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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Celebrity WTF's Volume 159

A new report claims that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have taken the relationship one step further and are secretly engaged. In a detailed story Celebrity Living claims that the pair were twice spotted at a jewelry store looking at engagement and wedding bands. According to the report, Jen looked happy and Vince looked "both happy and nervous."

Ofcourse Vince is nervous. Jen was used to waking up next to Brad Pitt's sleepy face every morning.
No pressure. Really.

A snitch told the ever reliable STAR Magazine that J-Lo and hubby Marc Anthony are planning to have a baby. But, not the traditional way.
"They may adopt. Jennifer has reportedly dealt with fertility problems in the past and she's been trying to get pregnant with Marc's baby for the last year with no luck. The older she gets, the more the deck is stacked against her having her own biological children."

What's the big rush? Trying to compete with Ben Affleck and his wife? C'mon , really this is ridiculous. Maybe they could ask Kevin Federline for a bit of his sperm. It seems guaranteed to work.

Britney Spears says she's improved her singing by belting out nursery rhymes to her baby. Mama Britney claims her voice has never been better. She is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "I'll sing 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'. And I make up stuff. I found out after the baby that I can sing!"

OH GOD She is singing to the poor kid? Child services really needs to step in. Not now but, RIGHT NOW!!

Big buzz about the chick in this picture with Kevin Federline... her name is Sandy Laktar or something to that effect. She is a french actress that is in Los Angeles on holiday. Sources say she is trouble and has a horrific coke problem. Nobody knows why these two were seen together but, EVERYONE does know they were hanging out while Britney is in Hawaii with the baby.

I would say the fact she has a coke problem is the main attraction here. Then again if she had a lot of coke on her then Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan would be on her like leeches. Who knows.

Eminem was so appalled by his overweight appearance at this year's Grammy Awards he has enlisted the help of a personal trainer to help him get back in shape. After seeing a playback of the Grammy ceremony, Eminem told a friend, "I can't [bleep] believe how I looked. I mean, I look nothing like me, man!"

Maybe Eminem and Janet Jackson could work out together and do a comeback tour or something. Eminem likes to shock so perhaps he and Janet could perform together and he could rip her pants off this time. You know, just to shake things off a little.

Hugh Grant reportedly hit a photographer according to the New York Daily News. A witness reported, "Hugh had his head down, looking at his cell phone, when this young guy started flashing his camera. Hugh then responded by taking photographs of the snapper with his own camera phone, saying, "How do you like it, mate?" before calling him a "[bleep]" and slapping the manila folder he was carrying across the photographer's head. "

A manilla envelope??? I know, sounds wimpy but, man when was the last time you got a paper cut? The sting....ouch.

Remember Chris Penn? The younger brother Sean Penn, who was found dead on January 24 in his condo? Shocking revelations have been announced at what the autopsy showed. Valium, morphine, marijuana and an elevated level of codeine were all found in Chris Penn's body when he died, according to the toxicology report obtained by Access Hollywood.

This happened in Hollywood. In other words, he died of natural causes.

Madonna says her marriage is not in any trouble despite reports. She does admit though that they do not always see eye to eye.
According to she said: "I must admit, I have to pat myself on the back. It's not easy to be married, to have a successful career, to have children, to be with someone who is as strong-willed and ambitious as I am. Guy's not a househusband and I'm not a typical wife. So you can imagine, we have our clashes. But all that we create together, are bigger than the petty fights we have."

Translation: They hate each other but, the $ex is AMAZING.

Mariah Carey insists on having popcorn in her dressing room before she performs. A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "She asked for Butterkist toffee popcorn in her dressing room."

I knew there was a reason Mariah bugs me. She can pig out on toffee popcorn and still squeeze into outfits like this. Bit$#!!!

Scarlet Johanson looks like a girl from the hood.

No wonder Britney doesn't want Kevin's friends over.

Nicole Richie and EX Adam aren't looking so broken up these days. Hmmm..

How freaking adorable is this shot of Zahara with her Braddy?

Mommy Angelina and her beautiful bump.

Gwyneth and her daughter Apple in Mexico. Wonder if they call the kid MANZANA while there...spanish for Apple.

Speaking of odd names. Here is Sharon Stone and her adopted son Roan. Think for a minute what his full name is. How cruel.

Julia Roberts and hubby Danny Moder out for dinner without the babies.

Seal brings his wife Heidi Klum to the airport.

Meanwhile, also at the airport are Whitney and Bobby. Whitney's smiling but, she needs to remember....they havn't cleared customs yet.

The classy Paris Hilton at her birthday party.

And although Jennifer Love Hewitt's party wasn't as lively or have a celebrity filled guest list....she gets kudos for keeping her clothes on.

Ashlee Simpson. Good Samaritan by day visiting kids at the hospital....

Drunken Lush by night.....(Hey seeing sick kids is tough work) or maybe this is just a bad photo.

Bon Jovi makes the fans swoon at the DAYTONA 500.

Speaking of making us swoon....Ryan Phillipe gets his caffeine fix.

Kate Beckinsdale munches on a typical Hollywood lunch. A single french fry and a cigarette for dessert.

Lindsay Lohan looks very much like Morticia from the ADAMS FAMILY.

Adrien Brody is VERY comfortable with his masculinity or he is playing a matador in his next movie....ok, so he IS filming a movie.

Britney Spears has a new video game out. Cyber Britney's big head is scaring me.

Here she looks like one of those freak bimbo robots from the Austin Powers movie.

More Britney...a commercial in which she promotes the MARDI GRAS. I guess she needs some cash to pay for her trip to Hawaii !

No, Jessica Simpson is not always this perky while she is shopping. She is filming a scene for her upcoming movie "Employee of the Month"

US WEEKLY says Jessica and Nick are having a divorce war. It says Nick found out she cheated and now wants half her money.

LIFE & STYLE Magazine still says Tom and Katie are broken up. I suppose those are imposters being photographed in Australia all week.

IN TOUCH says that Jennifer wants to marry Vince to get over Brad.....or is it really to get BACK at Brad?

The BLACK EYED PEAS mix it up in BLENDER magazine.

Lindsay Lohan on the cover of SEVENTEEN magazine.



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I could go the rest of my life without seeing another pic of a pregnant and pale Gwennie in a bikini.

And I'm 99.9% Ryan Philippe is gay.

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I hate you!! How do you have time to blog so much??

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Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Chica...I don't. I used to have a very casual part time job thus I became a blog monster. Now I work full time and am very busy at work so I wait until I get home and blog a couple hours a night. Yes, it is very time consuming and one of these days will probably stop but, hey, I enjoy it and I know my friends do worth it.

For now....:)

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