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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 115

According to website, Nicole Richie and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein are back together again only a week after calling off their 10-month engagement. Sources say the real reason the two split in the first place had nothing to do with Nicole’s rumoured out-of-control partying or her non eating habits. They say it was Adam who suddenly got cold feet. Nicole told her friends that the short break up was the result of a “huge overreaction” and a “big misunderstanding” between the two.

Nicole probably attacked Adam in his sleep. With his cold feet she thought he was a big frozen french fry and tried to eat him alive. I'm telling you - carb deprivation makes people do crazy things.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she is going to have breast surgery in future. Although the actress normally lives a strictly holistic lifestyle, she now understands the benefits of plastic surgery. Gwyneth who has one toddler, Apple and is pregnant with another child told Allure magazine,
"I think women who have breastfed understand what I'm saying, If you get a boob job it's more reconstructive surgery, actually, than cosmetic surgery. Everybody should do what makes them feel good and happy and get a little something done here and there, why not? I'm sure when the time comes, I'll be in there doing something."

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but, a plastic surgeon? Not so much.

Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger is in love with Coldplay's Chris Martin. Nicole has a major crush on the singer because she thinks he is a genius. and she recently gushed to Star magazine, "You know who I have a crush on? Chris Martin is just hotty patotty! Oh my gosh! His music is genius! We love talented boys."

If Gwyneth is reading may want to upgrade to a Double that you've got some competition after your hubby.

Jude Law is reportedly returning from his African safari holiday with ex-wife Sadie Frost and their three kids, to care for his on/off girlfriend Sienna Miller's ailing mother. The elder Miller is suffering from pneumonia, so Law is expected to return to the family's country home to nurse the sick patient, according to the New York Daily News.

I suppose if it was Sienna's younger niece Jude wouldn't been summoned at all. He'd still be dodging elephants in Africa.

The New York Post is reporting that Howard Stern may have married his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, despite the two of them saying they wouldn't.
She's been quoted as saying, "Marriage is not something I'm dying to do. It's just not something that I ever saw for myself," while Howard has said he'll never remarry since his divorce in 1999.

What was the theme of their wedding? Beauty and the Beast? There's a reason this guy has a radio show and not a television one.

People magazine says that Kirsten Dunst went to dine at a gourmet eatery in Los Angeles. She ordered the steak salad and when the server didn't recognize her, she said in an annoyed tone, "You know me – I'm Kirsten."
Before we all cast judegement, apparently this is a restaurant she frequents regularly and always orders the same thing.

How hard can it be to remember a bottle of vodka and a lemon?

Catherine Zeta-Jones wants a career as a showgirl in Las Vegas and has been ever since she was a child. The actress claims a Cher videotape was her number one inspiration and admits holding becoming a showgirl is her ultimate ambition.
Catherine shares, "I want to do a Vegas show. I had a video of Cher in Vegas I saw as a kid and I watched it so much it got kind of warped. Get me the head-dress and high heels and I'll be there."

Why doesn't she just do a remake of "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?"

Anna Nicole Smith has an unusual ally in the Supreme Court fight over her late husband’s fortune: the Bush administration. The administration’s top Supreme Court lawyer filed arguments on Smith’s behalf and wants to take part when the case is argued before the justices.
The court will decide early next year whether to let the U.S. solicitor general share time with Smith’s attorney during the one hour argument on Feb. 28.

Now it all makes sense. Ofcouse Bush and Anna Nicole have a connection! They have the same person write their speeches!!!

Pete Doherty is still very hurt over his split from Kate Moss and he wants her back. He was dumped after he failed to complete his treatment in an Arizona drug rehabilitation centre for his addictions to crack and heroin.
Pete says, "I was nearly blinded when she threw that ring back at me. But I kept it in its little box if I bump into her again. I'll love her forever. But while I'm in any way connected to crack or heroin then I can't be in her life. She says it's like having an affair with another girl and that isn't acceptable."

This guy's still alive? Holy crap give it up buddy.

