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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 98

Mama Spears has transformed baby Sean's bedroom into the nativity setting in celebration of his first festive holiday. The room is full of lavish decorations that include wax figures and several life-size animals.
An insider is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "It cost an absolute fortune. But at least she didn't have to buy a baby Jesus - because Sean is playing the part."
She should of just paid the three wise men off. One to kidnap Kevin, one to erase his memory and one to give him a vasectomy.

Rumor has it that Britney- who is Las Vegas right now with her mom and baby - may make a surprise appearance at the Billboard Awards on Tuesday night. Kevin is now in Vegas, but nobody knows if he will staying with her. She has supposedly kicked him out and we saw his car being shipped back to the dealership. Kevin is also possibly making his singing debut on the Billboard awards. So there. You've been warned. I on the other hand will watch it only because it's gonna be like a bad accident and nobody will be able to look away.
Here is Kevin in Vegas already partying with his peeps. One of them is actually Britney's brother!

Shar Jackson has lashed out at the paparazzi fascination surrounding her children - because it has turned them into kidnap targets.
"In all honesty, it makes my children kidnap targets and all kinds of other stuff. People should not know what my babies look like."
Yeah, well she wouldn't be involved in this whole mess if she didn' t let Kevin see what her babies looked like in the first place!...if you know what I mean.

Renee Zellweger was left red faced at a London coffee shop. The actress was shocked after realising that the store's credit card system was out of order, as she wasn't carrying any cash with her to pay for all the drinks she ordered for herself and friends. Zellweger sent her assistant to pay the bill a few days later.

Who pays for coffee using a credit card? Mind you, lattes can be pretty pricy. Especially if your lactose intolerant.

Christina Aguilera has dedicated a song to new husband Jordan Bratman.
She explained, "I actually have a song about him on my next album called Save Me From Myself, because that's exactly what he's done. He's come into my life and saved me from not believing in people any more and restoring my faith in the world and humanity. He really is my angel who got me believing in life."
All these hit songs she has already released and this is the first song she has written for him? He can't be all that special.

Justin Timberlake who is currently trying to make it big in Hollywood, was told by film executives that his high-pitched voice wasn't right for the big screen. Justin has apparently hired a vocal coach and has been doing voice exercises day and night in a bid to develop a deep voice.
Oh please. He's a good singer, has a good singing voice...who cares if he doesn't have a perfect talking voice. In fact he could take a non-talking role playing a mute or a mime....teenage girls (and some, ahem, older women like myself) will be flocking to a theatre in droves to see him on the big screen.

Sarah Jessica Parker has criticised fashion companies for not considering larger sized models. She also insists larger women are healthier and more content, and shouldn't feel pressurised to lose weight, particularly after pregnancy.
She says: "Women of all sizes are beautiful when they feel good. It's a great mistake of the fashion industry to focus less on fuller figures. I find larger women sexy."
I'll believe Sarah finds big women appealing when she weighs more than one hundred pounds with her stilettos on. Isn't this the same woman who banned the word "fat" from being said in her home last month?

Naomi Watts, the star of King Kong, (But, don't tell King that) said she wished her success had come earlier because she would love to have had children and started a family.
She revealed, "I probably would have thought by my age I would have been married and have children. I probably, well, I did always think that I would have that by the age of 30. I think that's something every woman wants. It's just a natural urge for a woman to have kids. "
What's her point exactly? Underarm hair is natural too. Doesn't mean everybody wants it.

Another one with babies on the brain....
Jennifer Aniston said she still has hopes to have a family with kids and a perfect husband.
She explains, "In five years, I would hope to be married and have a kid. I still believe in marriage 100 per cent," She also never wants to be a single mom and has her beliefs when it comes to adoption, "I know, and that's fantastic, but, for me personally, I'd like to share that with someone else."
Ooooh. Low blow meant for Angelina??? Angelina could not be reached for comment cuz she was too busy going to third world countries and helping the less fortunate.

Paris, boyfriend Stavros, sister Nicky and Kevin Connolly partied in New York all weekend. Paris and Stavros made out at a nightclub while they shared two bottles of vodka and several beers with friends. At 2am they moved on to another club where they secured a table in the VIP section. An hour later, they went to yet another club. A group of Australian tourists were asked to vacate a bar-side booth so that the couple could take it over.
Are these two still together? I guess as long as the vodka keeps flowing it's a great relationship.

Ashley Olsen finally ditches the hobo look just in time to wear her horrible new glasses. She looks like Bubbles from 'Trailer Park Boys."

Denise Richards takes her girls to a pet store to look at the birds.

Mariah Carey looks like she's coming from a Pimp Convention. Things must be looking up. She usually looks like she's going to a prostitute convention.

Oops, spoke too soon.
I think Mariah's auditioning for a part in Prison Break here. She's trying to bust out.

Maddox and mommy hang out together. Oh my God. Reminds me of me and my Chelsea - except we don't go grocery shopping together only because I tried to smuggle her in once and almost got arrested. Those people at NO FRILLS really have to relax a little, maybe try some yoga.

Lindsay Lohan at the VH1 Hot 2005 party. She looks good here. Did I just say that?

Jessica Simpson at the same party. Looks like Nick was her best accessory afterall. She looks like a transvestite to me here. No offense at all meant to any tranvestites reading this. I said she looked like a transvestite. I never said a good one.

Katie Holmes at Tom's daughter Isabella's soccer game. She looks like she swallowed the ball.

I cannot help but, think how much Ellen Pompeo (who plays the Grey on Grey's Anatomy) looks so much like Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. Anybody else?

Ryan Gossling and his girlfriend Rachel McAdams take their dogs for a walk (they played lovers in the "Notebook")

Jennifer Lopez looking as pale as hubby Marc. What happened the the german sheppard they just got? That better not be him on J-Lo's collar!! I'm phoning Heather McCartney!


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Mama, please don't compare you and me to Angelina and Maddox. First of all I am a girl and secondly, lately you have been neglecting my blog. Angelina would NEVER neglect Maddox's blog.

There you have been read my blog today and get a clue.
I still love you...especially since I saw you take chicken out for dinner...I'm just saying...

9:38 AM  
Anonymous crazycats said...

You were right. Reunion is cancelled. I am so mad

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