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Monday, February 27, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 161

Jennifer Aniston allegedly got a big-time birthday present from Vince Vaughn. According to this week's issue of Life & Style magazine, Vince said to Jennifer, "I know how badly you want kids, so let's have them together. We don't have to promise each other anything, but we'll always be the mom and dad."
Aniston reportedly told her friend, "I didn't know what to say. I love Vince, but I'm not in love. I want a child more than anything but with my best friend? I don't know what to do."

Oh please. It's not like it would be the first time she had a baby with a "friend"

On the set of her new movie, Employee of the Month, rumor has it that Jessica Simpson was talking with her castmates when she reportedly had an emotional breakdown, according to a new report in In Touch Magazine. An eyewitness reported, "Jessica completely broke down one minute everyone was happy, then she suddenly burst into tears. She said that she was sad she had been to be alone on Valentine's Day and she said she felt lost."

Aw, did poor baby have to go out and buy her own Ferrari and box of chocolates? Nobody to yell at, nag to, ask stupid questions, flaunt her paycheque for doing nothing heart goes out to her. No, not really. Of course Jessica was lost....but, isn't she always?

Sheryl Crow has had surgery for breast cancer, her publicist says. Sheryl will now have radiation therapy.
"Her doctors think her prognosis is excellent," said her publicist, but she has had to postpone her North American tour scheduled to begin next month.

I love Sheryl so let's all pray she recovers quickly!

Lindsay Lohan surprised everyone at a New York night club when she stepped into the DJ booth and played records for 40 minutes.
Among the tunes DJ Lindsay played were AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long," the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" and Eminem's "Just Lose It."

I wonder how dizzy she got watching the record go around and around and around and around and around.

Britney and her husband Kevin are reportedly in marriage counselling to try and attempt to save their marriage. They are apparently seeing Hollywood based therapist Irene Kassoria to try and stop their endless bickering.
A source told The Sun: "Britney needs to stop flying off the handle. Kevin needs to listen better and not run off to Vegas every time they fight. But their relationship is already much better."

Hmm, let's see........ Britney is currently enjoying a holiday in Hawaii with her son while Kevin has been spotted with a blonde in Malibu. If I were Britney, I'd be asking the therapist for a refund.

Katie Holme's family members are worried about the pregnant star. According to a report in STAR magazine, Katie apparently promised her parents she wouldn't go to Australia because of the impending birth of her first baby. She is nearly 8 months and exhausted from her nonstop schedule. It seemed obvious to family members that she didn't want to endure a 28-hour round-trip flight that poses obvious health risks to her and her baby. So her family was shocked and concerned when Katie ended up going on the trip to be with Tom Cruise.

I agree! Tom keeps saying Katie is not allowed to be working on movies or doing any publicity type events because of her pregnancy but, he has her gallavanting all over the world with him to keep up appearances.

Pamela Anderson has is fighting back at the Australian media. Recently while Pammy was down under on a promotional trip for M&Ms chocolates - she was horrified when she read unflattering reports in the local press.
On her website, Anderson writes: "I've been in Australia for 24 hours and they've already made me out to be a monster. I came here with a carry-on bag and they said I arrived with nine bags and I cancelled interviews, etc. It's a joke. The only interviews that were cancelled were tabloid interviews. As far as I know, I don't speak to tabloids."

Pamela really is my hero. How do you go to Australia with just a carry-on bag? Then again, she doesn't really wear much does she?

Ashlee Simpson And Carmen Electra will be designing suites for the newest Hard Rock Hotel.
The suites will be in the theme of Rock Star Suites. Carmen's suite is a Rock Star Goddess Suite, complete with a heart-shaped bathtub and a stripper pole Ashlee Simpson's room has a Rocker Surfer Chick motif. Meanwhile, the group The Black Eyed Peas have be asked to design the uniforms for the hotel staff.

I can just imagine what the maids will be wearing. Oh, I was about to superimpose Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas' face on this woman's body but, I realized that it already looks like her. Freaky eh?

A convicted German cannibal wants to make Barry Manilow, Hugh Grant, Robbie Williams And Liam Gallagher his next victims. Armin Meiwes is currently serving an eight and a half year jail sentence for eating the dead body of a 43-year-old engineer he met on the internet in 2004.
Now Meiwes wants to add celebrities to his victims. He says, "I want to eat people who are beautiful."

I can certainly relate to this cannibal guy. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to eat anybody but, I have been known to say "I'd like a piece of that" when it comes to Hugh Grant.

