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Monday, February 13, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 151

Dean McDermott has tattooed fiancee Tori Spelling's name on his wrist as a declaration of love. Dean is proudly displaying the artwork, which reads "Truly Madly Deeply Tori," but admits he almost cried out at the pain.
McDermott says, "It hurt, but it's worth it."

In other words "I'm hoping this proves I love her enough so she won't make me sign a pre-nupt". If you ask me Dean is truly madly into deeply getting his hands on Tori's family's rich pockets.

Charlie Sheen is launching a line of children's clothing. The clothes will hit trendy Los Angeles boutique Kitson Kids next month. The selection is a girl's-only line. Sheen will have final approval over all fabrics and designs in the collection. The actor was inspired by his two daughters, 2-year-old Sam and baby Lola.

This is odd. Never expected him of all people to start a children's line of clothing. What's next? Marth Stewart designing a line of vibrators?

Kanye West told Playboy Magazine he was 17 when he had sex for the first time and he says the girl he did it with would never live up to his standards now. The rapper expects his current girlfriends to be fit and toned.
He says, "She had great [bleep], even by my standards today. She had a bit of a gut, though. I wouldn't [bleep] with that now."

What makes this ignorant (bleep) think the girl would want to (bleep) him now anyhow? Maybe she can bounce quarters off her stomach now or she found a REAL man who appreciates that woman come in all shapes and sizes.

Kate Winslet wants to be Cameron Diaz apparently. She told Glamour magazine: "Cameron is that rare woman who pulls off looking fabulous while dressed down and, damn it, we're all jealous."

Well, not all of us. I'm just envious of the Justin Timberlake affiliation. I think Cameron should be more jealous of Kate. Kate can actually act and doesn't need to have a token scene in every one of her movies where she is shaking her butt in boy's underwear.

Gwyneth Paltrow told Britain's Star magazine: "Brits are far more intelligent and civilized than Americans."

Does Gwyneth know she's American? What a twit!

Madonna's performance at the Grammy Awards was cut form Malaysian television.
"From our point of view, it wasn't suitable for our audiences," said an official at one of Malaysia's main private networks. The rest of the telecast wasn't censored, but Madonna's barelegged leotard attire and sexy dance moves were "too much of a risk for us to take if we tried to show it," the official said.

He's right! Showing these moves on television could be risky. Some of the women may try and mimic Madonna's moves and that could be dangerous when you are wearing a burka! You could choke yourself or get caught on the sleeve.

Well known director T. Rajeevnath (who?) is scouting for a suitable actress to play the title role in his film on Nobel Peace winner Mother Teresa. Word is he has his sight on American actress Paris Hilton.
"My agents in California have contacted Paris Hilton." Rajeevnath said he was impressed when he read a report sometime ago in which the hotel heiress said she had refused to pose nude in Playboy magazine and decided then to shortlist her.

Yes, because Paris Hilton and Mother Teresa had so much in common. Remember that time Mother Teresa refused to pose for Playboy? What kind of drugs is this guy smoking?

Of all the people to cast as Mother Teresa? Oh the blasphemy! Let's hope this story is false.

More behind the scenes Grammy news. A Grammy insider claims that Sly Stone 62, vomited in the wings: "He was overcome with stage fright. He left the building on his own. No one saw him out. No one knows where he went."
Meanwhile, Mariah Carey who won a few awards but blew the biggest ones, refused to come out of her dressing room after the show. Sources say she was sulking over losing the Album of the Year Grammy to U2. "She ended up back at her hotel with a small group of friends," a spy told PAGE SIX.

Mariah did seem sulky whenever they panned to her face as the nominations were read. I hear she was also LIVID that she got bumped at the originally intended opening act by Madonna. The diva should be content....for now. She made the cover of the ROLLING STONE'S next issue. That's probably only because Kevin Federline turned it down. Hee hee.

Sharon Stone has a fashion faux pas that infuriates her. She told Britain's Esquire magazine: "You look around at women's dresses that are so low cut, you can see acres of boobies. Frankly, I find the acres of shoved-up boobies so much more horrifying than walking across the room nude. One is much more honest whereas the other looks like you have your ass on backwards."

I guess Sharon figures it's ok to show em off just not squish them all up inside your dress. Not that she has anything to squish together.....which is probably why it bothers her so much.

