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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 154

Madonna was treated for a hernia last week, it was confirmed today. The doctor who treated the superstar explained, "A hernia is a mechanical breakdown of the tummy muscles. The abdominal wall is nature's corset. When you get a hernia one of these windows opens a little too wide and the corset effect is lost. "

How ironic seeing as Madonna spent most of the 90's in a corset. She has spent most of this decade so far twisted like a soft pretzel. No wonder she's having tummy problems. Whoever thought her tummy muscles would break down.

Bruce Willis is considering becoming a father again in his fifties but, he doesn't want to wed. He already has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore.
He says: "I want to have more kids but I don't know if I'm looking to get married again."

This is why men in Hollywood don't go to a third world country in search of adopting a child. Bruce would most likely bring one home....only to marry her. I know, sick...but, lately Bruce is liking his girls young. Here he is with his daughters and Demi.

Paris Hilton's debut at London's Fashion Week was interrupted on Tuesday night when activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals pelted the heiress with flour in protest of the fur in the fashion collection that she wore.
"There is nothing remotely fashionable about the torture and death of animals killed for fur." Yvonne Taylor, of PETA told reporters.

Flour? What's flour going to do? Most celebrities love being surrounded by white powdery substances (If you know what I mean)

Mariah Carey is blaming her dress for her imperfect appearance at the Golden Globe awards. That night, US fashion expert David Evangelista said the singer's plunging black number "looked like a wine bottle opener". Now Mariah is blaming the outfit's figure-hugging fabric. She told America's Rolling Stone magazine: "Satin is very unforgiving. What was I going to do? Call Karl Legerfeld and say, 'Can you please make it out of matte jersey instead?'"

We've seen you in matte jersey Mariah....Stick with the satin. Here's the dress she is talking about which for once, I happened to have thought looked good on her. Next she'll be pointing fingers at the dress she wore to the Grammy's to explain why she didn't go home with all the awards.

Kelly Osbourne had to have emergency hair extensions. She had to make a urgent stop stylist for extensions before attending the 'Casanova' premiere earlier this week.Kelly, who is now sporting blonde hair, is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "It was horrible. I've fiddled with my hair over the years, it started falling out in clumps."

Finally! Her hair looks healthy! She should stick with the extensions.

Neve Campbell says she loves kissing other girls. On film that is. Neve has smooched with a number of women in several different films including an embrace with a champagne-covered Denise Richards in 'Wild Things'.
She said: "I think I've kissed girls in six movies I've made. It's a pattern that seems to have stuck."

Oh I need to cover my ears. Julia- the nurturing, loving, responsible sister from "Party of Five" is all grown up and likes swapping saliva with chicks. Man, I'm getting old.

Britney Spears reportedly rushed her baby son to hospital because he was constipated. Mama Spears panicked when Sean Preston wouldn't stop crying in agony.
One nurse is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "The baby is fine. It seems he was just straining to fill his diaper."

Aw, he REALLY is his daddy Kevin Federline's boy! They are both full of $hit!

Tom Cruise is acting bizarre yet again. This time at a Kanye West concert Tom “dangled off a nine-foot-high balcony” at the concert, according to the new issue of In Touch Weekly. He then complained “All these people are making me crazy. It’s too much!’”
As onlookers gasped in disbelief, Tom climbed up cables to get away from the crowds.

And he's put restrictions on Katie leaving the house??? People, lock your doors and don't answer the phone.

Angelina out and about. Maddox is so worried the new baby will take his thunder seems he has taken up smoking.
Or maybe it's a lollipop.

New mommy and daddy Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck out with baby Violet. Is her holding her properly? Her head is all twisted to the side. Lucky for Ben child services is too busy surveilling Britney to care.

Speaking of she is shopping at a designer dress store. She should of left the coke in the car. This is how rumors get started.

Kate Bosworth goes shopping without Orlando. Boo hoo. Is that monopoly money in her hand?

Nicolette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives doing her stint for the Pussycat Dolls in Vegas.

Victoria Beckham and her CHANEL skis. (Good Lord) Good thing she is wearing sunglasses because if that ski pole was upright they'd be twins.

Russell Crowe, his wife and their cute little son.

No Jude Law is NOT cheating on anyone this time. (Surprise surprise) He's walking with Cameron Diaz because they are filming the movie "The Holiday" together.

Paris and her boyfriend behind a barricade. Good idea whoever thought to put them, if only they can KEEP them there.

Jessica Alba's boyfriend is all over her. Who can blame him?

Jennifer Lopez shops with a girlfriend.

Christina Aguilera walking around with some Valentine's goodies.

Jessica Simpson and her open mouth were spotted grocery shopping.

OK! Magazine has Britney defending herself about her mothering skills and rumors that Nick and Jessica are meeting up secretly.

STAR Magazine says Jessica Simpson and Jude Law are getting it on. Jennifer Aniston is trying out fertility treatments too. (YAWN)

IN TOUCH is saying Jessica Simpson is seeing Adam Levine of Maroon 5 (Man, that tramp gets around!) And Angelina dishes out on her strange cravings and pregnancy details.

BAZAAR - Has Madonna on the cover

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED bathing suit issue is due to come out. Here is a feature in it with Heidi Klum as a pin up girl. Her outfit is not actually made from material. That's ALL body paint. Cool eh? Especially if you are a hot blooded man.

Mariah Carey in Marie Claire. They must of photoshopped out half her body. Why do they do this crap??? Not everybody wants to look like Nicole Richie!!



Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

Oooo the body paint is very hot and looks really real! =O

Instead of throwing flour, it'd be funny if they threw red paint at her. See these PETA ppl never really do anything bad enough to scare these dumbo celebs into not wearing fur, I say take it up a knotch and throw some red paint at that ho!

I also just read that Jessica and Adam's reps. confirmed their dating... So no suprise there... Also shes filming some new movie about her having this rich dad who owns hotels then she has to be forced to clean them or somethig... Yeh its gonna flop, SHE CANNOT ACT...

7:56 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Yeah I think even more than red paint needs to be thrown.

How about skinning her alive to show her what the animals go through

9:30 AM  

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