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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 116

Brad Pitt is the latest celebrity caught with his pants down. Literally. Pitt's lawyer has sent around a letter saying that pictures of the star were taken while he was on the balcony of his Los Angeles home. The letter threatened legal action against anyone who publishes the shots.

This isn't one of the actual photos but, you better believe I already googled it a million times. I wouldn't recommend doing so. You may see other Brad's naked but, not this fine speciman.

STAR magazine says that Nick Lachey tried to stop Jessica Simpson from getting a divorce. He apparently went to her family home and brought a sister in-law Ashlee (who had just collapsed in Japan at the time) he even gave Jessica's dad Joe Simpson a big hug. The magazine also reports that Nick and Jessica went off to have a talk in private where he tried to convince her not to go through with the divorce.

Nah, Nick probably just went there to steal a couple of bucks from Jessica's purse.

A convicted murderer was arrested yesterday for attempting to extort $1 million from celebrity couple Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in exchange for their wedding video. There were two ex-cons arrested in New York City on Tuesday. The video of the couple's wedding ceremony was on Marc's laptop computer, which was stolen along with the singer's Cadillac back in October.

Who would want to buy J-Lo and Marc's wedding video? I suppose the honeymoon video was either non-existent or nothing to write home about.

Oxygen network has approved a reality series that will follow former "America's Next Top Model" judge Janice Dickinson as she starts a Hollywood modeling agency. The show is based on Janice who will juggle motherhood and business as she narrows down more than 500 aspiring models to five finalists, who will become the first to be signed by her agency. The 10 episode series will be called "The Janice Dickinson Project".

I can't believe they are giving Janice her own show. Don't they know what happened to Tara Reid and her attempt at "Taradise".

Kevin Federline now has his own webiste. The site's introduction shows tabloid articles reporting trouble in his marriage with Spears, while Federline raps, "Keep messin' with my family and you're through."
The introduction ends with a screen that says, "Now that I have your full attention, never judge a book by its cover."
He also wrote a warning: "I'm coming ... 2006."

Gee, I hope this time he wears a condom.

Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston have had their first fight. According to Star Magazine reports, Vince blew up with Jennifer over a bunch of things: He's sick of being trailed by reporters, he's fed up with Jen's fascination with Brad and Angelina he even accused Jen of using him as a sex object. He was angry, sweating and raising his voice.

Finally, he sees the light!! Come to the other side Vince!

Looks like Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow from "The Soprano's") was right to get out of her two-year marriage to her former manager, A.J. DiScala. Sources say that since the split, DiScala has not only been partying hard with his buddies Drew and Nick Lachey, but has been getting so out of control he leaves nasty drunken dials on Jamie-Lynn's cell phone.
A friend of Jamie-Lynn's said, "He'll be in Miami or Los Angeles and he'll call her at 4 a.m. and just slur nasty things into the phone. She just wants to move on with her life."

Duh, I'd be changing my phone number pretty quickly!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have gotten engaged, the couple confirmed exclusively to PEOPLE.
"We're so incredibly happy and in love. We cannot wait to start our lives together," they said in a joint statement. He proposed to Tori at on Christmas Eve in Toronto, Canada.
In September, Tori split with her husband, actor-writer Charlie Shanian, after a year of marriage and Dean filed for divorce on Sept. 9 from his wife of 12 years after the two had an affair while working on a movie together.

I give it a year and that's only because she's got a lot of money and he doesn't look stupid.

Jack Black has admitted using drugs on the set of "King Kong." And he blames the movie for his relapse as a smoker and for a wild weekend with one of his co-stars.
He says, "Look, overall I'm very responsible on set. I'm not one of those dudes who come drunk to the set," he tells GQ. "But there was a lost weekend where I had a little extra time off and I did some Ecstasy and I went on kind of a crazy rampage and I started smoking."
And although he won't name his partner in crime, but says it was "another member of the cast" and that the two of them were "just running around, dancing around, drinking and Ecstacizing, smoking like a chimney."

I think he partied with Kong himself. The King looks like he's into Monkey Business.

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and his wife, actress Shanna Moakler, both 30, welcomed their second child together, on Christmas Eve, PEOPLE has confirmed. The baby girl's name is Alabama Louella Barker. In May, when news of the pregnancy was first announced, Barker said: "Hopefully it will be Christmas Eve. I'm hoping for a girl." He got his wish.

I bet the baby's wishing her daddy will stop groping his mother in public anytime soon.

Rumor has it that Angelina and Brad are set to marry on New Year's Eve. The paperwork for Brad to become legal dad to Maddox and Zahara is being approved, plus Angelina is rumored to be three months pregnant.

I hope this is true. If there is a wedding that means there will be a honeymoon and the possibility for more nude photos.

Madonna says she used to sneak out of her home as a teenager and go to gay discos, where she would dance till the wee hours of the morning.
"I used to tell my dad I was sleeping over at a girlfriend’s house. It was just amazing to see all these men dancing with one another. I’d spent my whole life feeling like a freak and an outsider and that nobody understood me and suddenly I felt like it’s ok to feel different," she added.

