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Monday, January 16, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 130

I ended up doing a WTF on Sunday so this one is a short one.
What basically happened since my last WTF?
Hollywood screen star Shelley Winters has died after suffering a heart attack. She was 85. Rest in peace Shelley.

Eminem and his former wife Kim remarried on Saturday, five years after an ugly divorce split up their turbulent relationship. Eminem and Kimberly Mathers exchanged vows in a small and tightly guarded ceremony at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Hills, near Detroit.

Hope it works out this time for the sake of their daughter. Definitely have to give him props for giving it another chance. She was a train wreck but, I think she went to habit and cleaned up her act? Anyone know? I don't really follow this couple too much but, kind of dig his music.

Kevin Federline may have spent some time with porn star Kendra Jade in early December while Britney was away in Louisiana according to a published report. The Star is dropping the accusation that Brit's husband has cheated on her with Kendra Jade during a weekend getaway in Las Vegas. The Star says that while Brit was away, Federline went to Vegas where Kevin and Kendra partied, cuddled and made out during a seven hour romp in her suite with several other friends. Kendra is most famous for her video taped sex romp with none other than Jerry Springer.

Ooh, so this Kendra obviously has impeccable taste. Yuck. For Kevin's sake he better hope this is not true.

Jon Voight is desperate to contact his daughter Angelina Jolie. But, as far as his estranged daughter is concerned, the animosity between them continues.
He says, "I'm always trying to reach her and send her my love but I still haven't spoken to her. "I wish somebody would help me and give her a call. "Now she has announced she is pregnant with Brad's baby, I would love to be included in this exciting moment."

Everybody wants to be near Brad. Jon honey, get in line.

Speaking of exciting moments.....Angelina is embracing her swelling belly by recording it for the ages. "Entertainment Tonight" reports she's been striking a pregnant pose sans clothes for a "respected" but unnamed painter in order to detail the changes her famous body is going through (she's said to be due in the summer, although it's been speculated she's due sooner. Angelina has reportedly sat at least twice for the artist, with Braddy on hand to witness one of the portrait sessions.

Hey, I paint! Don't they want a picture of daddy naked too? I can do it! And much like Angie and Brad I am a big charity person so hey, I'll even do it for free.

Maria Bello has lashed out at the pressure to be skinny in Hollywood. She says she is happy with her fluctuating weight and refuses to believe her dress size should compromise her acting roles.
Bello says: "I still have to fight the idea that I'm supposed to look a certain way. I was 20 pounds heavier when I did The Cooler, 40 pounds heavier on Auto Focus. And they're the best work I've done so far. "

Again, not too familliar with this actress but, I hope to God this is not her when she put on 20 or 40lbs. This is what "fluctuating weight"looks like in Hollywood people.

Meanwhile, Kate Beckinsdale is glad Hollywood producers pressured her to lose weight - as she likes her new shape. Although she admits that image-obsessed Los Angeles life was tough on her, but she loves her new body. She says: "Before I came to LA I'd never been to the gym in my life. But they(producers) made me promise to work out a lot more. I hated it but it went, and I found it quite liberating because every time I thought about swimming, my mind didn't cut to a cauliflower in a swimsuit."

I suppose in Hollywood it's better to look like a carrot in a bathing suit? You know the look, skinny with the orange spray tans. (Not that there is anything wrong with Kate in this photo)

Jordan has announced she wants a part in the next James Bond film. The British model is reportedly in talks with producers to have a cameo role in the flick as one of French gangster Monsieur Le Chiffre's sexy casino croupiers.

Wouldn't she be better in the lead role as James' sidekick? With her torpedo chest she could take out all James' enemies just by pushing out her chest. And if that doesn't work she can distract the hell out of them.

Gwen and Gavin out and about. Her tummy has grown so quickly! These two are adorable.

Who's that masked celeb? It's Nicole Richie doing what she does best. Shopping.

Rumors are flying Cameron Diaz is preggers. Here she is leaving a medical office and tipping the garage attendant.

Wilmer Valderrama is going to have an appearance in the next season of THE SOPRANO'S. Wonder if he'll play a foreign exchange detective? (FED)

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise seem to be surprised that they are still together.

Whitney Houston stopped in a local convenience store to pose with a fan. I thought she said that Crack was whack? Looks like she has been dabbling...

Pamela Anderson stops to sign autographs outside an L.A eatery.

Eva Longoria, Mary J Blige and Jamie Foxx at a party for Mary's new cd.

Everybody's favorite plumber James Denton and Eva Longoria at a GOLDEN GLOBE pre party.

Brad and Angelina arrived in Florida Sunday am with Maddox and Zahara in tow.

Poor Maddox has to walk now since Mommy's carrying Zahara.

And another shot of Braddy...

One more shot of the couple's trip to Haiti earlier in the weekend. I love this photo. Look at the way Angelina is looking at him.

Jessica Simpson at the Golden Globe pre-party trying to look seductive. If you have to try that hard......

Sisters Nicky and Paris at the opening of a night club. Usually we only see them as it's closing...

Teri Hatcher and Jessica Alba at an IN STYLE event. It's pretty bad when Jessica Alba even looks chunky standing next to Teri Hatcher.

Here's another shot of gorgeous Jessica being fitted for a dress.

Britney went shopping without the baby or baby's daddy. Hey, maybe if we enlarge this we can get her credit card number....although Kevin's probably one step ahead of us and already did it...and blew the limit.

Peter Brady's blood must be running cold...his angel is a centrefold.



Blogger Marisa said...

Hey! Thanks for the birthday wishes. It made my day even that more special.

BTW, love the FED comment re: Wilmer! Made me laugh out loud.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

That is such a sweet picture of Angelina and Brad. She's in lerv with him.

And that picture of Jessica Simpson? Aaaaaack! She's looking worse and worse now that she's getting divorced. Good thing her daddy loves her - he's the only one who could love a face like that.

1:47 AM  

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