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Friday, December 30, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 118

Kelly LeBrock, who is famous for the 80's Pantene commercial in which she said, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," signed on for the third season of VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." These days she weighs in at 176 pounds compared to the 125lbs she was when she starred in "Weird Science" and "Woman In Red." She recently told ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT that these days she is busy raising her three children on her own and generally happy with herself. She claims she gained the weight because it took away from the constant unwanted attention she kept getting from men.
Here's Kelly from the 80's

And Kelly now. I happened to catch her on E.T. and sure, she's bigger but, I still think for her age she looks pretty damn good and that's harder to maintain. Like the saying goes, "I might be fat but, you're ugly and I can diet."

Now that Nicole Richie and boyfriend Adam's relationship is virtually over. (They claim they are still friends and business associates) US Weekly is reporting that Adam is allegedly on the hunt for a new woman. And apparently, this time he's got a different kind of woman in mind.
A source told the magazine, "Adam wants to date curvy girls. He hated Nicole's skinny body and liked her better before she lost so much weight."

That's a no brainer. Men like curves cuz curves mean boobs. No curves, no boobs. Unless you are a relative of Barbie or you had some help from the silicone fairy. Quick Adam, call up Kelly LeBrock before that show turns her into lollipop head!

Gwyneth Paltrow says she was intrigued as a teen by a friend's socialite mother who filled a room in the family's home with couture gowns and ballet costumes. The actress says she has always wanted to copy the idea.
She recalls: "I remember I was around 16, peeking into this room and thinking, 'My God, how incredible.' It was all couture. Maybe I can have a room like that someday ."
And she can't wait to get started on the project because many of her favourite designer dresses are still in storage.

Why do I suddenly have an image of Gwyneth and Apple in a walk-in closet and as her little daughter tries to help mom hang the dresses, Gwyneth starts yelling, "NOT WIRE HANGERS YOU IDIOT!! I'VE TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!"
Gwyneth does seem like a perfect mommy. Dearest.

If rumor is true than Nicole Kidman is marrying boyfriend Keith Urban this weekend on New Year's Eve. According to The Sun, the actress is on a rampage to beat her ex-husband Tom Cruise down the aisle.

What a fantastic reason to get married. Yeah, this one's gonna last....if you also believe rumors flying around then Keith has a little soft spot for the white stuff. I'll give you a clue: The soft spot's his nose and the white stuff's not snow. Mind you, Nicole may find this man refreshing - at least he has a reason to act kooky now and again unlike the last guy Nicole was married to.

Naomi Watts is the new name in the running to possibly be 007's next leading lady. But according to The Sun, insiders claim she will turn down the chance to star alongside new James Bond actor Daniel Craig. The word is that she fears the "Curse of the Bond Girl" could thwart her career. Many actresses who become Bond Girls either never work again or get really, really bad scripts. (i.e. Halle Berry, Denise Richards) So far Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson have also turned down the role.

I never thought I would see the day that women are resisting James Bond. He must be losing his touch. He should have the batteries in his remote woman catcher replaced.

Kevin Federline is going to release his debut rap single himself because he failed to find a record label to invest in his talents. Kevin is convinced of his lyrical genius and says his first track POPOZAO will storm straight to the top of the charts.The single will be available from website

You want someone to give you a label Kevin? Ok, you're a no good, spineless, useless, gansta wannabe, idiot, scum sucking, deadbeat, money leeching, two timing, loser.....
You're welcome. Anytime.

Christina Applegate is in the middle of a divorce from actor Johnathan Schaech but, that isn't stopping her from snagging a good man when she sees one. Her new beau is Alaskan fisherman and aspiring photographer Lee Grivas, whom she met in the fall through a dancer in her Broadway show Sweet Charity. “We're very happy with each other," he tells PEOPLE in its upcoming issue. "I like making her smile and she likes making me smile. It's really innocent and fun."

I know what makes men smile and it ain't nothing innocent.

Ex- Spice Girl bandmates Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell hooked up for a girl's night out yesterday. According to the Daily Mirror, Geri was even invited to stay over at Beckingham Palace.
An insider told the paper: "Posh was thrilled when she heard Geri was expecting and wanted to spend some quality time with her. There have been a lot of rifts but they've been speaking regularly for the past 18 months."

