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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 137

Pamela Anderson and Kanye West have been spotted in a Los Angeles hotel sparking rumours they are dating. The rapper was seen stroking Pamela's bottom.
A source told America's People magazine: "Kanye was standing in front of Pamela. He reached back and was cupping her butt with his hand and she was leaning into him. They looked happy together."

That's what sucks about Hollywood. You can't even have a one night stand without people saying you are a couple. And if these two really are a couple- Pamela always has had a thing for musicians and Kanye likes get his hands on "big things" - like recording projects and stuff (What did you think I meant?)so maybe this will work out.

A sex scene between Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart has been deleted from new movie Thank You For Smoking causing speculation that Tom Cruise used his influence to ensure its removal.
In the movie, Katie's character partakes in a raunchy love scene which was absent when the film was screened at the Sundance Film. However, the sexy shots were present when the movie was shown at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada last year.

Maybe that's how she got pregnant! Sue Johanson always says that no penetration is required to have an "accident".
So this time Tom made a movie scene "disappear"... My bet is Katie is next. Right after that baby is born and she has served her watch.

Nicollette Sheridan's ex-fiance claims she is a dull lover and says he would only rate her as two out of ten between the sheets. Nick Solderblom says the 'Desperate Housewives' vixen, who is now dating Michael Bolton, were only intimate six times in the eight months they were together before they recently split. He told Britain's News of the World newspaper Nicollette was a "hard and very, very boring lover who paid more attention to her dog than to him"

Maybe if he was as hard as he claims she was - he would of got petted more than Fido.

Woody Allen has slammed Scarlett Johansson's fashion sense. He told US magazine Fashion Wear Daily: "I have had many conversations with Scarlett on this subject. She needs to be more natural. She is a beautiful girl, but I have told her to tone it down. She dresses like my Aunt Minnie"

Ok Woody is 70 something years old. I'd really like to see this "Aunt Minnie" pull off this outfit.

Janet Jackson is planning to shed more than 40 pounds before her next album is released. A source told Sunday`s New York Daily News,
"She`ll go months eating whatever she can get her hands on and then she`ll go months eating just salads and fruits and water. She`s had this feast-or-famine eating disorder for years and has gotten up to 200 pounds or more at times."
The source said Jackson is back with her personal trainer in an effort to get back in shape by the time her album is released in the spring.

Janet can do it. She just needs a little CONTROL.

'Prison Break' stars were fearful after discovering the jail they were filming in was haunted. The cast of the new TV drama were reportedly amazed by a series of spooky events at the old prison in Chicago. Actor Wentworth Miller is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "Some of the scariest moments occurred filming scenes in the isolation cell. When Dominic Purcell, who plays my brother Lincoln, was shooting a scene in that cell he felt like someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, but no-one was there. Half an hour later another actor had the exact same experience."

What a brilliant idea! Some crazed female fan has manifested herself as a ghost on the set. Why didn't I think of that?
Here's Wentworth breaking unspoken prison rule #12 - NEVER turn your back on a horny cell mate.

And here he is breaking unspoken prison rule #63 - Never got into an isolation cell with another prisoner unsupervised.
Silly, silly, beautiful Scofield.

Kate Moss is allegedly set to write a tell-all book about her cocaine abuse. The supermodel is ready to sign a 1 million contract to pen the revealing autobiography.

I won't be shelling out $40.00 to read predictable entries like :
"Got up. Did a line. Pete was too drunk to have sex again. Did another line. Modelling agent didn't call. Did five lines. That damn Pete missed the toilet again. Did another line. Naomi called she needs me to bail her out of jail. Her assistant pissed her off again. Did another line. Got hungry and a really bad case of the munchies. Ate a leaf of lettuce, two grapes and a sugar free lollipop. I am such a pig. I did another line and went to bed."

A Hollywood nanny who wrote a tell all book about her famous celebrity clients claims that Nicole Kidman was one of the worst mothers she ever worked for. Apparently, Ms Kidman NEVER spent time with her adopted children Conor and Isabella. The nanny tells, "I never saw her (with her children)."

I actually believe this nanny. Here is a photo of Nicole with her kids. Conor is avoiding eye contact at any cost and is probably text messaging Katie Holmes "GET THE FREAKIN REDHEAD AWAY FROM ME!" Meanwhile Isabella seems to be thinking. "My dad's a nutjob but, I think I know why.....all those years he spent with her..."

