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Friday, January 06, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 123

Lindsay Lohan was released from the hospital this morning following her New Year's asthma attack. She was admitted Monday evening after suffering severe breathing problems. Medics kept her under observation after discovering she had broken a blood vessel in her neck. Meanwhile, her publicist, who has confirmed Lohan is back home in New York, insists reports that Lohan is pregnant are false. The rumors surfaced yesterday when a friend of the actress was spotted visiting the hospital carrying a home pregnancy test. But the publicist insists the pregnancy kit was for another pal.

If I had a nickel for every pregnancy test I got for a "friend"........ Mind you, check out some of Lindsay's friends. It could be the truth.

Angelina Jolie reportedly called up Jennifer Aniston and broke the news about her alleged pregnancy. Life & Style Weekly reported that according to a friend of both Angelina & Jen,
“Angelina did it in a very nice way like one old friend to another. Angie feels that the incident was a bonding moment for them.”
Apparently, Jen reacted with a brief sobbing moment.

If this story has a smidgen of truth to it I then Angelina wasn't "reaching out"...more like rubbing it in and Jennifer did not have a "brief sobbing moment" - in fact I think I can still hear her crying.
Anyhow, here are more recent photos of a blonder Angelina who seems to be using Zahara as a tummy cover up from the press.

Here she is with a jacket that kind of covers it up and then she uses Maddox's knapsack to cover it up later. Maddox probably JUST got used to having baby Zahara around....wonder what he thinks of all of this....

Jessica Simpson is set to open the 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards with a very special performance, Access Hollywood has learned.
The Executive producer of the award show said, "We are so delighted to have Jessica opening for what's sure to be a very exciting People's Choice Awards. Jessica's true vocal talent, unlimited energy and undeniable charisma will truly be a great addition to this year's show."

Vocal talent? Undeniable charisma? OH MY GOD! It's not Jessica! Must be an imposter!!!

Nick Lachey revealed to Elle Magazine that one of his favorite things to do was to put on his ex-wife Jessica Simpson's heels and walk around.
He said: "It was sort of a kinky thing we liked to get into."

I guess we should all be thankful that Jessica doesn't wear underwear.

Various wire reports say that Ashlee Simpson is terrified after a homemade sex tape made with an ex boyfriend has been released on the internet. The sex tape features Ashlee having sex in various positions and were made before she got famous. The tape was stolen from her panic room at her mansion in the hills of Orange Country.

First the lip synching fiasco, then the McDonalds episode caught on film where she was verbally assaulting the employee. Maybe in this one she's doing the counter guy at Burger King. They don't call it a whopper for nothing.

Hilary Duff, 18 and boyfriend Joel Madden, 26, consider that their 8 year age difference is no big deal - when it comes to dating anyhow. According to Teen People, Joel told the magazine that if he had a daughter who wanted to date a guy with such a big age difference, “I wouldn’t let it happen.” As for their relationship now, Madden says he’s totally committed to Duff. When asked about whether they plan a walk down the aisle, the couple says don’t expect wedding bells anytime soon.

Wasn't expecting wedding bells....was expecting them to get drunk, run off to Vegas, get hitched in a drive thru chapel and get it annulled two months later. That's true young love - Hollywood style.

Oh God, here we go....Jennifer Aniston has vowed to remain silent over her relationship with Vince Vaughn. She claims she has always been honest about her views on marriage and how she was affected by her parents divorce, but felt embarrassed by her public gushing for Pitt when they split last year. Although she has been quietly dating Vaughn since June, she has refused to publicly declare their relationship.
She says, "I'm not talking about him (Vaughn). I'm not being difficult, it's just that, as you can imagine, I've been burned in the past when it comes to talking about that part of my life. So I'm just leaving that subject alone. But, I'm doing great and I'm very happy with my life. I've been happy for a while. It's a good life."

Ofcourse she never talks about Vince. I mean I am sure he's a nice guy and all but, after you've been with Brad how to do you sell poor Vince as your knight in shining armour? Oh and Jennifer.....A vow of silence means you promised to shut up. So please, SHUT UP.

