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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 149

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora were having conflicts in their relationship due to their busy careers but, the reason they are breaking up? An E-mail. That's right. Apparently, she found an e-mail which contained "provocative pictures" of a female in Richie's e-mail, a source told PEOPLE Magazine. Though the woman had long been "a sore subject," although Heather never thought her husband and the woman had actually been "romantic." Regardless, the discovery of the e-mail was the last straw.
"She's devastated," says a friend. "Absolutely devastated."
Richie, meanwhile, is as upset by the photos as Locklear, according to their friend: "Richie's saying nothing ever happened, that he never asked for the pictures."

While it's NEVER a good idea to have naked photos in your e-mail inbox, my question would be was the e-mail READ or UNREAD when Heather found it. If it was unread then I could see how you could give him the benefit of the doubt. However, if it was read and he was stupid enough not to delete it or WORSE - save it under a file called "I wish this was my wife" then.....yep....DIVORCE!

Meanwhile the supposed truth also coming out about Denise Richards and estranged hubby Charlie Sheen's failed marriage. According to Us Weekly Charlie had been using the services of hookers and on a Barbados vacation with Denise in December, he was caught making out on the beach with a "hot young girl."

This a tough one. Although I think Charlie's always been sleazy....he could of been making out with Denise. After all, she is a hot young girl.

Jennifer Aniston's friends are trying to convince her to break up with Vince Vaughn. A source told STAR Magazine, "Her friends are really pushing her to end it. They' re reminding her about how much she complains about him." Even Jennifer's best buddy Courteney Cox-Arquette dislikes Vince. "Courteney and Vince don't really seem to get along their personalities just haven't clicked."

This was inevitable. They probably were thrilled when she first met Vince and thought that would shut her up about Brad and when that didn't work....they resented Vince for it.

Nick Lachey has a depressing new single out and is furious that the song, "What's Left of Me" -- his first release since his Thanksgiving divorce has been so misunderstood. But, Nick claims the sad lyrics are not meant to manipulate public sympathy or cash in on his imminent divorce from Jessica. He tells Teen People, "Obviously, people will listen to it and draw their own conclusions, and I can only speculate on what those may be. But it's not about looking back. It's about making the best of what's there and moving on."

Then he should of called the song, "I'm NOT with stupid....anymore."

Mariah Carey is fighting back at critics who claim she has gained too much weight and shouldn't wear skimpy outfits. The diva admits people give her a hard time about her revealing outfits, but she likes the way she looks and is fit and not fat.
She says, "I'm really bad with the weight thing. I go up and down really quickly because I am a muscular person. People don't realize. I don't want to be a skinny twig."

Um, the issue is not that she is fat and wearing skimpy outfits....The issue is that she is 36 and wearing skimpy outfits.

Kelly Osbourne who has battled drug addiction, says she's fed up of Hollywood stars denying they've used narcotics.
She told Sunday Times Style magazine: "Some celebrity saying, ‘I've never touched drugs in my life'? I just think, oh, *&ck off. I've done drugs with you. I can't stand that. I think it's stupid."

Well we knew Kelly did drugs. That explains most of her outfits.

Angelina Jolie has reportedly asked her ex lesbian lover to be Godmother to her children and Brad is not happy about it, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper. Angelina wants Jenny Shimizu, who she had a relationship with while filming 'Foxfire' in 1993, to give spiritual guidance to her two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara, and her unborn baby.

This story is probably false but, you have to admit it is uncanny how much Maddox resembles Jenny.

And yet another supposed battle between Brad and Angelina. The expectant mom have some different ideas from Brad when it comes to giving birth to her first biological child. She reportedly wants her son Maddox in the room when she gives birth. Again, Braddy not too thrilled with this idea either if you believe these "sources."

Oh heck, let Maddox in the room, that'll save TONS of questions he's going to have later but, it won't help the "Edipeos" complex he probably already has. If this is true and Brad is so upset then he should get revenge by saying he wants to hire the new nanny/maid.

Tom Cruise wants his wife-to-be to focus on being a wife and a mother but, not on her career. He also reportedly wants her to avoid the spotlight for a while.
“I’ve got Katie tucked away, so no one will get to us until my child is born and until I want them to,” Cruise recently told “a friend” according to the new issue of Life & Style Weekly.

Anyone else have a vision of Katie strapped to a homing device with duct tape over her mouth?

Fantasia jams with Jamie Foxx at a pre-Grammy party

If Angelina are Brad are fighting then they certainly made up before this picture was taken. Aw.

Was there some kind of Hollywood has been party? Why are Diana Ross and Courntey Love together?

Tom Cruise at a concert without Katie. Kind of hard to leave the house when you have a tracking device on your ankle that gives you an electric shock every time you open the front door. Poor, poor Katie.

Jennifer Lopez looks stunningly beautiful in this photo. Then again.....ANYONE who stands next to Donatella Versace does. Jennifer is smart to look away. She may turn to stone.

Ricky Martin shakes his fine bon-bon.

Like the "Donatella" effect, Ashlee Simpson and Tyra Banks flock to stand next to Fergie. Does wonders for your skin and sex appeal.

Paris Hilton being led down the stairs by her boyfriend Stavros. He's still around huh?

On another outing Paris browses through some dog accessories. Does she have any pets left? Didn't they all get taken away?

Nicole Richie blows a kiss while at a fashion show. She needs to eat a kiss. A whole bag in fact.

And here's Nicole a Nicks game. She better sit down. If the basketball hits her it'll fling her into Timbuck Two.

More from the VANITY FAIR celeb spread with nearly nude stars. Angelina stomach down in the bathtub. (I bet Jennifer Aniston came up with this concept except in her fantasy Angelina isn't breathing)

Porn Star Jenna Jameson at a fashion show. Now that is an OXYMORON if I ever heard one.

God help us. Lindsay Lohan's little sister Alaina has been given a recording contract and has an album coming out. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Jordan at another one of her book signings. I guess she feels her boobs are no longer enough to attract her attention. For whatever reason she needs to attract more attention to herself by wearing neon orange.

Madonna arriving at the airport on her way to the Grammy show. I hope she's planning on changing.

Jenny Mc Carthy knows how to hold em, knows when to fold em. Let's hope she knows when to walk away.

Jessica Simpson at a Kanye West concert.

Heather Locklear, her young daughter Ava and an unidentified friend (is it a he a she or a he-she?) leave after a day at the batting cages. The balls probably had pictures of Richie Sambora on them. Heather looks relaxed and relieved.



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With the whole Jenn/Vince thing, obviously its not working out its just for publicity for their new moive coming out, so lame. Shes an idiot cuz not even that can get more than 10 people to see her new movie...

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