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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 111

Jon Voight, who is Angelina Jolie's estranged father says he wants his daughter to have Brad Pitt's biological children.
He says, "I'm not sure why she hasn't had her own children. Maybe she hasn't found the right father. I like the look of Brad though. I've got a good feeling about him."

We all do Jon. We all do.

Scarlett Johansson's has reportedly moved into boyfriend Josh Hartnett's apartment. The couple began dating in April after meeting on the set of the film Black Dahlia in Bulgaria.

This relationship should last. Until of course one of them makes a movie with someone else in a foreign country again.

Gwen Stefani is indeeed pregnant with her first child, according to Us Weekly. The baby is due in June, the magazine reported today. She has been married to Gavin Rossdale for three years.
"We are delighted," Us Weekly quotes Gavin's father, Douglas, as saying. Stefani's mother, Patti, also reportedly confirmed the pregnancy to the magazine.

I know, yesterday I was ranting on how she may just be bloated or retaining water. Well she's retaining a human being. I just hate how the minute any woman has a little bulge in her tummy she's got to be pregnant. In this case.....she really is! Suddenly the awful floral arrangement she carried on her head makes sense. She was trying to distract us from her tummy. It worked cuz I didn't even notice Ms Chiquita Banana was preggers.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin avoided serious injury when his vehicle hit another car in London yesterday. Nobody was hurt. His wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, is also thought to have been in the vehicle as well.

And in case somebody was going to make a bruised apple crack....luckily the baby was not in the car with them. I bet Gwyneth was whining about how much she hates Britain, or oatmeal, or the new song by Ashlee Simpson....and Chris lost concentration.

Britney Spears is sueing Us Weekly for publishing a false report. Brit filed a $20 million libel lawsuit on Monday against the magazine. The suit has nothing to do with the recent stories questioning her marriage. Instead it's due to a report that she and Kevin made a sex tape and were worried that it would be leaked.

First of all if there even was such a sex tape, Kevin would of leaked it by now. He's just slimy like that. Britney is talked about in all the magazines and suddenly she is sueing over this? Either she really needs the money right now because Kevin has spent her life savings or maybe this is the only false story to come out and the 506 trillion others are true?

In a recent poll, 71% of People's readers and 76% of Star magazine's blamed Jessica and not Nick for the demise of their marriage. Apparently, her agents are scrambling to put Jessica back in the good books with the public. Rumor has it that Rob Shuter, Jessica's Public Relations rep has been calling every gossip reporter in town with tips about Nick accusing him of everything from greediness to lechery.

I have to say I'm on team Lachey here. I think he should be awarded a medal for putting up with Jessica for as long as he did. As I see it, her father was trying to control everything she did and she allowed him to do so. Nick can do WAY better....and he will. You'll see.

Elton John and his partner David Furnish enjoyed a joint stag party in celebration of their wedding tomorrow. A bunch of celebrities showed up at the gala which included a cabaret performance. Among the stars who were there were Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon and children Jack and Kelly, Elizabeth Hurley, Bryan Adams and Kid Rock.

Sounds like Elton got treated like a queen. I mean the other kind of queen.

Cameron Diaz is planning go backpacking in India with Kate Winslet, as the two prepare for their new movie Holiday. The trip is partly research and partly a bit of fun. The two have met socially, but have never worked together before.
A source told The Sun: "After they signed up for the movie they got talking on the phone. They decided the perfect way to prepare for their roles would be to go backpacking."

I am sure Kate will be cancelling. Once she figures out Justin's not going.

Carmen Electra told Jay Leno on his show recently that she wanted a stripper pole for Christmas. She later revealed on the Early Show, "On Jay Leno I mentioned that I wanted a stipper pole and um somehow it's magically on its way, but it's not from Dave. See that's the perks of being in this business. You say something and all of a sudden it arrives at your front door."

Jay's a good guy but, Oprah would of given the whole audience a stripper pole.