Ashton Kutcher got caught by his wife Demi Moore checking out provocative photos on his e-mail. A young, blonde girl who said she was a fan, sent several photos with sexy poses and she was completely naked reports the National Enquirer.
Ashton was amused and forwarded the pictures of his naked blonde fan along to all of his pals. Demi thought that was no big deal at first but, when she found out they were from a fan she ordered Ashton to delete them and dump that email address.

First Richie Sambora, now Ashton. Doesn't anyone in Hollywood know how to delete their history and protect their passwords on a computer?

The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti cut short his appearance at the Nme awards in London last night, so he could return home to his girlfriend Drew Barrymore. After a busy schedule promoting the band's new album, the couple have been apart for a month so Fabrizio was in quite the hurry to get home.
He told reporters, "I'm rushing back to Drew 'cause I haven't had sex in a month."

Drew couldn't be reached for comment because she was too busy shaving her legs and practising sucking in her non existent stomach in preparation of the event.

Kate Moss makes the cover of VOGUE in China.

Sharon Stone graces the cover of the American version of VOGUE. Here's a sneak peek of one of the inside photos.

More VOGUE...A featured insert include photos of Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Pheonix reprising their roles as June and Johnny Cash. I love this shot.

More June and Johnny. Or Reese and Joaquin, depending how you look at it.

Lovers quarrel? Great photo. Hot car.

The ever popular Reese also makes the cover of ENTERTAINMENT magazine.

Nicole Richie is the GUARDIAN WEEKEND cover girl this month. They are referring to her in this issue as a "Fashion Icon"
Since when did a popsicle stick become the face of young fashion?

Nick Lachey and a mysterious blonde arriving at a night club.

In case you are suffering from "Desperate Housewife" gardener's Jesse Metcalfe.

Nice try Janet but, camouflage pants will not hide you from the paparrazzi.

Kirsten Dunst pokes her head out of the house to have a smoke.

Lucy Lui looking very J-LO like on the streets of L.A

Shakira literally looks like she just crawled out of bed. Is she not wearing sheets?

Angelina tried to stop Maddox from throwing dirty looks at Zahara.

Geri Halliwell is due to give birth any minute now...good thing she is wearing those heavy duty boots in case her water breaks.

Kate Moss sitting in the audience at a fashion show. WTF happened to her knees? I guess we all know how she got that BURBERRY modelling contract back. Wink wink.

And a photo of Kate's nasty looking ex Pete Doherty just to reinforce to you that COCAINE makes you do crazy, irrational things. How else do you explain why Kate dated this? Yikes....and he's apparently sober in this photo.

Hunky Paul Walker in a clip from the movie "Running Scared"
Too bad it wasn't called "Running Naked", I 'd go see it for sure.

Victoria Beckham and her youngest son Cruz out and about. Poor Victoria must be drained. The kid weighs twice as much as she does!

And David a recent game. And everyone wonders why women make up half the audience at a soccer game these days.

Seal holding his baby Henry who he fathered with Heidi Klum. Love this pic!

Britney on the set of Will and Grace. This picture is sparking rumors that she is pregnant again.

More Britney. Most recent pic of her walking around Hawaii. Could she be so stupid to be pregnant yet again? You decide.
Personally, I think she just had too much salt at lunch.

Jennifer Lopez and her hubby at yet another fashion show. He looks completely and utterly bored.

Nicky Hilton takes the catwalk at the end of a fashion show for her clothing line CHICK. Check out the guy checking out Nicky's pancake butt.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are still together. This week anyhow.

Only Evageline Lily (pictured) and an 18 month old girl could get away with wearing this bathing suit. Do NOT ATTEMPT this at home!!!

Alyssa Milano shops on Rodeo Drive.

Pictures from Paris Hilton's birthday party last week. I can see how turning 24 has matured her immensely and made her see what is important in life.



Blogger verniciousknids said...

You are in fine form today...

"Oh please. It's not like it would be the first time she had a baby with a "friend" "

...I'm still laughing about this!

5:20 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

I saw Nick Lachey yesterday..can't remember what the show is called but it has Melanie Griffith (and her huge lips) and Sara Gilbert (previously from Roseanne). Nick played a really dumb underwear model....He was actually the best actor in the show (aside from Sara...but the script is horrible). I couldn't help thinking that Nick was really paying attention during his marriage to Jessica...cause he played dumb really really well....

9:23 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Didn't Paris turn 25? Not that it makes her any more mature. And she got a stupid bondage ring from her sister that cost an estimated $14,000!

5:45 AM  

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