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Friday, January 27, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 139

Sienna Miller has been spotted getting slightly cozy with her new co-star. Days after reports that she and Jude Law had split for good, pictures have appeared of Sienna hugging Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen. They're both starring in Factory Girl but, according to the Daily Mirror, they seem more than just co-stars.

Just because pictures like the one below are surfacing it doesn't mean anything. If Sienna really wanted to get rid of Jude she would of made sure his kid's nanny looked like a Playboy Bunny. It'd be the perfect handing candy to a baby. Except that baby have no teeth so I am not really sure how they chew the candy.

Oh we go.....Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to be writing a tell-all book about her marriage to Brad Pitt. Jennifer allegedly kept a diary during their relationship and wants to expose the truth about their life together. According to a report in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, the actress also believes the book would help her get back at Brad for his romance with Angelina Jolie.

Oh this should be good. Hmm...a page out of her book.
Dear Diary,
"Brad wants to make babies again. I don't. I don't even really like him touching me. It messes up my perfect hair that everyone secretly is envious of. I don't want to be a mom. I want to be Rachel for 542 more seasons. Is that wrong? Ofcourse it isn't. I am America's sweetheart. Nobody will ever take his side over mine.
I just can't understand why he cheated on me! ME! Rachel, I mean Jennifer Aniston. I have to stop writing now. I am crying and my mascara is running into my prefect hair."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have topped a list of stars with bad skin. The couple were chosen as the celebrities with the worst complexions on website The site which awarded the pair a 'Skinnies Award' says: "Brad has acne scars, while Angelina suffers from spots, moles and she also has a scar on her face."

Ooh - you mean to tell me they aren't perfect? Mortal perhaps???? Sounds suspiciously like a certain person with perfect hair paid off a web guru...don't it?
Scars are are they.

The cop from the group "The Village People" faces prison after missing a court hearing where he was due to be sentenced on drug and gun charges. Victor Willis, who dressed as a policeman in the group, is charged with possessing cocaine and a loaded handgun in California last July. He failed to attend Tuesday's San Mateo County Superior Court hearing.

What's the world coming to? First the cop gets arrested next thing you know they'll announce the Indian Cheif wasn't really Indian and the big shocker - that macho man construction worker is gay!

Paris Hilton has signed a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records. Earlier this month one of the record execs singled out Paris to be the new Britney Spears. Her debut album is set to feature a track called My Mistake – recorded about the famous sex footage of the heiress and her boyfriend.

If they really want a platinum money making hit they should have Paris's mom record the song. Since we all know Paris is her mistake!

Uma Thurman says she will never appear naked in a movie - again. Uma who had a nude scene when she was just 18 in 'Dangerous Liaisons', says she was really nervous about stripping for the 1988 film but agreed because she felt it was the right thing to do at the time.
She explained: "I felt it was an art movie. It was based on this classic novel set in eighteenth-century France, and the scene was appropriate."

In other words now that she is 35 and has breast fed two children her boobs ain't as perky and bouncy as when she was 18 so she suddenly has morals.
Yeah, nice try Uma. (She still looks good to me but, if you saw the movie, they ain't what they were back then)

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly had the word 'BREATHE' tattooed onto her wrist. The actress recently suffered an asthma attack and the tattoo is allegedly a tribute to the scary experience.
A friend of the Lindsay's is quoted by website as saying: "It obviously has a double meaning."

Yeah it reminds her to breathe. How profound.

TV Guide is giving away a three-day/two-night trip for two to Chicago, where Fox's award-winning Prison Break takes place! You and a friend will get to go behind the scenes of Prison Break, meet the exciting cast and get ready for your incredible walk-on role!Here's your chance to meet Scofield! And if you win, YOU MUST take me!

I will give you the link at the end of my blog. Let's face it if I give it to you now you will get sidetracked by dreamy Scofield distractions and not finish reading my blog and this crap takes hours to do sometimes so please....humor me...wait until the end and feast your eyes on this to tie you over.

A show based on the film "Mr and Mrs Smith" is rumored to be on the roster for the first network who is interested in picking up the show. Producers say they are going to do a nationwide talent search to find the next Brad Pitt and the next Angelina Jolie. An insider reveals that Liman has a "first look deal with NBC. So you can expect them to be among the networks that are interested in the show."

I think they simply MUST leave Braddy as Mr Smith. Nobody else could do the role justice. As for Angelina...she was good but, she is preggers and can't do all those intense action and kissing scenes. So I nominate someone who would not only do a fantastic job but, would work for free.'t we look great together?

