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Friday, February 10, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 150

Gwyneth Paltrow is baffled by the reputation she has picked up in the media, insisting she is misunderstood.
She says, "I really don't think I'm stuck-up and neither do the people who know me. I can be picky and super-critical about things and I have certain standards, but I certainly don't look down on other people."

It's not so much that people think she's stuck up but, rather people would like her and her hoity toity mouth to shut up.

Nick Lachey's publicists are denying a magazine report suggesting that Nick is dating Jessica's best friend and assistant CaCee Cobb. According to Life and Style magazine, the couple was spotted getting cozy at a nightclub last week as onlookers gasped in astonishment.
One witness says, "Nick had his arms wrapped around her and he was kissing her all over the side of her face and neck. Her arms were around him, too. We were watching in total disbelief. We kept waiting for them to rip each other's clothes off."

Maybe they were just dancing? Isn't that what those crazy kids do at clubs now? Here are the two of them last summer being silly in the pool. Jessica was also present when this "playful hair pulling" event took place.

Britney Spears has released a statement in regards to driving with her son, Sean Preston, sitting in her lap. She told Access Hollywood, "I made a mistake and so it is what it is, I guess." Several photos showed Spears driving her vehicle on the highway with her 4-month-old son on her lap rather than strapped into a car seat in the back seat. She was trying to flee the paparrazzi.

I guess Britney figures since the kid was actually conceived while Britney was driving.... holding him and not securing in him in a car seat shouldn't be a problem.Next the kid will be DRIVING the damn car. That should make Kevin happy, FINALLY! a designated driver in the family.

According to US WEEKLY Magazine, Denise Richards reportedly rushed to a medical clinic for testing after finding out husband Charlie Sheen cheated on her during their marriage. Denise was tested for HIV and a string of other blood tests were conducted to detect other sexually transmitting diseases according to a source. Both parties filed a divorce case on January 4th.

Infidelity can be a real itch!

Talk show host Tyra Banks has had a phobia of sea mammals ever since suffering nightmares about them as a child. She faced up to her fears recently for a segment on her daily show about how to help people conquer their phobias. While Tyra petted, hugged and even kissed some dolphins and killer whales - she sobbed her way through the footage.
She said, "The fear is not over. I've gotten a little past it but there is something that still lives inside me. I think now, when I snorkel if I do ever see a dolphin, I won't hyperventilate and swallow water and drown."

I am scared of anything that moves and even I can't imagine who the heck would be afraid of a dolphin??? It's like being afraid of Bambi. Well at least Tyra dealt face to face with her greatest fears! Looks like now she is dealing with her phobia of slimy weasels and factory defective barbies.

The longtime running T.V show BAYWATCH is coming to the big screen. There will be appearances by Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Gina Nolan and a slew of other of the t.v version cast members but, as for the Baywatch Movie lifeguard team, the director is casting a whole new young version of sexy lifeguards.

I guess this time they need a team of less busty women. There is only so much strain a little piece of red spandex can take.

Angelina Jolie scarfed down four bowls of toffee pudding and rhubarb crumble during lunch last week with Brad Pitt, The Sun reports. Angelina was so impressed by the sweet treats she reportedly requested the recipes so she could whip them up herself.
A local said: "She was really tucking into the puddings. She got recipes too so she can make the desserts back home in America."

So what? She's pregnant. At least she has an excuse. I could eat a bathtub full of pudding and I don't have a human growing in my stomach.

Hilary Duff has denied reports she has an eating disorder. She claims she never weighs herself and doesn't know how much weight she ended up losing while on tour recently.
She explains, "My best friend was on tour with me and we swam 30 laps every day. We always made sure we stayed at hotels with pools"
She also cut out carbs, such as pasta, rice and bread and she also said, "When I finished that tour, my sister introduced me to pilates, and I just got obsessed with it. I do it three or four times a week when I'm not traveling."

Let's recap shall we? Hilary said, "We swam 30 laps every day" (What for? Is she training for the olympics?) AND "I got obsessed with excercise" (Really? We couldn't tell) AND "I don't weigh myself but, I happened to cut out all carbs" ......but, hey, she doesn't have an eating disorder.

When Jon Bon Jovi was asked what scares him more - losing his ability to perform on stage or in bed, he told Elle magazine: "Impotence terrifies me. I could always write songs, act, get into politics or stay at home with the kids, but I've got to have some fun."

If it makes you feel any better Jon....most of us don't even care if it works. We just want to look at you.

Prince is hiding a small number of 'Willy Wonka' style tickets in his new album '3121' and single 'Black Sweat' - which are released next month. Fans who buy the lucky CDs will win an "Evening with Prince" a trip to the reclusive singer's mansion to see a private performance.

There was a time back in the 80's where EVERYONE had a chance at a private performance with Prince (if you know what I mean) but, the man has changed and those days are gone. I think whoever came up with this idea is a marketing genius.

