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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 153

Yoga-loving Jessica Simpson is offering fans a very special and spiritual gift for Valentine's Day -a signed yoga mat. Jessica has signed a YogaForce mat to benefit The Skin Cancer Foundation. The special piece of equipment went under the hammer on auction Web site eBay and will go to the highest bidder when the sale ends Tuesday.

I didn't know Jessica even did yoga. It certainly explains the wide range of flexibility that mouth of hers has though. Yikes, I wonder how many flies accidentally R.I.P in her larynx.

Britney Spears was seen at the Malibu Urgent Care Center on Monday. Apparently, Britney was complaining of stomach cramps. This is not Britney's first problem with stomach cramps. Last September, she went to a Santa Monica hospital complaining of the same ailment. Mama Spears is fine now and after being treated she was released and sent home.

Since she's dated Kevin she has been having these bouts of pain. Hmmm....has Kevin been doing the cooking lately? Meatloaf is not supposed to have white powder on it.

Nickelback had to leave the stage recently while performing live in Portugal. People began throwing rocks at them. The singer was hit multiple times violently on the head by the rocks.

I am Portuguese. Allow me to explain. They probably thought "Nickelback" was a money saving event at Wal-Mart. When the band started to sing the people panicked when they realized they weren't getting a crate of paper towel on sale and took it out on the poor Canadian band. Ouch!

Pink has claimed she will never be divorced from her new husband Corey Hart because they never argue. Speaking to the Daily Record Pink said: "We're never together long enough to fight. I'll see him in March, maybe, if he comes home for my brother's wedding, but that's unlikely. Carey is a piece of pumpkin pie. I like pumpkin pie."

Yeah, but, too much pumpkin pie will make ya puke.

'Desperate Houswives' star Nicollette Sheridan will get $10,000 just for showing up at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas Wednesday night. Nicollette will dress up as one of the sexy Pussycat Dolls, do a walk on, and walk off. And that's all she has to do.

Wow what range Nicollette has. This will be nothing like the character Edie she plays on the show. (Who is half naked every episode) Actually being dressed as a Pussycat Doll might be the most clothes she has ever worn.
And you just know Teri Hatcher ain't gonna be pleased. Hee hee.

Sources on the set of Justin Timberlake's new movie 'Black Snake Moan' noticed that Justin and his co-star Christina Ricci were "bonding" in a big way. Justin's girlfriend Cameron Diaz has apparently complained to friends that Christina was hyper-aggressive with Justin. To make things even more complicated, Christina tried to bond with Justin's mom, Lynn Harless, and that set Cameron off. Christina and Lynn went shopping together and even cooked meals together. Could there be trouble for Cameron and Justin?

I doubt this story is true. If it is though, I don't blame Cameron for wanting to hold on to Justin. Literally. And whoever cast Justin in a movie called "Black Snake Moan" is quite the genius considering his nickname is Justin Trousersnake. Now you know why Cameron's always got that silly grin on her face.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she is obsessed with her friend Madonna's breasts. Gwyneth, who was speaking during a guest DJ slot on Los Angeles radio station 103.1 said: "They are fantastic, by the way."

Yes Gwyneth. Anyone who was alive in the 80's has seen them. I love Madonna but, I don't think she needs any more ego boosts these days.

Sienna Miller had some interesting Valentine's advice for the ladies..."My advice to women is to stay single and stick with your female pals," she said at the London premiere of her new movie, Casanova on Feb 14th. "I have no boyfriend at the moment so that's why I've no special plans for Valentine's Day."

Don't give up Sienna! Jude was a complete louse but, there are lots of fish in the sea. The water is polluted - but, there are lots of fish in the sea.

Beyonce revealed she had a very embarassing moment filming her hit video for Crazy in Love.
She told Cosmpolitan magazine: “In my Crazy in Love video, I was dancing so hard that my whole dress fell off in front of all these men.”

This photo is NOT from the Crazy In Love video yet Beyonce is about to fall out of this dress too. Something is very wrong when your mother is your stylist/seamstress and you are having wardrobe malfunctions all the time.

Shannen Doherty was involved in a car crash in Malibu on Monday and the other driver was taken to the hospital. Apparently Shannon complained of pain at the scene but refused treatment

The pain would of been the metal sticks that one of her arch enemies was poking into a Shannon voodoo replica doll. And let's face could of been anyone. This girl fights with everybody.

Jennifer Garner is using Britney Spears as motivation to shed her baby weight. After seeing an unflattering picture Britney, Garner became terrified of what she might become and vowed to return to her pre-pregnancy weight. A friend of the actress said, "The recent picture of a double-chinned Britney must have been a wake up call for Jen. I heard pictures like that terrified her into seeing how she could become. It showed Jen that unless she shook herself out of the new mom thing she's in, she'll just sit back, eat more and soon outweigh Britney."

Jennifer is too nice to say something like that. Ask any new mother and they will tell you they would be thrilled to have Britney's body.

Tom and Katie have split up according to LIFE & STYLE magazine. Tom's publicist has since denied the whole story.

Lindsay Lohan looking a heck of a lot like Liza Minelli for PREMIERE MAGAZINE.

Madonna doing some bizarre moves for BAZAAR magazine.

Ashley and Mary Kate in a print ad for a designer label. I wonder how many people it took to throw Mary Kate in the bathtub.

Photo of Britney leaving the medical centre for her tummy trouble.

Jessica Simpson under the weather also. Her and her assistant Cacee went to the store to get cold medicine.

Nick Lachey isn't sick at all. In fact he was honored as one of Glamour Magazine's "FUN AND FEARLESS MALE". Here he is talking to Alyssa Milano.

Patrick Dempsey a.k.a Doctor McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy was also honored as a Fun and Fearless Male. Here he is with his wife.

Speaking of GREY'S ANATOMY. They had a launch party as the DVD is coming out!! Here's Doctor Bailey.

Here is Burke with his real life wife.

Here is "Izzy" who I think resembles Charlize Theron quite a bit.

Ah...and more Dr Mc Dreamy.

Couldn't find pics of Sandra Oh or Ellen Pampeo who plays Meredith Grey. I did however find this photo of Ellen at the recent SAG awards. She's looking as thin as Nicole Richie.

Here's Nicole doing promo work for DIET DR PEPPER.

Ryan Seacrest and his new "Girlfriend"

Jake Gyllenhaal at a basketball game with a "friend"

Brad and Angelina in the city of love. Paris.

Pamela Anderson is the new spokesperson for GREEN M & M's. She went to a promo event for them on the weekend. Not only did she dress in green but, it appears she has some large green M & M'S in the dress as well.

Eva Longoria getting her coffee fix.

KA-TEA Holmes getting her orange pekoe fix.

Madonna out and about in London

Gwen Stefani is glowing in her pregnant glory. Or maybe it's the reflection off the dress.

(compliments of )
Tom Cruise wants you to be his. But, there are conditions.

Tara Reid is punch drunk love. Literally.

Mary Kate and Ashley aren't going to like this one.

I couldn't of said this better myself.



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Your green M & M comment about Pam made me LOL :)

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Could you send me the pick of Patrick Dempsey...minus the wife...sigh....

I bought the Grey's Anatomy I can look at him over and over again...

Honestly...the show is fabulous and so are the other actors....

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