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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 121

Divorce proceedings between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are back on. Lawyers for both sides filed legal papers today. Denise filed for divorce last March, citing irreconcilable differences. At the time, they had one child with another on the way. Since the filing, the second baby was born. Sources say that there was not one single problem leading to the split, rather it was "cumulative." The couple appeared to reconcile last fall. They were seen in public together for several months, but apparently things fell apart again over the Christmas holidays.

Charlie must of got upset when there were no hookers under the tree for him. Denise did say in the past that he never helped her around the house or with the kids. Sounds like he spent yet another holiday with his ass glued to the couch while Denise ran around the house doing everything. Oh well, it's over but, nobody can say they didn't try.

Will Smith wants his wife Jada Pinkett Smith to take over as the main 'breadwinner' so that he can sit back and relax. Will says that now their children Jaden, seven, and Willow, three, are growing up, his wife can take up more acting and singing with her band Wicked Wisdom and he can do less.
He says, "Now that she isn't breastfeeding, I'll probably work less in order for her to work a little more!"

Those scripts must not be falling on his lap these days. He's a good actor but, always plays the same type of character anyhow. Will makes it sound like they are hurting for money. Let's face it, they could both stay home forever and be able to live in luxury.

Sources say Cisco Adler flipped out when girlfriend Mischa Barton invited her friends out with them after his New Year's eve show where he played with his band.
"Cisco was very angry that Mischa wanted to hang out with some of her other friends and not exclusively with him, there was a lot of slamming doors and stomping around and swearing at each other before the two finally calmed down."

I also read that the two smoked a joint which helped them both to calm they down. There's still hope for this relationship as long as they don't run out of weed.

Gwyneth Paltrow has called in a rabbi from a Kabbalah Centre after becoming convinced that her London home is haunted, according to London’s Daily Mail.
“Gwyneth believes that the dark energy that has dogged her lately is due to something dark and unexplained in her home,” a source told the paper. “Her pregnancy is not as peaceful as her last one and she has also been upset by a stalker.”

If Gwyneth wants to scare the ghost away she needs to put on that goth like black dress she wore to the Oscars one year. That should work! It's way more ghastly than anything hanging out at her house.

Ben Affleck was out shopping for his baby daughter when he suddenly realized he had left his cash at home. He reportedly picked up some diapers and told shoppers: "I've got to get these or my wife will kill me."According to onlookers, Ben refused to sell his Boston Red Sox baseball cap in return for some money but, instead settled on smooching a fan, who then offered to pay for the baby items.

This story would of been much more interesting if Ben had no money and needed baby formula, milk and a soother - and the only other shopper in the store was Jennifer Lopez.

It was a rough few months for Julia Roberts and hubby Danny Moder, sources tell Star. The two have been fighting constantly, the sources say, mostly because Julia went back on her word to stay home with their twin babies so that hubby Danny could focus on his career. Instead, Julia agreed to make her Broadway debut in a three-month run of the drama Three Days of Rain this spring. Julia turned to Oprah Winfrey for help finally.
A source close to Oprah tells Star. "Oprah cares about Danny and loves the two of them as a couple. Oprah was really there for her."

Oprah is smart. She knows good tv when she sees it.

Teri Hatcher wanted to set the record straight in an interview with Marie Claire magazine. Teri was angry that a psychologist told US tabloids that Teri was losing weight to be the thinnest desperate housewife on the hit show in order to justify her higher salary.
Teri shot back, "They should have their licence taken away for commenting on someone's health without them being a patient. I don't even know if I earn the most - I make exactly what I made when I signed my initial contract and I don't know what the other girls get."

Um, I don't need a doctor's license to know that when your legs look like two slivers of's time you seek some help!

Lindsay Lohan has finally confessed up to doing drugs and becoming so bulimic that she couldn't stand the sight of her own skeletal figure. In an explosive magazine interview with VANITY FAIR, the star blames her behaviors on her emotionally destructive dad, killer stressfrom being in the Hollywood biz and her break up with her first-love actor Wilmer Valderrama.
Lindsay revealed, "I was sick.I had people sit me down and say, 'You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself.' "

She has put on a few pounds since then and I do mean just a few..but, she looks way better already. We may see Lindsay get a whole lot the tummy region. Rumor has it a friend went to visit her in the hospital (Re- her asthma attack) and brought a bag of stuff that Lindsay personally requested. In the bag were a few personal items, a box of Cocoa Puffs and a pregnancy test. Hmmmmm.

Paris Hilton is being accused of being a racist. Again. It seems she has denied claims that she'd used the N word, as well as anti-Semitic slurs in the past. Now, L.A. event promoter Brian Quintana claims she branded him a "lazy Mexican."
Quintana says that's just one of the "hateful" things Hilton has uttered in an effort to get him away from her boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, and that her alleged threatening calls have gotten so bad he believes his life is in "imminent danger." Friday, he filed for a restraining order in L.A. alleging that "[Hilton] has a drug problem, some rather shady associates, and is known for erratic behavior."
In one message Quintana played over the phone for us, a woman he claims is Paris screams, "You're a pathetic [bleeping] loser! Never call or text Paris or Stavros again."

Paris can't be racist....she has a couple of brown dogs, a spanish maid, a few african american butlers, an european masseuse, a jewish plastic surgeon and a polish chauffeur.

Hilary Duff and boyfriend Joel Madden grace the cover of TEEN PEOPLE magazine.

Inside she tells him a secret...probably saying, "Hey baby, I havn't eaten in two weeks..can I nibble on your ear for a while?"

Lindsay Lohan in Vanity Fair where she spills her guts about spilling up her guts.

Britney Spears goes shopping without her extensions!!! Maybe next she'll get rid of Kevin.

Britney then grabs a coffee and hangs out with her sister Jamie-Lynn.

Joaquin Pheonix performs at Folsom prison just like Johnny Cash did once upon a time.

Mary Kate Olsen gets all dressed up to go shopping. Hey, it's an improvement, her clothes aren't ripped at least.

Naomi Watts takes her dogs out for a walk. I don't think the dogs agree on which street they are starting from.

Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives covers up while at the beach. What's the point of going??

Reese Witherspoon at STARBUCKS with her friends.

Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton tiptoe through the tulips....that twig is bigger than Nicole is.

Mariah Carey learns how to snowboard just like she said she wanted to.

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn stroll down the Las Vegas strip in the early morning hours. Say what you want about Brad - at least he changes his shirt every now and again.

Speaking of Brad, here he is at the library getting books on one of his favorite things....archeology. Sigh, he's so smart AND wearing a clean shirt.

Jennifer Lopez's ex hubby Chris Judd shows how life DOES go on after J-Lo. Unless of course she finally calls him...

Vin Diesel and his man purse. I guess when you're a big, brawny, bald guy nobody is going to dare tease you about it.



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Wow so Lindsay was bulemic and on drugs. Well go figure, anyone who gets that thin so fast is most likely on drugs. I beter Nicole is back on drugs, shes way to skinny!

Its funny though, all these skinny ppl saying "I don't have a problem! Don't read what you hear!" Then they admit it a few months later... I'm starting to think now that all those trashy magazines just might be true...=O Hey look at Nick & Jess! They were right about them!

With Will Smith, k he doesn't have to work for the rest of his life with the money he makes! He makes 20 million per movie! =O

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