Sharon Stone has had it with men! She says, "All the ex's in my life either had a crazy mother or underwent some kind of childhood crisis. They were unbalanced, looking for parental guidance and they see me as the mother figure. I think all men are dogs. I honestly do. You know every man starts barking sooner or later."

Hey! How dare she insult dogs!

Mariah Carey finally covers up and looks good.

There was a tribute to Sly from the Family Stone and he showed up to
perform. It took me 5 minutes to realize that it wasn't Dennis Rodman.

Mary J Blige did a cool version of "One" with Bono of U2.

Madonna opened up the show with a performance of "HUNG UP" . The same exact performance, choreography, props, hairstyle , spandex leotard (only lighter shade of purple this time) that she did at the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS. I thought she was suppose to keep re-inventing herself?

The ever so humble (excuse me while I choke) Kanye West accepts an award for best RAP album.

Kelly Clarkson won not one but, two GRAMMY awards. She bawled her eyes out. I think she is awesome.

LL Cool J was one of the presenters. He is one fine looking man.

Another presenter..Jennifer Love Hewitt must have some heavy duty double sided tape on.

Tom Hanks, his wife, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban discuss what a freak Tom Cruise is. No, not really. But, you never know.

Destiny's child make some old bald guy's night while Jay-Z, Beyonce's boyfriend looks miserable. He won a GRAMMY later so maybe he cheered up.

Christina Aguilera was stunning as she entered the building channelling Marily Monroe even better than Marilyn Monroe once did.

I do believe Britney is having a wardrobe malfunction in this photo. Peer at your own risk.

Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys gave out the first award.

Gwen Stefani and her hubby Gavin arriving.

Later, Bono of U2 gives Gwen's baby bump some love.

Jamie Foxx and Kanye West performed "Gold digger". All those stories about Pamela Anderson pole dancing were not true. It didn't happen. Instead it was like a male performance of the "Hollaback Girl" video.

Paula Abdul who is a past Grammy winner was on hand at the show.

Michael Buble presented with Teri Hatcher. I thought Teri's dress was awful. It really made her look like a Desperate Housewife!

And some people who have no talent show up at the Grammy's. Paris couldn't stay home. Not when she had a new push up water bra that simply had to be shown off. I hope she floats away.

Pamela Anderson showed up looking pretty rough. WTF is with her lips? Maybe she fell off the pole and that's why the performance was axed?

Hugh Hefner brought his three girlfriends (who are LITERALLY girls considering this perv is 80 years old) to a Grammy After party. See, what did I tell you about red spandex???

Here are some more photos from that Vanity Fair issue I keep telling you about.





Nicole Richie at yet another fashion show.

Braddy out and about with baby Zahara. Damn, that's better than any Hallmark card.

Denise Richards out with her daughter Sam who unfortunately looks a lot like her dad Charlie Sheen. Poor kid.

Heidi Klum at a Victoria Secret promotion. I am going to assume that she is holding body lotion and that it is in fact edible.



Blogger Da Tew Catz said...

AHHH great JOB again Linda !!

I so can't get by Pam's lips either, maybe she pooted out a smelly one ... another thing thats bugging me... whats with her chunky GOLD necklace ? I know trends repeat,but dang ! I just dont likey it.
Good job babe TC

Jenz & the tew furbabies

10:19 PM  
Blogger Da Tew Catz said...

Have to also state B.Spears info soo terrible, I saw on TV tonight she just got a baby seat for him, like c'mon, this nasty ass celeb's ( no offencetoo all) are hero's mentors for are kids ... OMG Brit is still a kid, ... the low down... had a young mom, thinks like ALOT of teens/ young ppl that they can handle having a baby, well brit can due to her bank accounts,but, with the kids today, look at what's happening.. it's truely laughable ! Now brit has the means, $$ Kevin fredupherline is a brokeback son of a gun with what ... an ex with 2 kids, and now a new baby. Sad very sad, brit i gues semi wears tho's pants lmao.. cause she does have the bank accounts ! Does she know all the young fans she has out there.. & how they look up to her. I think she's LOST & really need more then just marriage counciling. Her actions & behavior is sicking, your personal mate/soul mate etc .. should be private and for her actions & his from the beginning, are truely shameful & childish. I so hope she's not preggos again ! This couple soo makes me ILL/SICK !

Jenz ta linda .. my sis thought your blog is amasing and says its better then the tv shows !!

12:19 AM  
Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

The Grammys were good but REALLLLLLLLLY long... Everything looked so hot though and I was so happy when Kelly Clarkson won her 2 awards! She def. deserved it! Its funny cuz everyone was like this is Mariah and Kanye's night when it was really Kelly and U2's night, lol.

Oh god Brit's popping out in that pic. I have to hand it to her she is looking much better than usual... With the whole baby thing, how much longer is she going to talk about it? Its so obvious shes using it for publicity... lame... =P

Pam Anderson may have not done the Kanye performance but shes in his new video. Shes run up to him with her assets hanging out of this white kind of trenchcoat outfit, and makes out with him... lol.

3:26 PM  

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