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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 133

Kevin Federline is planning to launch a new Las Vegas nightclub just in case his pop career doesn't take off. He is in negotiations to take charge of a new club according to the magazine In Touch. But, an insider tells the publication that Britney is trying to talk her husband out of the idea because she doesn't want Federline living it up in Las Vegas.

Kevin will go to any lengths not to change diapers even though he says he's a pro at changing them. Much like the diapers, I think he is full of $hit.
I found this circulating on the web and thought it was a riot. It's a mock drawing of Kevin's due to be released CD cover.

Lindsay Lohan has been prescribed anti-smoking pills to try and cure her nicotine addiction.
She has been persuaded to seek help for a smoking addiction by her mother Dina. And she hopes her daughter will have kicked the cigarette habit soon, according to gossip site The Scoop.
She says, "Lindsay smokes a pack a day. She's addicted. The doctor put her on an anti-smoking pill. God willing, it will work within a month."

Duh, that's why cigarettes come with warning labels. They are addictive. In all fairness to Lindsay - those warnings are easily missed when you are in places with very dim lighting like night clubs, back seats of cars or the "casting" agent's couch.

Madonna has denied reports that claim her intense fitness regime is pushing her towards burnout. The singer who is currently shooting dance sequences for her latest single "Sorry," sparked concerns for her health after she looked tired and thin in recent photographs, but her publicist insists Madonna is better than ever.
They told the New York Daily News, "I'm about 40 feet away from her and she looks pretty hot to me. How would you look with 10-hour dance rehearsals? Maybe she's working harder than usual, but that's what you have to do before a video."

I'd agree Madonna looks hot from 40 feet away. But, then again so does Donatella Versace so that's not saying much. Madonna is a great performer but, these days she doesn't dance - she just does a couple of yoga downward dogs and then puts her legs behind her head.

Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey have sparked speculation they have split, after attending the Golden Globe Awards separately. Despite both actors presenting awards at Monday's ceremony, Cruz posed alone on the red carpet and the couple weren't seen together for the remainder of the night.

Actually, I heard they hung out together after the show at the after party so this story is complete bogus. Maybe they avoided each other all night cuz they were playing into some "stranger" fantasy of theirs where they were pretending they didn't know each other to spice up their love life. Or maybe I have a bigger imagination than most tabloid writers do.

Leif Garrett spent the weekend in jail after being arrested for failing to pay his subway fare and being under the influence of drugs. Transit police Lt. Mike Herek said Garrett had no train ticket and was under the influence of an unknown drug.

Perhaps he saw the sign that said "Token required" and thought it said "Toking required". Either way he'll never grace the pages of TEEN BEAT ever again.

Alanis Morissette is planning to reveal all to fans in a sizzling new autobiography. She promises the book with be packed with fascinating facts about her life.
She says: "It will be all the wisdom I've accrued in my 31 years. A lot about relationships, fame, travel, body-image, spirit, with self-deprecating humour because I just can't help it."

What could she possibly reveal that we havn't already heard her speak about in her extremely detailed lyrics? She's had so many awful relationships with losers, geeks, cheaters, backstabbers, liars and men who demeaned her. If you are an Alanis fan - even remotely...... than YOU OUGHTTA KNOW....

A fragrance ad showing Sean "Diddy" Combs in bed with two scantily clad women has been pulled, after being deemed too racy for department stores. The steamy commercial showed the rapper in bed with two models, in a situation that implied the threesome had enjoyed sexual relations. But, the ad was deemed inappropriate for family stores and a new shoot with just one model has replaced the raunchy original.

I don't understand why men are so fascinated with threesomes. I think it's the fantasy about being able to please two women....because most men can't even please one! Thus, the reason they call it a FANTASY.

Kate Beckindale told the Daily Mirror she has days when she feels so insecure that she won't leave her house. She said: " I have days when I feel great and then I have days when my ass won't fit in my jeans and I won't leave the house. I guess when you become an actress you hope those fat ass days will go away, but of course, they don't."

Yeah, she really has a big fat ass. NOT. Although, she now has made herself look like one with that stupid comment.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers admits he has a crush on a Desperate Housewife.
When quizzed about his favourite pin-up, the star replied: "Teri Hatcher is my favourite 'Desperate Housewife'. She's just sex on legs."

