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Friday, February 03, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 145

Paris Hilton is fighting for the return of items she claims were illegally seized and sold at auction. She claims she learned about her missing computers, journals, tapes and hundreds of photos when a reporter at the National Enquirer contacted her management after he had been offered the items for a price.
Hilton's publicist told, "The items were illegally seized. Paris is incredibly upset and angry."

Funny how Paris is so concerned when it wasn't too long ago a couple of sex tapes leaked out and Paris didn't bat an eye. And is she "missing" all these items? Who misplaces a computer?

British model Jordan plans on selling her 34FF implants on EBAY because she plans on getting new implants.
Talking to Chris Moyles on Radio 1, she said: "I'm having them reduced because I want them a bit more pert. I've had them eight years now. So it's time for a new pair and I'll sell this lot on eBay."

Implants or not how can you expect 34FF's to ever be perky? This girl's lucky her spine hasn't broken in two yet. Oh, and I bet Anna Nicole Smith will be the highest bidder when the implants go on sale. God knows how long she's had hers.

Kid Rock is hooked up with British heiress and Jimmy Choo shoe designer, Tamara Mellon. The couple has been together for months and attended Elton John's wedding together.
A source claims, "He's obsessed with her. They're very much an item."

I was surprised because unlike his ex's Pamela Anderson and Jamie Pressley, this girl really doesn't seem like his type. Mind you....her last name is MELLON.

Sadly, Heather Locklear and her rock-star husband Richie Sambora are splitting up, the actress's rep, told PEOPLE Magazine, "After 11 years of marriage Heather Locklear has filed for divorce from Richie Sambora. This is a private matter and there will be no further comment at this time."

Heather probably was never happy to begin with but, she stuck around because Richie likes to have his buddy Bon Jovi over for dinner and drinks quite a bit. Hey, if Bon Jovi ain't reason enough to stick around a loveless marriage then Good God, what is?

Sharon Stone reportedly refused to use a body double for steamy sex scenes in 'Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction'. The 47-year-old actress who famously bared all in the raunchy interrogation scene in the original 'Basic Instinct' 13 years ago is to be determined to shoot the sexy encounters herself.
An insider told America's New York Daily News: "Believe me, she's still hot."

Sharon reminds me so much of Madonna. They look very similar, like to shock and both became famous for opening their legs.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey may be getting back together. According to LIFE AND STYLE Magazine, the estranged couple have reportedly been going on secret dates, and have started enjoying each other's company again. The pair met up secretly at a hotel room to "sort out" issues between them.

Although "make up sex" is the best kind ever......this story ain't true.

Nicky Hilton has reportedly taken called 'O.C.' star Mischa Barton an inappropriate name. Nicky, who as you know is the sister of Paris - was apparently horrified to see Mischa at a bash at a very exclusive Hollywood Hotel. According to a report in America's New York Post newspaper, Nicky snapped: "What is that fat pig doing here?" when she saw the star.

Yeah, cuz Mischa is such a porker. Give me a break. At least Mischa has a slight curve to her butt unlike Nicky Hilton who like her sister Paris has been cursed with the worst possible fate ever for a woman. PANCAKE ASS.
Here's Mischa who looks just fine and I think that's precisley what the problem is. Jealous, jealous, Nicky.

Remember cute little Stephanie Tanner on the 1990s hit sitcom "Full House"?

Jodie Sweetin who played the sweet girl confessed yesterday to battling an addiction to methamphetamine. "I was leading a total double life," she revealed yesterday on "Good Morning America." There were recent stories in supermarket tabloids after she was seen on a three-day meth bender followed by an intervention allegedly staged by her former "Full House".

I DO NOT CONDONE meth use but, I must say that who could blame Jodie for being a dopehead? She had to work with Mary Kate and Ashley and she had to pretend Bob Saget was funny. Let's give her a break here people.
Here's Jodie now with her ex co-star who played her older sister on FULL HOUSE. (Jodie's on the left)

Angelina Jolie has been interviewed for 'Nightline' on ABC. The interview has very little to do with Brad but it focuses on her UN work and does talk about her kids & will probably ask about her pregnancy. Here is a little line from the interview taken from Ok Magazine website....In an emotionally revealing interview, the Hollywood actress opens her heart about motherhood. “I think the big change in me is that I have this little voice inside me that doesn’t let my enthusiasm get the better of me,” says Angelina. “I’m better able to protect myself and look at things with more clarity.”