And what do you know, Jennifer Aniston has a new friend. After hearing about Brad and Jen breaking up, Gwyneth Paltrow apparently reached out to Jen and the two have been burning up phone lines ever since. Gwyneth was engaged to Brad once upon a time before Jen hooked up with him.
A source says,"They've been exchanging tons of e-mails and calls. There's some deep bonding going on."

Oh please, like Gwyneth wasn't on the phone with Juliette Lewis(who also dated Pitt) bad mouthing Jennifer this time last year...before the split happened. Gwyneth and Jennifer are perfect for each other because they are both media whores and will say ANYTHING to make it into a tabloid or this one. (Damn, I've been had again!)

Kevin Federline told a Los Angeles radio show that everything is "wonderful" between him and Britney and that all the rumors of him being kicked out were completely untrue. He also insisted that reports his Ferrari had been repossessed were nonsense - it was being taken into a local garage for repairs. He also said they are not planning on having a second child. He revealed, "Nah, not right now, we're gonna wait."
He also admitted Britney probably wasn't listening to his first big radio interview, adding, "We've had a rough night with the baby, last night; she's probably catching some z's ."

We've had a rough night with the baby? That's the funniest part of the whole story! So I suppose everything is back to normal at the Federlovin' residence......for now...

More Kevin Federline..... in case that wasn't enough. Britney Spears's mother, Lynn recently told the show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, that her daughter is "very happy about the baby and she's really picky. She doesn't let just anybody hold him, but she lets me hold him." When asked about her famous son in law she said, "Kevin does change diapers. He's very hands on. I'm very close to Kevin."

AHAA! So "Popazao" is about Britney's mom??? It all makes sense now.
I'll believe Tom Cruise is mentally stable before I'll ever buy that Kevin Federline changed a diaper.

Justin Timberlake promised he is not quitting music to concentrate on his film career full-time. The singer has a bunch of films coming out this year, including Black Snake Moan and Alpha Dog. He assures his fans that he feels just as passionate about music as he does about acting and will carry on his double career.
He tells MTV: "Hopefully I'll find a way to manage the two, because it does become a stretch. "

Sing, act, model, we don't long as you do it topless baby.

Liza Minnelli is dating a 27-year-old Austrian royal. Liza who is 59 and still fighting for a divorce from estranged husband David Gest, is reportedly dating Prince Max of Schaumburg-Lippe. The prince confirmed the romance to US tabloid National Enquirer, stating, "Liza is American royalty. She's a princess. Women like Liza are truly alluring."

Ok, this guy makes her last husband look like Rambo and he was as gay as they come. I'm surprised he's a prince. He looks much more like a queen.

Sienna Miller says she does not want to be pitied by people because of the affair she endured when Jude Law cheated on her. She revealed, "You have to swallow an awful lot of pride and say it's fine, that the people around me know me and I don't care what other people think, but you can't help but care. I heard the other day that there were people in LA selling T-shirts saying Team Sienna next to Team Aniston and I felt like this victim. I don't want to be seen as some little girl. I'm quite tough and proud."

Hear that Aniston? No, no, just took that silence vow remember?

The Daily Mirror reports that Posh Spice took her youngest sons Romeo and Cruz to a Pizza Hut. Her mum Jackie and sister Louise joined them for the fun family lunch.

What did she eat - a slice of green pepper? That's probably a big meal for her. She probably was in the washroom right after that getting rid of it. In fact, she looks like a thin slice of green pepper here or a string bean. It's true....You really are what you eat folks.

Reese Witherspoon could have the secret to a lasting Hollywood marriage. The actress told Now magazine that she and actor Ryan Phillippe don't let work keep them apart.
She said: "When I'm working, Ryan travels with me, which means that he and the children (Ava, six, and Deacon, two) are always there. I've looked at the marriages that survive and I've tried to learn from them. Ryan and I are really good friends ."

Aniston...still listening??? They are friends. She is not more obsessed with being on "Friends"than she is with her hubby.