Jennifer Aniston says it was easy filming her latest movie Friends With Money, because she deeply related to her character's insecurities.
She says, "That's how I actually see myself. I've had moments of insecurity in my life, I've had moments of self-esteem. As time goes on you definitely find peace. "

If only she could find a hobby to go along with that peace. Jennifer...please SHUT UP ALREADY!

Oh and that rumor that "Friends" is coming back to television has been deemed false by NBC executives. The cast probably changed their minds after they realized they'd be working with Jennifer "I can't stop talking about what happened to me last year" Aniston.

Eva Longoria was eager to play Jamie Foxx's love interest in his latest video but couldn't summon up the courage to ask him directly, so her boyfriendTony Parker, made the call on her behalf.
She says, "(Tony and Jamie) get along so great! Tony and Jamie are friends and Tony had called Jamie to ask if I could be in his video."
Eva also wants to stop speculation about a rumoured romance with Jamie Foxx after she was spotted partying with him at a post-Golden Globe Awards party.
She adds, "The rumours couldn't be further from the truth. It's real absurd how things get carried away. Jamie had a date that night and we all went out together."

I saw the Golden Globe pictures. Eva was hanging off him like a suit on a wire hanger. Eva seems to forget that real life isn't like the set of Desperate Housewives She can't go around seducing everyone just because she's bored.

Lindsay Lohan does her stupid hand sign poses for FASHION magazine.

Now I like this photo of her....she looks angelic. Which means she's pretty close to dead.

One of my favorite rockers....Sheryl Crow in ALLURE magazine.

Another kick ass female. Here's Pink from some screen shots of her new video STUPID GIRLS...the song is ridiculing "It girls" of Hollywood. I have figured out most of the people she is making fun of here. CLICK the photo to enlarge.

Mama Stefani and hubby Gavin take in some sights. She looks great pregnant!

New parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affeck take baby Violet for a walk. Man, Ben looks like he needs some sleep!

Later...Ben and Jen ditch the kid and go antique shopping.

Braddy, Angelina, Maddox and Zahara arrive at LAX airport.

Nicholas Cage's wife Alice and their baby Kal-El

Here's a close up. This kid is just too cute!

Hilary Duff is either waving at the press or her little chihuhua just farted. Little dogs can stink out a small country. Trust me on this one.

Vivica Fox has always been so gorgeous but, now that she's had her lips done, her forehead is frozen from botox and her breasts are two huge slabs of silicone.....She's looking plastic. Such a shame because if anyone DIDN'T need any alterations in any's her.

Jessica Simpson fishes through her purse for her cell phone with one hand while she holds her cell phone with the other. DUH.

Lock up your fathers. Bai Ling - the asian version of Paris hanging out with Paris Hilton.

Kory, Kevin Federline's eldest child with Shar Jackson bawls her eyes out as baby's daddy comes to pick her up. Yeah kid, we feel your pain.

Must be father/daughter day all around. Nicole Richie goes shopping with her dad Lionel. Someone should tell her that wearing black and white when you have 0.25% body fat REALLY makes you look like a living skeleton!

Dave Navarro and his wife Carmen Electra out and about. I wonder who's wearing more makeup and silk pink panty underwear? My bet's on him.

Paris Hilton's ex...Paris Latsos (The first greek shipping heir she was with) is looking much like Kevin Federline these days. Yikes.

Sisters Jessica and Ashlee leaving Mr Chow restaurant in L.A. I wonder how many times Jessica asked the waiter, "Is this chicken or is this cat?" While Ashlee got drunk and berated the wait staff.



Anonymous Lena said...

Can't wait for the video, this is who i think pink is making fun of

1.) Lindsay
2.) Paris or Gwen (more likely paris)
3.) Christina
4.) Maybe Mandy Moore from "walk to remember"
5.) Marykate
6.) Avril
7.) First thought it was Britney but then realized it was probably Kelly
8.) Jessica

I knew Nicole never saw her kids because theres only like 1 picture of her every year with her kids and a ton of pics with her friends and fiancee. I wish she would get back together with Tom because you could tell he was afraid of her and thats why he never acted like a
crazy person when they were together plus i like Katie and still think that if Katie gets out now then theres
still hope for her.

Jens new movie opens in like a month so expect some new Vanity Fair interview about her bieng completly shocked and heartbrokem
because of the brangelina pregnancy very soon

Pam and Kanye have two of the biggest egos so this should be interesting

8:57 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Love your take on Nicole/Tom and Katie and I agree with you on that.

Yep, I sense a Jennifer interview coming on too. ARGGGGGGHH

9:04 PM  

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