Geri's preggers and Victoria is looking more skeletal every time we see her. I guess you could say that Ginger has become Baby and Posh has become Scary.

Naomi Campbell says she is sick and tired of accusations that she has had cosmetic surgery. The 35-year-old supermodel wants to put an end to all the speculation and rumours about how she maintains face and figure.
She says, "I just take care of my body. I don't drink alcohol and I work out for two hours a day. I don't see myself as gorgeous and I'm fed up with people saying I've had plastic surgery and lipo.

I ain't touching this comment. Naomi might beat my ass and I like my teeth exactly where they my mouth. Intact.

Kate Hudson has admitted to a British Magazine: “I’ve experimented with drugs.“I think everybody has but, I don't now. I’m not a drug person. I just never cared. I have no interest in hard drugs. I’m totally turned off by that.”

You know...for someone who doesn't do drugs, she sure goes on about it. She also told the magazine that a woman needs to let her man wear the pants in the relationship in order to make him feel like he is cared for. (And she doesn't do drugs huh?)

The Sun reports that Courteney Cox had an awkward face-to-face encounter with Brad Pitt on Wednesday. Courteney was at a Beverly Hills Hotel when Jen's ex-hubby came into the hotel with friends. He walked over and offered to buy her a drink but Courteney just offered a cold shoulder and a polite: "Thanks, but no thanks." An onlooker said: "Brad really got the brush-off. Brad stood right next to her and tried to strike up a conversation but she was having none of it. Brad walked away with his tail between his legs."

Now that's a FRIEND. I myself would of talked to him, taken the drink AND got a room for us both, hey, in a hotel may as well take advantage of it. Anymore questions?

According to IN TOUCH magazine Jennifer Aniston constantly reassures Vince Vaughn that she likes him because he's not perfect, the 'perfect' guy broke her heart. According to the mag, Jen is reconsidering her relationship because she's always felt a little awkward about Vince. Friends say that while Jennifer thinks he's a great guy, she never reportedly intended this romance to be more than a simple rebound fling.
"She's wondering what kind of future they'll have together," her pal tells In Touch. "He's pushing her to get serious, but she's keeping a safe distance."

I think it's the other way around. He's about to make a run for the hills while she probably makes ticking noises pretending to be her biological clock.

Jessica Alba just finished getting her nails done and the phone rang. I hate when that happens.

It's clear who wears the chaps in the Beckham family. Unfortunately, it's not who we want it to be.

Cameron Diaz shopping in Beverlty Hills.

Mariah Carey still in Aspen with her dog Jack.

Mischa Barton and boyfriend Cisco Adler are also in Aspen vacationing.

Even supermodel Heidi Klum is there too with hubby Seal and the kids.

Kirsten Dunst is tanning somewhere hot.

David Letterman is golfing somewhere hot.

Britney Murphy's going somewhere hot.

Lindsay Lohan's in Miami trying to look hot.

Ex-lovers Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are back together and keeping it hot in Maui.

Sharon and Ozzy at the airport with one of their dogs coming back from somewhere hot perhaps?

Daughter Kelly's not far behind with Sharon's favorite dog "Minnie". Or maybe it's Kelly's Mini Me.

Liv Tyler sure can multi task. I personally would just walk the baby alone. The baby needs lots of attention and care. I would leave the toddler at home if I were Liv.

Courtney Love shops with her daughter Frances Bean. Either Courtney's really slimmed down or man, I gotta get me a pair of those jeans. I love how they are holding hands. That's probably to keep Courtney from having nervous twitches since she stopped doing drugs.

Nicky Hilton picks up a FED EX package while vacationing in Hawaii. Don't worry. It's not ticking. It's for Nicky....not sister Paris.


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lol everyone is going somewhere hot, hey why not it is nice to get away from the wretched cold! =P

Thats weird Geri and Victoria were hanging out, I thought they hated each other. Maybe the Spice Girls will finally have that rumored reunion! =P Also when I see Courtney's daughter I see Kurt, she looks so much like him! =O

Also wat Courtney Cox did, wow what a BURN to Brad. Now thats a good friend. =P I'm sure she called Jenn up and told her about it.

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