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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 112

Elton John exchanged vows with longtime partner David Furnish early Wednesday. There was a big stag party for Elton and David the night before. Elton gave a speech at the stag party to thank guests and performers for attending.
In his speech he reportedly said, "Madonna the miserable cow, wouldn't do it. David asked her three times."

Wouldn't do what? There aren't many things Madonna won't do. Here's Elton and Madonna when they used to get along....
They finally have something in common now. They are both married to a GUY.

Sarah Jessica Parker was recently asked by the British Cosmopolitan if she could change anything about her life what would it be?
She told the magazine, "Oh geez, where do I begin? I'd change a lot. I think I wasted many years. I wish I'd applied myself in school; I wish I'd gone to college; I wish I hadn't gotten so tanned all those years. "

She may have no education but, she sure taught me a lot when she was on Sex and The City. Or was that Samantha?

Pink and her fiance Carey Hart are planning on getting married this New Year's Eve. According to a source who told In Touch Magazine, "They're having a lavish destination wedding for close friends and family. They're getting married in a tropical ceremony in Costa Rica."

She's marrying Carey not Corey Hart...the 80's one hit wonder who wore his sunglasses at night. Just to clarify. Carey probably also wears his sunglasses at night but, that's to hide his red dialated eyes.

Madonna's latest album, Confessions On a Dance Floor, has inspired a new line of wines. The limited-edition, collectible wines are priced at $29-$40. The wines sport a label with Confessions On a Dance Floor's album art. The manufacturers promise a wine "as complex and sophisticated as the artist herself," according to MTV News

If we drink a bottle will we wear lycra, become all self righteous and prance around the living room trying to dance on the coffee table naked? I do that when I'm sober.

Pamela Anderson is planning on spending the holidays with her two boys, her family and her ex-husband Tommy Lee.
She says, "We're gonna go snowboarding to Whistler, back home. We're bringing the whole family and Tommy will come and we'll send them up the hill. Tommy and I have always been friends. He just got back from an 11-month tour that did really well. We haven't seen him in 11 months, so it's nice to see him again."

Pam and Tommy went out last night and got hammered together. Is it wise to drink when you have Hepatitis C? Better it wise to drink when you have Hepatitis C with the person you claim gave it to you in the first place???

Desperate Housewife fans here is a spoiler. (If there is any truth to this story) Apparently Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) is going to have a raunchy affair with Doug Savant's character (Tom Scavo)
Doug revealed, "When we come back, Eva Longoria is kissing me! I had a hellacious day on set with just hours and hours of Eva kissing me."

How lazy are people getting now that they don't even venture off the street to have an affair?? I suppose it was bound to happen since Gabrielle has practically slept with everyone else...except Rex and George but, then again they are dead. If it comes down to a cat fight between Lynette and Gabrielle over Tom - I'm going with Lynette. Gabrielle wouldn't risk breaking a nail.

Shirley MacLaine has laughed off reports her Rumor Has It co-star Jennifer Aniston is dating Vince Vaughn, jokingly insisting she is romancing the actor herself.
MacLaine says, "I'd like to confirm that Vince Vaughn prefers older women and that Jennifer is just my beard. It was me in the car with Vince in Arizona and I was looped. I'm having a ball and Jennifer is taking all the guff."

Shirley really has to stop drinking before she attends these press conferences. She thinks she is so funny. No, Shirley that was in another life.

Heather Mills McCartney refuses to apologise for her public attack on fur-sporting supermodels including Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford. Heather referred to the trio as "hypocritical, superficial and shallow" their use of animal skins in fashion. All three have supported anti-fur campaigns in the past but have since been snapped wearing animal pelt clothes.
Heather says, "I don't regret my comments. I don't regret telling the truth. The only way to convey the message about anything is to be absolutely honest, not worry about what the repercussions are. Having said that, I don't hear anything from them, obviously because they're just ashamed."

I suppose this has nothing to do with the fact that Heather was once an aspiring model who never quite made it into the business?

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan and Keanu Reeves were dining with friends, and just happened to get up at the same time to use the washroom facilities. They made eye contact in the lobby, chatted, complimented each other's work and finally asked the front desk for pen and paper to exchange numbers.

Why didn't Keanu just get Lindsay's number off the bathroom wall like everybody else?

Apparently, Paris Hilton got kicked out from an L.A. nightclub for bad mouthing Nicole Richie. Sources say she was told to leave LAX in Beverly Hills for talking trash to sis Nicky about her former best friend, who had dated the D.J. at the club. According to the forthcoming issue of In Touch Weekly.
“No one will admit it,” an “insider” told the mag, “but Paris is now banned from LAX.”

Paris should be banned from the news. I may start this trend myself.

Melania Trump, who is expecting her first child with Donald Trump, is old fashioned when it comes to the role of a man in the delivery room.
"I don't think a man should be in there anyway. It's a woman thing," the former model said.

If he's man enough to be in the room when he made it honey, he should be man enough to be there when it arrives.

Here's the happy couple David Furnish and husband Sir Elton John. David's giving the thumbs up. I guess there is no pre-nup?

Angelina arrives at Brad's house. The moving guys on the right are bringing in several large pieces of furniture and matresses. The couple's spokes people deny they have moved in together...but, keep in mind these are the people who say they aren't dating.

Newlyweds Matt Damon and his wife Luciana. They look so happy but, it's still very, very, fresh.

Fantasia Burino who won AMERICAN IDOL 3. She looks so much younger with no makeup.

Eva Longoria chows down. She's gonna need some energy if she will be sleeping with Tom and Carlos!

Lindsay Lohan has a smoke. Doesn't she look cool? Black lungs and yellow teeth are so cool.

Jessica Alba goes shopping at "Agent Provacateur." She'll be lucky if the perverts next door in the video place don't follow her home salivating.

My fave couple Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling hang out.

Charlize Theron strikes an interesting pose for the Magazine FLAUNT.

Scarlett Johannson and Josh Harnett at the airport.

Halle Berry goes Christmas shopping.

Heidi Klum and Seal warm up in the cold.

Britney and Kevin have a TOYS R US shut down so they can shop in private. The kid is like 4 months old how many toys does he need? Buy him a soother and earplugs so he can't hear you fighting.

Victoria Beckham doing what she does Maybe for Elton's wedding gift? She was at the wedding afterall.

Jennifer Aniston putting on her snow white brave face.

Elizabeth Hurley as she leaves her home to go to Elton and David's stag party. She was also at the wedding, Elton and David are two of many other Godfathers to her son Damian.

Don't worry Beyonce. Jay Z is just auditioning hoes for his new video.

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. His hairline is really receding since marrying her.

Pamela Anderson plays sexy Santa on Jay Leno Tuesday night. She arrived with an empty wine glass and seemed to be half in the bag.

Pamela is upset that her pole dancing stint on Elton John's Las Vegas extravaganza was censored out by NBC. She can't understand why...afterall, her nipples were covered.
See what you's the part they cut out.


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