Oprah Winfrey’s private jet was forced to return to the city airport after its windshield was cracked in a collision with a bird, officials said. Oprah and longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham, were not hurt in the incident which occurred Monday.

People treat Oprah like God...maybe the big guy in the sky flipped Oprah the bird?

Jennifer Aniston says her weirdest Christmas memory was when she was belted in the face by a sidewalk Santa Claus when she was a kid. "I come by, and he slugs me across the face," she told the London Sun. "He ran off and no one even stopped to help me. It was very frightening and weird."

He's real!!!! I do believe. I do. I really do. Santa exists!!!

Half a year ago, Osama Bin Laden's niece was saying she didn't want to be connected to her uncle and that she was going to change her name to break all the links with negative publicity. Now, six months later, she’s giving another interview about how she’s not really in any way connected to Osama Bin Laden.
“"Everyone relates me to that man, and I have nothing to do with him," Wafah Dufour, the daughter of bin Laden’s half brother told GQ Magazine, "I want to be accepted here, but I feel that everybody’s judging me and rejecting me. Come on, where’s the American spirit? Accept me. I want to be embraced, because my values are like yours. And I’m here. I’m not hiding."

Note the strong masculinity traits ......

His ass, that's Osama Bin Hiding !! I bet the kidney dialysis machine is behind that "satin pillow". He must of gone to Thailand for one of those complete makeovers. If Bush wasn't so busy helping out Anna Nicole Smith the idiot would of caught on by now!!!

Desperate Housewives’ Nicollette Sheridan is wanted to sell underwear for Ultimo. Nicollette is the first choice the company came up with and they have been in negotiations with her agent.
A source told The Sun. "They like the fact she is very sexy without being too skinny and that she is famous all round the world. Ultimo is about real women rather than stick-thin babes in their teens and early twenties”
Other candidates the company is interested in are: Carmen Electra, Sex And The City’s Kim Cattrall, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum.

Wouldn't you choose a celebrity who actually wears underwear??? I'm confused.

J.K. Rowling expects to have a busy 2006 because she will be writing the final book in the HARRY POTTER series.
She explained, “I contemplate the task with mingled feelings of excitement and dread, because I can’t wait to get started, to tell the final part of the story and, at last, to answer all the questions and yet it will all be over at last and I can’t quite imagine life without Harry.”

I can't wait. This will be a great book. Harry will "come out" about his feelings for Ron. Hermione may turn to Ginny Weasley for comfort and then they can all be on the SURREAL LIFE. Now, that would be magical!

Sharon Osbourne and her new blonde bob. I prefer her fire- engine red look myself.

Mischa Burton with her boyfriend Cisco Adler goes out in her pajamas. I do too now and then but, I have the sense to wear a long coat!

Lindsay Lohan looking like she just stole an old lady's purse. How else do you explain that nasty number on her arm?

Matt Damon plays golf in Miami where he is vacationing with his new bride.

Carmen Electra and hubby Dave Navarro pick up some boxing day deals.

Beyonce channels Tina Turner in a Kennedy Center tribute to the singer. I think that Tina Turner has better thighs and she could be Beyonce's grandmother!

New parents Ben and Jennifer stop in the middle of the street for a cuddle. These two are so adorable together.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee spent the holidays together. Look at her big smile!

With good's a Tommy Lee greeting for ya.

While Kevin Federline released a new single.....

Britney went shopping with sister Jamie-Lynn

And then with her brother......

Shakira's cd marketed in the western world....

As compared to the Middle East....

Tara Reid in an upcoming issue of Blender magazine.

She looks different. No, not because she's sober..... what's happened to her boobs? They look deflated?

Does silicone sag in the body when combined with rum and coke? I'd be asking for my money back. Maybe she got drunk and popped her implants by accident? They don't call them tequila pops for nothing!



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The pink shirt is awful on brit. women who have big breasts shouldn't wear shirts that high up to their necks because it makes them look like they have saggy grandma boobs, black shirt is much better.

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Thanks for the fashion no no.

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