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Sunday, December 04, 2005


A recent poll was conducted to determine the top ten Hot Celebrity Dads. The results are in. Here they are.
10) Charlie Sheen - I guess some people find him hot. His parenting skills weren't obviously considered though. I was not able to find any photos of Charlie with his daughters Sam and Lola which explains why Denise Richards left him a while back. He was not spending enough time with his kids apparently. She took him back and is giving him the benefit of the doubt and I suppose we should too. I still don't think he is hot. One bit.

9) Guy Ritchie - I am glad he made the list. He seems to be a great guy and anyone who can tame Madonna into being a maternal being deserves some credit. He is dad to their son Rocco and although he did not father Madonna's daughter Lourdes, it really doesn't make a difference to him. He's a good guy. That guy. Guy Ritchie.

8) Tom Cruise - We can think what we want of the guy, he does seem to be a pretty good dad to his adopted children Isabella and Conner. He seems to go to all of their soccer games and school events. Even if it's to make sure nobody gets hold of them and tells them the REAL truth about least he's around.
Oh and the girl to the left here is not his kid. That's his wife Katie who is preggers with his baby. But, you already knew that.

7) Jude Law - What? He cheated with his kid's nanny! I guess some people figure that makes him hot. Not in my books. I didn't find him attractive before he did it and now he just repulses me. In his defense though, at least I could find a photo of him spending time with his children. (Ahem, Charlie Sheen)

6) Matthew Fox - He's on the show LOST. Couldn't find photos of him with any kids but, he is cute and was a great father figure on the "Party of 5." I loved that show.

5) Benjamin Bratt - Good choice! Benjamin is hunky. He dated Julia Roberts for four years which is a lifetime in Hollywood until he finally settled down with wife Talisa Soto. They have two very small tots who are going to be very grateful to inherit this gene pool!

4) Brad Pitt - Unless you've been living under a rock - you know I completely and utterly think he should of been number one. He is adopting Maddox and Zahara to call his own very soon. Braddy is definitely one HOT DADDY!!!!!

3) Johnny Depp -Not only sexy but, how cool of a dad is this guy? He's played a pirate, Willie Wonka, Peter Pan's creator from Neverland and that's just to name a few wonderful characters he has brought to life. Here he is with his wife Vanessa and one of their two children.

2) Will Smith - I suppose he is the token black guy who is representing for his peeps. He came in a close second. I will say that he has a great physique only you can't see it in this photo cuz he is doing the family thing with wife Jada and his three kids.

1) Ryan Phillippe - Husband to Reese Witherspoon, father to Ava and Deacon. He was voted number one. I do agree he is handsome! He married so young yet still remains to be a great father to his children. He's your daddy apparently.

Some of my personal picks that did not make the cut.
David Beckham - Obviously the poll was taken by blind people. WTF kind of world is it when this gorgeous father of three boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz does not make the list?

Ben Affleck - Newest Papa of my picks. His daughter Violet was born merely days ago. I never thought he was attractive until he started dating Jennifer Garner. He is going to make a great dad!

Tommy Lee - Has two sons Brendan and Dhillon with Pamela Anderson. Tommy had his problems but, he cleaned up his act signifigantly. The only thing is his poor sons will always have their father's big legacy to live up to. I meant that he is a wicked drummer for Motley Crue. What were you thinking? Tsk tsk.

Lenny Kravitz - He has a teenage daughter Zoe from when he was married to Lisa Bonet. He still worships the ground her mother walks on even though they are divorced, writes songs about her and their daughter ....he sure knows how to LET LOVE RULE. Besides, I needed my token black guy.

Mel Gibson - He is the father of six children and had them all with ONE woman. His wife. (Imagine that!-) Now how can we not give him an honorable mention?

Jon Bon Jovi - He has four children with his wife who is also his childhood sweetheart. He has always took pride in the fact that he kept his kids out of the spotlight and he made sure they led a normal life. For that alone, he makes my list. Besides, he's still got it.

Richie Sambora - The guitarist from Bon Jovi. Normally I don't find him all that attractive. Then I found this picture of him holding his daughter Ava when she was a toddler. That was it. He made the list. He is adorable as a daddy and I wonder if his wife Heather Locklear thinks so too.

James Denton - He's a father of two. Imagine the lucky neighbourhood who has this guy showing up at their doorstep on Hallowe'en with his kids. I bet they all are asking him for a treat.

Wentworth Miller - Ok, so he's not a father. Why then do I feel compelled to yell out "Daddy!" whenever I watch prison break then? He may not be a father but, I know LOTS of women who want to reproduce with him.

Another Prison Break character.... who I have no idea if he is a father in real life but, if Charlie Sheen and Jude Law can make the list then so can this degenerate. Diana....this one's for you baby. He can be the T-Bag, you can be the social tea biscuit that takes a dip with him in some steamy, hot water. You know you want to. Your secret's safe with me.



Blogger Mickity said...

I have to disagree on Mel....he's a bit of a religious zealot in my opinion. Bon Jovi is THE MAN though. Have you seen his "Have a nice day" video? His booty is....whoa! :-)

1:41 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

My #1 dad is Pierce Brosnan. He adopted his first wife's two children and had a son with her and took care of them after she died of cancer. He went on to have two more children with his second wife. He's still a gorgeous man and even more so because he obviously loves all of his family.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Johnny Stalker said...

Bob Geldof was hot in his day and even though his skanky wife not only cheated on him but got pregnant with Michael Hutchins (INXS) baby....after Michael died and the skank ended up passing away...Bob adopted their child and raised her as his own.
For pure hottie factor though, I say Johnny Depp all the way

3:31 PM  
Blogger jet_black_new_year said...

how did the HOTTEST.....SEXIEST man in the world, David Beckham, not make it on the list!!?!?! He should definately be the number one dad... although i wouldnt want him to be mine. He can fill the Husband position i have open. :)

3:27 PM  

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