Finally! A new BOND girl has been chosen! Thandie Newton. By the way, if you have not yet seen the movie CRASH which she is in YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. It is very thought provoking and will make you open your eyes to the world around you. No, not the CRASH movie where the people were doing kinky things whenever there was a car accident....(Sadly such a movie exists) But, the other CRASH which also stars Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Ludacris and so many other fabulous actors!

Mags on the stands this week:
IN TOUCH claims they know all about Brangelina's wedding details...

While Britain's O.K. says Vince Vaughn and Jennifer are shacking up. Which IS NOT TRUE according to him anyhow.

Life and Style says Angie's having a girl and talks about Jen's stupid diary like she's Anne Frank.

More BABY news about Angelina in US WEEKLY. They say her and the gang moving to London..which is possible. She has a huge house there.
TALLY HO Jennifer!

Halle Berry appears to have a question on the set of her new movie.

Janet Jackson returning from a Sushi restaurant.

Brad and Angelina on one of their save the world missions. They look like the sexy secret service....

More Braddy and Angie. Wow look at her bump! So cute. BRADDY made that!

More of the radiant mother to be.

More Braddy...oops not Brad. It's Benecio Del Toro on the set of his new movie. MAN Do they look alike these days! And for the record...I have always found Benecio to be hot also.

Ok, back to Braddy and Maddox. So cute!

Motley Crue got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. This is the first time they got down on their knees. Usually their fans are in that position.

Courtney's gonna get some LOVE! She's on a date with Brett Ratner...whoever that is.

Sharon Osbourne buys prezzies for her babies. No, not her horrid children - her dogs!!

It takes a man who is very comfortable with his masculinity to stick balls in his mouth. Matthew McConaughy is one of those men.

Jessica Simpson seems confused as usually and is probably thinking, "If I buy them shoes will I have to give half of em to Nick once the divorce is settled? Cuz I don't wanna hafta walk around in one shoe!"

Not one of Madonna's best profiles...

To be fair, she looks better in this shot but, she is starting to look like Victoria Beckham...only talented.

Heath Ledger, Michelle, baby Matilda and their posse of Nannies arrive at the airport.

Jennifer Lopez on the set of her latest film with hubby Marc Anthony. She literally has spent two thirds of her life in a wedding dress!

Elle MacPherson going to a rock concert. Who wants to bet she'll get a backstage pass?

Joaquin Phoenix and his buddies. Joaquin's the yummy one.

Remember Mary Carey? The ex porn star who ran for an election in the states a while ago? Here she is. I thought she was Mariah Carey. HEY...Maybe they are related?

Paris Hilton on the phone
"Hey bit%h! It's me...I am going to get my colon cleaned for the 4th time this week wanna come? Then we could go for a salad and throw it up after - just like old times?"

Her response
"No Paris! We are supposed to be fighting remember?? We can't be seen together in public yet. They all think we hate each other. We both are getting so much media attention these days. Why ruin it??? I 'll sneak in your bedroom window later and we can hang out but, no eating. You know I don't do food anymore. Like ever. Oh and make sure you put all that camera equipment away, last time I snuck in your room I nearly fell down and broke my bones...and I got a LOT of bones!'

Sorry, couldn't resist.
O.K. as promised here is the link to the PRISON BREAK CONTEST....(If you forgot...SHAME on you!) ENJOY



Blogger glor said...

I did it. I read that you were putting the link at the bottom of the blog and I scrolled through the blog to reach it. I couldn't resist. But I promise, I went back and read the whole blog, as I always do. Why tempt people when you know they will stray?

10:17 PM  
Blogger hot lips said...

I know you're going to shoot me in the head, Linda, but really, Ang and Brad are driving me insane. Do they have to be on the cover of *every* magazine? Does the world not have enough celebrities or something?

That's it. I'm going to Hollywood.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Glor - you are forgiven. I didn't expect most to resist the charms of Wentworth Miller

Hot Lips...are you really Jennifer Aniston??
Kidding. Hey, no worries you are entitled to your opinion and besides, it just means more Braddy for me...hee hee.

6:22 PM  
Blogger yllwdaisies said...

As usually, your comments are hilarious. 2 things:
1-- I thought Hayden Christensen was gay?
and 2-- I hope whoever wins that Prison Break thing takes you.

You know I think of you everytime I hear *anything* about the show or Wentworth Miller?

7:29 PM  
Blogger Da Tew Catz said...

AWW brady & Ang holding hands in one of your photo's. !st one i've sen of them doing that ! ANd the bump aww tew cutes !
I also Agree about Avril's teeth/lips, very weird & creepy !
U know I think Seinna & Hayden would make a GRRReat looking couple !

10:01 AM  

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