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Monday, January 23, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 135

Insiders are buzzing about trouble between Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie. Open speculation in media circles is that "the couple has split, but they're keeping it quiet."
Another longtime Madonna insider tells me: "She has been spending very little time with him. She is obsessed with everything related to her career at this point. The album ["Confessions on a Dance Floor"] is a hit, and that is all she seems to care about these days. A split? Not sure. Less time together? Most definitely."

Obviously Madonna is spending less time with her hubby, she is promoting her album. Maybe Guy is pretending to be mad at her because he is working on a great new film and doesn't want her to know because the female lead is still not cast?

Rachel Hunter stormed out of a live radio interview with American shock jock Howard Stern after a vicious exchange on air. The model was furious when she discovered the interview was being filmed and told Stern, "This is ***ked up."
After she had got up to leave, Stern launched an astonishing attack at Hunter, yelling, "She ***ked Rod Stewart, big deal. That's her accomplishment. "She's too fat to model. She's got a big fat a** and back fat. I hate her."

What did Rachel expect? Howard is a complete and utter moron. Going on his show is like showing up on Jerry Springer because someone has a "secret" to tell you. It just ain't gonna turn out pretty.

Meg Ryan may be set to join Hollywood's adoptive mothers after reportedly signing up to play mother to a Chinese baby. The actress will take charge of a Chinese baby later today, according to America's OK! celebrity magazine.

The asian baby will send letters back home to his/her relatives when they are older writing stuff like this,
"The joker lady is very nice and buys me whatever I want but, still waiting to meet famous American Icon Batman."

Halle Berry is planning to have a baby by the time she's 40. The gorgeous star told US talk show host Oprah Winfrey she's desperate to get pregnant and is planning to go ahead with her plans when she turns 40 in August even if she isn't in a serious relationship.
Halle told Oprah: "If there's no serious man [in my life], whoever I'm dating at the time, I'll say, 'Hey, would you like to have a baby?'"

And if that doesn't work she can always do an open call looking for a sperm donor. The line up will be longer than any opening of a "Krispy Creme" store for sure!

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is expecting two babies because of fertility treatment. A source close to the couple is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Angelina is overjoyed. Getting pregnant with one of Brad's children would have been God's precious gift to her."Now we believe she is carrying twins. Angie is in seventh heaven."
Another source told a US magazine: "I understand that she's undergone fertility treatments to help her conceive and it certainly seems to have worked."

Fertility treatments? And here I thought Braddy had super sperm. Don't ruin the fantasy ok?

Life & Style Magazine is reporting in its upcoming issue that Jennifer Aniston is depressed and apparently telling friends,
“If I’d given Brad the child he wanted, he’d still be with me, I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get over this.”
In her time of crisis, Jen has been crying on the shoulder of best friend Courteney Cox, an insider says. Jen told Courteney “It’s almost as if Brad sat down and planned all the things that would hurt me from the day he met Angelina and then put the plan into effect,” she said.

Yeah, Brad dating Angelina, adopting her children as his, travelling the world doing ambassador type duties, impregnating her....all part of a "master" plan to piss you off Jennifer.

Scarlett Johansson who stars in Woody Allen's latest film, 'Match Point' - says the director constantly questioned her about her first sexual experience during filming.
Scarlett is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "We would be shooting some intense confrontational scene and then Woody would yell, 'Cut', and he'd turn to me and ask, 'So, how old were you when you lost your virginity?'"

Woody was her boss. Saying/asking such a thing classifies as sexual harassment. Why does this not apply in Hollywood? Think about it. If suddenly your own boss asked you that question while you were just packing up to go to lunch?

When JANE magazine asked The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti the craziest place he had ever had sex, he confessed: "I had sex in the bathroom at the opera a little while ago, in New York. We went to 'La Boheme' and it was boring. So we decided to go to the bathroom, and we got caught, and it was embarrassing."
Fabrizio is dating Drew Barrymore.

Sex at the opera huh? I wonder how many high notes Drew Barrymore hit while she tried not to go flying head first into the toilet.

Eva Longoria's boyfriend Tony Parker is pissed off . Eva was seen hugging and giggling with the Jamie Foxx at the Golden Globes after party this week. Tony is unimpressed and has warned Jamie to stay away from his girlfriend."Tony was at boiling point when he heard about the amount of time Eva and Jamie had been spending together," a source told The Mirror. "But he went nuclear when he heard they'd been whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears at the Golden Globes."He managed to get hold of Jamie and has warned him to back off. He's crazy about Eva and doesn't want anyone getting in the way of their relationship."