The woman is far more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. And let's face it....that's phenominal.

STAR Magazine - Nicks got a new girl (the chick I told you about this week) And Britney's pregnant again. Jennifer Aniston is up to no good yet again. Clay Aiken's gay. What a shocker, didn't see that coming.

OK! Magazine says Simon's got a secret crush and Jessica Simpson dishes out the goods on her suddenly lucious lips.

More Jessica... US WEEKLY says Jessica is being wooed by many men including a rock star (Adam Levine of Maroon 5?) And two movie stars.

IN TOUCH - Jessica Simpson stole Lindsay Lohan's guy according to this issue. Uh....could they be more specific? Jennifer Aniston is apparently angry. Who cares.

LIFE & STYLE Mag - says Angelina's having a baby crisis. Yeah, the crisis is she can no longer do it missionary style. Puh-lease.....

Is there a shortage of models these days? Victoria Beckham in an ad for a European magazine. She is making Nicole Richie look healthy in this shot.

WARNING - A close up of Victoria Beckham's face in this next shot.
Hey, I tried to warn you ahead of time.

Latest BOND GIRL rumor? Thandie Newton's been dropped and Rachel McAdams is in. YAY!! But, who knows if it's true.

And another Canadian lass....Shania Twain may be the only human being who can actually pull off mustard coloured pants.

Angelina with the kiddies.

A photoshoppe photo of what Brad and Angelina's baby may look like if it's a girl. Which is really stupid because this is a grown woman...not a child. Anyhow, looks like Princess Stephanie or Katarina Witt. To me anyhow.

Sandra Bullock and hubby Jesse James out on the town.

Shakira politely waves at the fans. She cut her hair OR It's really really curly in this pic.

The Barkers out as a family. I think they are cute together.

This is the young British actress chosen to play the character LUNA LOVEGOOD for BOOK 5 "Order of the Pheonix"of the Harry Potter series.
She creeps me out. I don't know if it's because she looks like a female MALFOY (also from Potter) or that she reminds me of Tina Yothers who played Jennifer the youngest sister on FAMILY TIES. I remember Tina gave me the willies too.

You know the rumor going around that Kevin's ex Shar Jackson is seeing Britney's ex Jason Alexander???? It's true. Here they are. They spent the weekend together.

Jessica Simpson looks like she got out of her car and forgot what she drove there for.

I don't want to know what Jenny McCarthy is doing on Howard Stern's show. That guy with the glasses either has the best or worst job ever. Depends on how you look at it.

Carmen Electra is NOT at a Pussycat Doll gig....she's actually out with her friends at a nightclub.

Lindsay Lohan, Jared Leto and Brittany Murphy on the set of their new movie about John Lennon's killer.

Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton rekindling that flame....

Before any of us or Katie Holmes gets all excited....this is only a scene from Tom's movie "Mission Impossible Three"
Damn, And I thought Brooke Shields finally got him alone.

Speaking of Katie...this is certainly an interesting ensemble. It's making me want to pick my underwear out of my crotch though and it ain't even up there. Ouch.

Remember Joaquin Pheonix got into that minor accident last week? Here are the photos from it. He's ok...don't fret.

Mariah Carey is a lot smarter than we give her credit for. She knows the best way to look like you have an awesome body is to stand beside someone who has a pancake ass. (Nicky listening???)



Blogger Bernadette said...

Ladies...if you are going to die your hair blonde...please for the love of god lighten your eyebrows (Victoria Beckham!!)

8:43 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

dye...not die...although Victoria looks like she's on her way to that which case it doesn't matter what colour her eyebrows are...

8:44 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Pancake ass... LOL too funny!
And that picture of Katie Holmes is ... disturbing. What is she wearing? I've been pregnant twice and don't know what the heck that piece of maternity wear would be.

What is Jason Alexander wearing in that picture? Is he holding a stuffed animal backpack?

I totally think that girl looks like that chick from Family Ties. I forgot her name again already. haha

9:14 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Oh I forgot to mention that Jason Alexander and Shar had been to some fun park....thus the stuffed animal...

Good eye Dawn!

9:39 PM  
Blogger Courtney77 said...

I agree with you on that Angelina thing!!

11:16 AM  

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