Star Jones is tired of all the gay rumours surrounding her husband Al Reynolds and she's addressing that issue and a whole lot more in new book "Shine"
Quotes from the book include;
"The first time he held me in his arms sexually, it was almost frightening because we knew our erotic interest in each other could take over every other thing. Al is a beautiful man. He's got the legs of a stallion. He'd be a perfect Ralph Lauren model."
She also revealed, "One day, we would read in the press that Al was out gallivanting with a bunch of women. The next day, we'd read a story questioning his sexuality. I remember my husband saying to me, 'Baby, what am I today?' And me answering, 'Just who you were yesterday, baby.' I don't even deal with that question [of his sexual orientation]. … I know who my husband is."

So her husband is straight and she needed to write a book to prove it? Star needs to have lunch with Liza Minelli. They have a lot in common. Star will be on Oprah within a year crying about how she didn't see all the signs and how shocked she is. She thought all men liked cowboy porn and making their wives dress like different villiage people characters before sex was normal.

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed she is much more careful with her son than her husband is. She said, "My husband Matthew and I have a thing with safety. (Matthew) leaving something out that I think is not safe for James when reaching up. He doesn't do it intentionally, God knows, but I am always hyper-vigilant about safety issues for my son. Men don't have these antennas that, as woman, mothers have."
Sarah says she is terrified of anything happening to her only child and insists only she can properly care for the three-year-old.

I hear ya sister!

Kylie Minogue's boyfriend has reportedly bought her a puppy to cheer her up while she battles breast cancer. Gorgeous actor Olivier Martinez also hopes the cuddly pooch will help aid Kylie's recovery.
A source revealed: "Olivier heard that having a dog is therapeutic, so he couldn't think of a better gift."

Ok, if he wasn't adorable enough already!!! Olivier just got major bonus points.

Justin Timberlake helps Bill Gates launch a new online music store.

J-Lo and hubby Marc sporting the au natural look.

Jessica Simpson appears in the Australian edition of COSMOPOLITAN.

I guess Matthew McConaughey didn't break his collar bone in a surfing incident after all...Unless he is a fast healer. Either way, I hope he's wearing deodorant.

Avril Lavigne just needs to start dating a country singer, get a pscho ex husband and she will officially be Nicole Kidman's evil twin.

Jake Gyllenhaal with his two doggies. I hope he's not planning on taking them to Brokeback mountain.

Speaking of ....John Stamos and Ryan Seacrest tan together. Isn't that what guys do?

Kate Moss and her new boyfriend. I think she was better off with the last one. Yikes.

Are they filming another SURREAL LIFE? Why else would Kathy Griffin, Nick Carter and Bai Ling be hanging out together?

A new shot from Brad Pitt's new film where he plays Jessie James. Is that a gun in his pocket or is he just happy to see me?

And you thought Kelly Osbourne looked miserable as a brunette....

Alicia Keys goes jogging in Barbados. Or...she could be running from a crocodile.

Paris Hilton at the studio to record her new album. Is the braless aspect to deter people from the fact that she can't sing??? Too bad it didn't work for Kevin Federline.

Denise Richards plays with her two girls at the playground.

Scarlett Johansson looks cute in knickers which I would imagine is not an easy thing to do...

Jordan...who is Britain's version of Pamela Anderson, only without the brains, witty humor or talent....promotes her new fitness video. I'd actually pay to see this woman do a single push up with those ridiculous obstacles in the way.

Remember AHA? 80'S band? Take on Me? The sun always shines on TV? Here they were then....

And here they are now....I think I know what AHA stands for. AGING HOTTIES ALWAYS! They look great! Or is it just me?

Nicole Richie of all people is the new spokesmodel for JIMMY CHOO shoes. This looks like an ad for an eating disorder intervention. Like he's trying to stop her from throwing up into the pool.

Oh and here is another ad where she is running from the press and showing off her choos....apparently they had to add that curve to her non-existant hip. Who could fit in these shoes? An eight year old?


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