So Tony's mad at Jamie? Why not be mad at Eva? She's the one who was inappropriate here. Jamie doesn't have a girlfriend....Eva is the one who's supposedly in a "committed" relationship.

Here's the controversial ad for Diddy's new cologne with the threesome innuendo that was recently pulled from department stores.

More Diddy "fragrance" ads this time featuring Penelope Cruz.

Heath Ledger in Vanity Fair in a featured story about Brokeback Mountain.

Also featuring fellow cowboy Jake Gyllenhaal and the movie's director.

More Jake but, this time in a very wet shirt.

Reese Witherspoon and her cutie son Deacon out running errands.

Terri Hatcher out with her lovely daughter Emerson Rose.

Pamela Anderson needs a new top. Why is she always wearing this top?

Demi Moore promotes new skin care line SALONI. She really looks great.

Baby's got back. Serena Williams warms up for a tennis match.

Jessica Simpson goes for the JLO floppy hat look.

Mariah Carey looks like a swollen mafia member. The godmother?

Wentworth Miller arriving in the Los Angelos airport.

And the prison break honey again. Up close.

Kevin Federline arrives at a recording studio. Hopefully they warn the tenants close by to the studio before Kevin comes in to sing.

Jessica Alba very casual and very pretty.

Jennifer Lopez needs some bronzer.

Johhny Depp stops for a smoke outside of a restaurant.

Paris Hilton runs to her car after visiting a colon cleansing clinic. (I am not making this up - She goes once a month to have her colon cleaned out) We were right all along. She's full of $hit.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz taste each other's tooth paste.

Jude Law's puppy walks the family dog.

Skeleton Spice leaving at a fashion luncheon. She's probably got half a salad, a piece of roast beef and a dinner roll shoved in her purse that she pretended to eat.

Janet Jackson going to an acupuncture clinic.

Ashley Olsen looking a lot like Jessica Simpson these days.

Jennifer Aniston at the SUNDANCE film festival this past weekend. Jennifer managed to avoid any questions pertaining to Angelina's pregnancy and she also told the press over and over and over again how much she loves to work and be an actress and she loves her life and her job and to work and to be in movies and her work and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sisters Ashlee and Jessica at a Golden Globe after party. Do you think their family gets a discount on L'oreal shade #54 - Ditzy blonde ???



Anonymous lena said...

Ashley simpson is looking a lot like paris with her new haircut.

Am i the only one who is freaked out that teri hatchers legs are almost as tiny as her seven year old daughters'legs?

Wow, Jessica alba is really pretty even in paparazzi photos.

If anyone meets J.Aniston can they play her "cry me a river" so she can get a clue? I felt sorry for her in the beginning but now that its been over a year since they seperated, i think its time she moves on.

Jessica Simpson is going to be the next jlo this year (we are goimg to finally get sick of her).

Cameron diaz annoys me more than paris, ashley, and j.simpson combined. Can someone explain her appeal to me? She is in her thirtys yet gigles like a seven yearold on crack, she is not pretty, she has no acting talent, she has no charisma or brains and she acts like a bitch whenever she is not at a movie or permiere. And on top of that, she is also
slowly but surely ruining justin.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Lena, I agree with you on all counts. I realized after I posted that Ashlee looks so much like Paris now. With these celebs you can never tell if it's a haircut or they just took extensions out. I am sick of Jessica Simpson too and Jennifer Aniston I have never been particularly fond of...especially now. (As you can tell from my posts)

Never really a fan of Cameron but, I have to say that Paris annoys me so much more than Diaz does.

11:51 AM  
Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

LOL thats so messed how Paris gets her colon cleaned out every month... Wtf...

Jessica Simpson's lips are gross... With Ashlee being back to Blonde theres shots where she looks good and others where she doesn't... But I overall still like Ashlee Simpson, her music is good plus shes got that fun spunky personality! =P

Oh and did u hear that "Friends" will run for another 4 episodes this year? They each got paid 5 Million to do the 4 episodes and of course the crybaby was the last to agree to it. I can't wait though, I love "Friends"! I'm not 100% sure if this is true though... =P

6:26 PM  

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