicole Richie and Benny Medina (famous music producer) meet up to discuss her new album to be released this year.

Christina Aguilera who is actually in the studio recording here looks gorgeous.

Where there's smoke....there's Kevin Do-a-line. Uh, I mean Federline.

Ben, Jennifer and Violet go for a stroll.

Jessica Alba is in Paris. So is Angelina. Then men in Paris must be tres excited.

Matthew McConaughy looking buff and handsome. If you like that sort of thing.

Renee Zellweger finally figures out that a good CHANEL suit will last longer than any man she will ever find.

Will Smith channels Tom Cruise on India's version of American Idol which would be called - you guessed it - INDIAN IDOL.

More pregnancy rumors...this time Elizabeth Hurley has tongues wagging because the way her stomach looks in this dress. Can't anyone retain water in peace any more?????

Ryan, Reese and the kids go out for lunch.

Proof that ANYONE can write a book. Lord help us.

Nick Lachey's girlfriend. I think Nick might have a thing for big boobs. Just a hunch.

Marilyn Manson's wife performing. Thus the name...Dita Von TEESE.

Britain's Jordan in a U.K Magazine. My, what she has. I am surprised Nick's not dating her.

And the ad for a new movie with Paris Hilton in it called BOTTOMS UP. Something's never change.



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