Them's some scrawny legs. That's why they say there's someone for everyone I suppose.

Victoria Beckham is writing a children's book. She is working on a story collection to tie in with a range of clothes she's designing. She told an Italian newspaper yesterday, "People like dressing like me so why not profit from it?"
Last year, the mother of three admitted that she hadn't read a book in her life, but she does love fashion magazines.

She's writing a fashion book for children because she doesn't use any more than two syllable words. Her clothes would probably fit most children also.

Paris Hilton claims she is wanted by the magazine Playboy. She said, "They've asked me a million times. Hef has been after me since I was 17, and I got offered a lot of money. But I'll never do it. Because I'm Paris Hilton."

Everybody who has wanted to already has seen Paris naked. How many sex tapes have "leaked" out now? Let's face it when you go out for a coffee dressed like this you really leave nothing to the imagination. And although Hugh Hefner may have offered her a chance to pose when she was 17 - now that she is in her 20's she's too old for him.

FOX Entertainment president Peter Ligouri, spoke about the show Reunion and finally told us something so we are not left totally hanging on the mystery. WARNING: SHOW SPOILER IF YOU CONTINUE TO READ THIS......Ligouri says the network and the show’s team talked about several ways to go with the killer’s identity, but “the best guess was at that particular time that it was going to be Sam’s daughter,” whom she gave up for adoption early in the series. The why of the murder remains a mystery.

So there you have it. I am glad they cancelled this show now. I can't believe that little girl is going to kill her own mother. Well of course by the time she does it - she'll be in her 20's but, that still don't make it right.

This week's magazines...
Nicole Kidman graces the cover of VOGUE in China.

Uma Thurman represents for InStyle magazine.

Scarlett Johansson surprisingly shows off her back for ELLE.

US WEEKLY stories include: Jessica out with a new man (I am sure it's her gay male friend who keeps being mistaken for a new beau) Britney's not wearing her wedding ring (She probably just brought it in for cleaning since it's encrusted with cheezie powder) And inside Jen's shock of finding out about Angelina's pregnancy (You know....She had 7 years to get pregnant with Brad's baby....but, Chandler and Ross were more important)

And the ever reliable STAR magazine says Jen is humiliated and proposed to Vince Vaughn. (Now he can be a wedding crasher at his own wedding) The mag also claims that Angelina collapsed from exhaustion (ofcourse she did...all that crazy sex with Braddy would tire a girl out) And apparently Britney's gained another 20lbs since she lost her post baby weight.

This is for my cousin. She LOVES Patrick Dempsey......Ben! The doctor is in!

Is black the new red when it comes to maternity clothes? Here's Angelina and her bump.

And Gwyneth also in black and also preggers.

Another photo from the Brangelina trip to Haiti.

Nicole Richie splurges and blows her diet with a juice.....

Paris Hilton vamps it up at a nightclub with her sister Nicky.

Shakira is a natural beauty.

Lindsay Lohan who is 19 either looks like she is 40 or 12. Here she is having a tween moment.

More shots of Lindsay with Jared Leto. Her on/off/on/off/on again boyfriend who won't admit he sometimes dates her. What is she doing flashing him?

Mark Whalberg and his two year old daughter Ella Rae share a meal together. I really hope that's apple juice in that big urn.

Kelly Clarkson is on top of the world these days. Literally.

Jessica Simpson goes shopping (What else is new?). Meanwhile Nick is seen smiling ear to ear.
I guess she's no longer spending HIS money.

Geri Halliwell on her cell phone. Nope. No voice messages from your agent yet again....sorry.

Madonna on her cell.
Looking like she just came back from swimming and forgot to take her cap off.

Beautiful Beyonce stares lovingly at ugly buggy eyed boyfriend Jay Z while he is probably checking out some cheerleaders at a basketball game.

Most women wouldn't dare pose for a photo with supermodel Cindy Crawford but, Howard Stern's lovely girlfriend can get away with it.

Cameron Diaz goes golfing with Nicole Richie. Oh sorry, that's Mary Kate, it Hilary Duff? Oh, geez it's actually a golf club.



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