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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 147

Ryan Seacrest stormed out of a interview in New Jersey this week after he was asked if he was gay. Ryan left the interview and after agreeing to come back in, the man interviewing asked him again if he was gay. Once again, Ryan Seacrest was furious and stormed out of the interview for the second time!

I don't know what that says about Ryan but, it sure says to me that the interviewer is looking for a date. Really, do we care if Ryan is gay or not?

Sean Pean and his All the King's men co-star Mark Ruffalo were reportedly involved in a scuffle with a photographer at the funeral of the Sean's brother Chris Penn on Saturday. Chris was found dead in his apartment on 24 January. The New York Daily News reported Sean was furious to see a paparazzo interrupting his family's grieving and his anger propelled Ruffalo to snatch the memory card from the snapper's digital camera.

No doubt. How rude to show up at a family funeral to take paparazzi shots!! I would of liked to go but, I have ulterior motives myself....I happen to think Sean and Mark are both HOT.

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has laughed off Lindsay Lohan's claims she will be the face of his new fashion advertising campaign, insisting she is too immature.
The fashion designer tells New York magazine, "I prefer Nicole Kidman and that generation."

Lindsay don't take offense to this....Karl actually prefers nine year old boys. Most of his model's bodies resemble that look.

An imposter pretending to be socialite Paris Hilton has crashed a string of events at Fashion Week in New York City, even scoring front row seats at designer shows. Natalie Reid, a model and professional look-a-like, tricked representatives of fashion designer Nicole Miller into giving her a prime seat next to rocker David Lee Roth during their fashion show on Friday night. The blonde who makes a living impersonating Hilton at corporate functions and parties and says fooling people is effortless.
She tells the New York Post, "I just put on something really cute and put on some make-up. It's so easy."

Ofcourse it's easy to imitate Paris any IDIOT could do it.....after all it takes one to know one. Here is the girl imitating Paris. Now that I think about do we even know that is David Lee Roth beside her? (UM....Because who the heck would want to imitate him?)

Paris Hilton has bought half of her favourite London nightspot. Paris is a regular at The Collection which she will co-own with Geoffrey Moore - the son of former Bond actor, Roger.
A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Paris loves London and whenever she's here she always goes wild for the party scene."

She probably spent enough money there on drinks already to buy it anyhow. And this way they HAVE to let her in I suppose.

Mariah Carey claims she sat down for 7 hours straight and read every press clipping regarding her alleged nervous breakdown back in 2001 when she took a break from her promotional schedule and the media subsequently reported that she'd suffered a nervous breakdown. She says, "They all said I'd had a nervous breakdown, but people don't recover from a nervous breakdown three days later! "Anytime you say "breakdown" people are going to think you went crazy. I was physically exhausted. I was physically depleted to the point of collapsing."

Yeah, normal, sane people re-read untrue stories about themselves for hours and hours, OVER and OVER again...all the time....sheesh. Somebody is in denial.

Angelina Jolie is adamant that she'll never marry Brad. She told US tabloid The Globe:
"We will never marry... Brad is going through a divorce and I've been divorced twice, so it's not something we're considering."

Oh I am sure Angelina found some time in between saving the world, taking care of her family and visiting impoverished countries to speak to the GLOBE.
And I just saw a pink unicorn.

Michael Jackson is to write songs for the Roman Catholic Church. The singer who cleared of molesting children - is reportedly in talks with Vatican officials. Father Guiseppe Moscati, of the Music Society, said: "Michael Jackson is very interested in this project. We shall see what happens."

It makes perfect sense that they would ask Michael seeing as the most of them have also been cleared of molesting children at some point.
I know, not funny but, what else do you want me to say?

ON/OFF ALERT.....Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are supposedly OFF again.

As Aretha Franklin sang the national anthem at the SUPERBOWL....I wondered to myself......Where the heck is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) when you need them? Exactly how many chinchillas do you think went into this sucker?

Jessica Alba makes the male crowd go wild as she hops on a motorized cart at a SUPERBOWL pre party.

Tommy Lee and Fergie hang out at a Detroit SUPERBOWL event. He looks ridiculous here. She should be the one covering her face not to be seen with him.

Christina and Jordan enjoy a night out.

While Braddy, Angie, Maddox and Zahara enjoy a family dinner together....

Jennifer Aniston goes to meet up with Vince Vaughn to do some gambling....well, she gambles with her career all the time. I am not suprised.

Jamie Lynn Sigler of the SOPRANO'S looks cute as a button as she gabs on her cell phone.

Jessica Simpson looks like she left her surgeon's office and forgot to leave the sample implants there.

Drew Barrymore looks pretty at a premiere event.

Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas and their two kids think life is a beach.

Eminem is looking swollen after coming out of rehab for prescription sleeping pills.

Kelly Clarkson does her good deed for the day and signs a guitar that is going to be auctioned off for charity.

Jessica Simpson and her new best friend....her gay hair stylist. They are inseparable these days. He can't be THAT good of a friend....she's got roots!

Mischa Barton having brunch.

Nicole Richie goes shopping.

Star Jones and her dog Pinky take to the catwalk at a benefit for Breast Cancer. Pinky's got some serious style!

Janet Jackson and her personal trainer.

Gwen Stefani is really getting big! Her tummy seems so large because she is tiny to begin with. No Doubt.

Heath Ledger finds the news boring. He should read my blog.

Hilary Duff and her bad ass wanna be boyfriend Joel Madden.

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen at a fashion show. Who are they kidding? Fashion?? HA!

Flava Flav being interviewed on a radio show which is really a shame. You don't get the whole Flava effect if you can't see him!

Madonna and her Guy.


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