Must of been odd for Madonna to be in a club crawling with men and although they all probably complimented her clothes, I am sure none of them cared when she grinded her hips into the nearest pole.

Desperate Housewive's Eva Longoria loves being a homebody with her boyfriend Tony Parker, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs. Instead of parties she's happier staying at home.
Eva says, "I enjoy being in a committed relationship. I've never been comfortable playing the field or keeping different men on a string. I hate that behaviour in women.

This is the same woman who was bragging to the press before she met Tony that she loved playing the field? This girl is either bipolar or a complete phony. Or both.

Pamela Anderson has a wonderful tradition she does with her sons every year before the Christmas holidays. She says her kids give away their old toys so that others get a chance to enjoy them.
She explains, "After Thanksgiving, we round up all the toys, clothing and anything else the kids have outgrown, and we give it to shelters. "The boys love doing this knowing other kids will enjoy what they've given, and they know they are making room for Santa."

Pamela looks like she's making a little room for Santa herself in this peculiar pose.

Ok, so I posted those Ricky Martin photos a few days back where he was frolicking on the beach....turns out the "mystery male companion" is Ricky's half-brother Eric Martin. That should teach us all a lesson for jumping to conclusions.

Now if I could only figure out who this woman is.....

US WEEKLY's issue to this week. Apparently Nick is telling his side of the story.

This week's STAR magazine. According to this Julia Robert's marriage is in trouble and Oprah is trying to help. Oh and they say Britney's having another baby to save her marriage. Now, that is funny!

Scarlett Johansson just signed a deal with L'Oreal for a cool 4 million. I guess now she can afford to get her roots done.

Uma Thurman enjoys her vacation in St. Barts with her two children.

Pamela Anderson and her boys go to one of their games. I am sure she goes to distract the other team with her soccer ball boobs.

Ashlee Simpson is in Hawaii with her family for the holidays. All those locals snapping shots in the background must have mistaken her for Paris Hilton....who is also in Hawaii.

Hilary Duff. Blonde, very thin, little chihuahua by her side and wears hooker shoes to go buy a coffee. I'm surprised she isn't mistaken for Paris Hilton.

I had to do a double take. It's Tara Reid. I almost didn't recognize her seeing as she is sober, pretty much covered up in clothing and looks like she even showered!

Ashley Olsen hides from the paparazzi. Not doing a great job of it.

Sister Mary Kate went shopping with Ashley on boxing day. The girls were surrounded by six body guards....and no they weren't at Yonge and Dundas.

I always thought Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas looked good in any outfit, even awful ones. I stand corrected. Surely the band's making enough money to hire a stylist who isn't addicted to pain killers.

I wonder if Jessica Simpson knows that strange woman is going to slap her in the head. Must be a friend of Nick's.

Sarah Jessica Parker goes shopping with the Jolly Green Giant.

Lenny Kravitz and a "friend" soak up some rays. I bet he has a lot of "friends".

Mariah in a photo shoot trying to show a day in her life. I am not sure what this photo means but, I AM sure of 3 things. There is nothing in the pan she is holding, that is NOT Tommy Mottola on the the phone and thirdly, she owes that slim physique to a photoshop programme.

Ah, and what is she up to here? Colouring with crayons while wearing stilettos. Yup, I do this at least twice a week myself.

Kevin Federline either counting his money or looking at his dirty finger nails.

All that rehab and Kate's having coke again!

I always wondered where Paris Hilton keeps her cell phone when she wears those skimpy bikinis. Now I know, unfortunately we all know.



Blogger hot lips said...

Girl, that picture of Brad is old old old. I think it is the pic of him nekkid around the pool with a nekkid Gweneth. Remember, back in the day when he dated Apple's mom? Oh how the years fly by. But really, the world ain't missing much. Homeboy is hung like a light swtich!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

I know the pic is old but, IT IS HOT....even if he's hung like a light can still turn a light switch on!!! Maybe he just got out of cold water. You know like George Constanza...shrinkage. Anyhow, Angelina does not strike me as a woman who would be with someone who was not skilled in the boudoir.....
Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Pink Pen said...

[quote]He also wrote a warning: "I'm coming ... 2006."
Gee, I hope this time he wears a condom.[/quote]

Bwah! That's hilarious :)

and somewhere, saved to a disk I'll never find again, I have the full on naked Brad. Now's the time to go digging I guess :)

11:48 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

Hey!!! How did you get that picture of me and Ricky Martin??? I thought it was an exculsive beach...LOL

8:15 AM  
Blogger hot lips said...

Funny, I had thought the same thing about Angelina. But ever since seeing those photos, I just can't get all hot and bothered about Brad anymore. It was just so...skinny.

9:46 AM  
Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

I miss Travis Barker's show, I use to watch it every day when I still had MTV. His 3 bands are really good, I have most of their CDs. =P

Looking at that Mariah photoshoot reminds me of when she did Cribs and she changed her outfit everytime she showed a different room... Please like she does ANY sort of housework, lol.

I wonder what Nick said in "his" side of the story and why is Ricky Martin in a speedo doing some sort of Aerobics? LOL!

11:06 PM  

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