Tommy Lee got the crap kicked out of him at a party recently after bad mouthing one-time pal Kid Rock. Tommy was at Eminem's Shady Records party, in Detroit, when he starting going around bashing Kid Rock who was not in attendance. The two fell out when Kid Rock started dating Tommy's ex-wife, Pamela Anderson.

Kid Rock isn't even dating Pamela anymore. This doesn't make sense. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding? They thought he said, " I got a big grudge for Kid Rock" when he really said, "I got a big know"

Jennifer Lopez is using her celebrity status to help a fellow Latina who is suffering from blood cancer. Jennifer is urging Hispanics in New York City to donate blood marrow to help Janet Ovalles, a 29-year-old of Dominican descent who needs a transplant from a matching donor to survive.
J-LO said, "I am a young Hispanic woman, so is Janet. I could empathize with her situation so much"

That's nice and all but, I hope Jennifer put her money where her mouth is and donated blood marrow also.

WTF has happened to Calista Flockhart?

Here's a sight you may never see again. Supermodels eating chocolate for a Victoria Secret Valentine's promotion.

And later...supermodel Heidi Klum now regretting she ate a piece of chocolate as she poses along side Nicole Richie.

Jessica Simpson promoting her new line of shoes. Does she ever close her mouth?

Donatella just never learns. Here she is sitting between pretty Jennifer Lopez and beautiful Halle Berry. I don't think Donatella minds though, she seems to be admiring Halle's assets.

Lindsay Lohan wishing she could sit beside Donatella Versace right now.

Anna Kournikova looks hot at a fashion event. If you like that tall, blonde, athletic type of look. (Apparently Enrique Iglesias does)

Baby Coco and her daddy David Arquette out and about.

Ellen DeGeneres and her baby, Portia Di Rossi laughing it up.

Do you think Eva Longoria looked down at her feet and said, "Ready boots? Start walking!"
Before she left the house?

Paris Hilton promoting her new perfume that is supposed to smell like her. So if you like vodka, grande lattes and Greek tycoon sweat MIXED TOGETHER....than run out and get some!

Uma Thurman at a movie premiere.

Nicole Richie eating...GASP...Bread???? at a basketball game.

Ashley Simpson in ELLE Magazine.

Carmen Electra is the new spokesperson for MAX lashes. Holy purple eyelids batman!

Joaquin Pheonix is smoking for FLAUNT magazine. (In more ways than one!)

Mariah Carey in a new ad that says, "Now Entertainment really comes to you in your lap."
Knowing Mariah and her diva-like ways I bet she had to be superimposed on to this guy's lap. She would never sit on the lap of a mere mortal!

Jessica Alba is on the cover of next month's PLAYBOY only she is not naked at all in it. Imagine all those men running out to buy it? SUCKERS! They are going to have to settle for poor Miss March who will be pale in comparison I am sure.

Angelina and Brad at the park. Brad is playing with a motorized vehicle with Maddox who is not pictured.

The two are either stopping for a quick cuddle.....or bracing themselves as Maddox's car goes flying into Zahara. Ooops.

Later the gang all stops for lunch.

Found this photo on the web and wanted to share. This is Angelina Jolie when she was 13 years old. For all of you who still think she has collagen in her lips..........think again.

Britney Spears on the set of WILL AND GRACE where she is making a gues appearance. Daddy Federline must need some new reebox and sent his woman to work.

MORE OF VANITY FAIR.....Celebrity issue
Natalie Portman looks great in black and white.

Anne Hathaway.

Dakota Fanning who they say is 12 but, I swear she is like 8 and regardless - I still say she should not be in this issue!

Jennifer Aniston trying to look sexy but, she always comes off as clumsy. If Angelina struck this same pose she would look very provocative. Jennifer looks like her boot laces got tangled together.

Pamela Anderson and Mamie Van Doren. It says BREAST FRIENDS...ha ha that is funny!

Jessica is mad! (Does she know why?) Britney and the stupid driving incident.

Oh, now she's not just mad...she's in tears!

All better. According ot OK! Jessica's got her self a hunk.

Oh busy Jessica's after Colin Farrell. Heather Locklear caught hubby cheating apparently.

They say Heather and Richie's breakup was a long time coming.

Denise Richard's and the hooker scandal involving her estranged hubby Charlie Sheen. No surprise there.

Trouble brewing for Britney and Kevin - REALLY??? no way!

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