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Friday, February 24, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 160

Denise Richards has reportedly reunited with her ex-boyfriend John Stamos. John, who split from wife Rebecca Romijn in 2004, once dated Denise when she was a teenager. Denise invited John to her recent 35th birthday party and the sparks flew!
One source says, "John and Denise have always had a strong chemistry and they've both been incredibly hurt by their failed marriages... Denise is very fond of him."

Hopefully these two have a video camera. I'm just saying. It's always the celebrities nobody wants to see naked that put out $ex tapes. As for these two.....bring it on!

Jessica Simpson will earn $1,240 American for every word she says in her new film EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH. According to IN TOUCH MAGAZINE the total words add up to $1 million as her character will utter a mere 806 words throughout the comedy.

Wow. I underestimated this girl. That's 805 more words than I thought she knew.

More Jessica news....According to the website MONSTERS AND CRITICS, not only is Nick Lachey wanting half of everthing in his divorce settlement but, he is also requesting that Jessica give back all the gifts he gave her over their 3 year marriage!

I bet that's because he bought her those boobs she keeps insisting are naturally perky double D'S. (Isn't that an oxymoron?) Or maybe it's just Jessica that's a moron. GO TEAM LACHEY!

Star Jones and hubby Al Reynolds 15 month-old marriage is in crisis. An insider said: "Star and Al had a loud fight that is causing the latest problems in their troubled marriage. I think at the root of it all is the fact she wonders whether Al really loves her. Gay rumors have followed their marriage from the beginning. It's probably caused her to question what's really going on. He seems to be hanging with his friends at odd hours."
The National Enquirer revealed that, "Al goes away for days. Star says he's working out of town. But she knows he's working less. He's living like a king."

Or a queen depending how you look at it. I personally do not think her husband is gay. No self respecting gay man would be caught dead in this ensemble!!! Unless of course he is just trying to throw us all off. AHA!!!

Jenny McCarthy thinks her breasts are so perfect she wants to share them with as many people as possible.
She said: "I always wanted an orgy to see what it was like, but never got the opportunity. I have good boobs and I know they'd get a lot of attention. Hey if someone's tickling my body parts I'm happy."

That Jenny. So classy. And humble too.
She's so full of it, she has to load up on toilet paper.

Katie Holmes is reportedly spending hours a day at a Scientology centre to learn more about the bizarre sci-fi cult. During her visits, Katie - who converted from Catholicism to Scientology after being brainwashed, um, I mean meeting Tom Cruise- is allegedly told by leading Scientology members she is constantly surrounded by the "traumatized spirits of aliens"

Yep, their baby is going to be out of this world. I can feel it.

Lindsay Lohan says that although she has a strong attraction to Angelina Jolie, Lindsay would never get it on with another woman.
She said: "Someone said to me recently, 'I heard you have a crush on Angelina,' and I was like, 'Uh, everyone does. She's Angelina'."

So all lesbians can rest assured. Like they'd want Lindsay anyways....sheesh. Lesbian means they like women - not they are DESPERATE. Get over yourself Lindsay.

Whitney Houston's husband Bobby Brown is being accused of being an adulterer by actress Tamala Jones. Tamala claims Bobby has tried to get her into bed on 2 different occasions. Bobby and Tamala worked together in a 2001 movie, Two Can Play That Game. She told America's Smooth magazine, "He came over and said, 'What's up?' Why you don't come and see me? Don't you know I always wanted to f**k you?' I'm like, 'Boy, I am dating somebody that's in the business, and I know your wife.'

This is horrible! Poor Whitney!Who knows what this will do to her! She may go nuts, her career may go down the drain, she may turn to drugs for comfort...."

Oh, wait a minute. Nevermind.

Don't worry about Maddox. He wasn't part of some strange Cambodian tribe ritual....his mama Angelina took him to get his face painted.

Then the poor little guy gets tired and gets to live out my fantasy. ....Braddy carries him in his arms. Sigh.

BLAST FROM THE PAST...Check it out. Angelina when she was with Billy Bob sitting next to....gasp...BRADDY!! Jennifer is no where in sight. Probably working on a movie nobody saw.

Britney is still in Hawaii with her assistant. No Kevin in sight and her wedding ring is also missing from her finger. Not sure what she is looking for here. Maybe she lost the ring??

OH MY GOD! The baby. Where the hell is the baby??? Child care services gets dispatched yet again.

Preggy Gwen goes for a stroll.

Matthew McConaughy goes for a jog with his dog and his picture is on my blog.
I know, I'm a rhyming genius.

Paris Hilton gives out something other than herpes for once. Autographs.

Nicky Hilton doesn't seem to realize she is at a transsexual convention. And the sad part is she is the only one who looks like one.

Nick Carter gets attacked by a fan. She probably mistook him for Clay Aiken.

Think Kiera is seeing this hunky new boyfriend of hers Knightley??

Uma Thurman lays one on some dude. Her boyfriend? Her accountant? Her butcher? Who knows.

Jessica Simpson leaving a whole food grocery store. Is that a beer in her hand? Hope it was made with whole grain barley!

Julia Roberts waving at someone.

Catherine Zeta Jones looking rushed. When you marry a man old enough to be your have to be fast to run errands. He could keel over any minute.

Ricky Martin knows how to shake his bon bon.

Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith sings with her band.

Watching Celine Dion perform is the most painful thing a person can do. Keep in mind I have never given birth to child but, I have had a bikini wax. Watching this chick sing is worse. People only pay $$$$$$ To see her in Vegas because they are masochists The whips call their name. They love the agony of it all.

A preview of Britney appearing on an episode of WILL AND GRACE sometime in April.

Scarlett Johansson on the set of her new movie.

Jessica Alba stiting front and centre at the Dolce and Gabanna fashion show. Even the gay men want to be near her.

Jennifer Lopez was there too looking more like J-GLOW than J-Lo. Easy on the self tanner.

Marilyn Manson and his new wife Dita Von Teese were at the fashion show too. I bet they they bought a couple of skirts and stockings. For him.



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