Paris Hilton spent $100,000 in two hours shopping in Beverly Hills. The heiress of a $28 million trust fund filled up her car with things from Louis Vuitton, Sony Style and Jennifer Kaufman during a Saturday shopping spree, the New York Post reported Monday.
Apparently her car was so stuffed it couldn’t hold another bag

She managed to squeeze in some room for the biggest bag of all. Herself.

Jamie Foxx fantasizes about seducing Mariah Carey. He says he dreams of serenading the diva in a bid to win her over. The star revealed: "She's hot! Selling records and doin' her thing."

Didn't Jamie just profess his love for Oprah on her show? Now he wants to seduce Mariah? Shouldn't be all that difficult. After all, he is breathing.

Charlize Theron has turned down the chance to be the next Bond girl in the upcoming film 'Casino Royale'. Other actresses who have turned down the role are Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson.

I am sure they will fill the position. There are a lot of great choices. I thought it may be easier however to tell you who I DON'T WANT being a bond girl....
JENNIFER ANISTON - She's in enough horrible movies as it is and has even more awful ones coming out as we speak. She wants the world to think she is goody-goody yet could try and snag this role just because Angelina didn't want it. She could play a mediocre Bond girl who lives with five other 30-something bond girls who hang out at a neighbourhood coffee shop. Her name could be Ima Loser.

BRITNEY SPEARS - Although this girl could seriously use a good comeback please do not cast her as a bond girl. She will be working on the set all day and her poor excuse for a husband will be out gallavanting and I am going to have to report that crap which is getting old now. If they do make her a Bond girl, she can be a swedish spy who poses as a dirty, smelly girl by day and a seductress by night. Her bond name can be Iwash Mypheat Forya

Nicole Richie - Although James could probably use her scrawny body as a skeleton key to pick locks...she cannot be a bond girl. Bond girls traditionally have not resembled 9 year old boys. Cuz then they would be called Bond boys.

Jessica Simpson - Her father probably already has the script in his grubby little hands. They can call her Ivanna Spraytan.

Kelly Osbourne, Diddy and Nicole Richie at a fashion benefit. Kelly and Nicole look like they'd rather be anywhere else.

Charlize Theron channels Marilyn Monroe for a photo shoot.

Alicia Keys looks lovely in her photo shoot.

Britney's way of saying "I've got a sense of humor y'all" or could be saying "I'm in denial y'all"

Lindsay Lohan and her little sister go shopping. The gene fairy was a little more generous with Lindsay apparently.

Nicolette Sheridan seen out with her ex from many moons ago...Michael Bolton. Are they dating again?
How can they be lovers if they can't be friends?

Katie and Tom find something humorous. They probably crack up everytime he introduces her as his wife.



Blogger Da Tew Catz said...

Hey Linda !!

Wanna add in one Superman movie HOT or NOT !! The new actor, not too sure of his name looks HOT & Kate B's oh so not .... Talk about SKINNY, TARTY, MOODY, and lets just say lets see.. can't act, has a famous BF, (Orlando Bloom), is a richie rich .. (parents/snobbish) and you can't say she doens't look snobby & or cheesies in all pics with that oh so fake big teeth grin. She may have a high IQ, and is a BEAUTIFUL gal, but as far as I know, and get from her, .. all her movies FLOP. And so does her acting abitlies.
Cameron Diaz seems soo nice .. but while here in TO for the Film fets this year SHE DEMANDED NO photos during the press conference... what ?!? HELLO !! its a PRESS conf ! You are there to premote your film, I think she way to uppatey, same with Drew Barrymore, she seems sooo funny, gret person, nopes while filming here in TO so was really offbeat, when you'd think she'd be up beat, but knowing at this time,during filming her father was ill, and then passed, I woud be cranky aswell. Other nasty celebs u may think are cool, Tom Welling (superman TV) while filming here in T.O. for cheapier btd 2 he would never sign auto's / pose for photo's and had a huge attitude, yes he maybe superman in the US, but not her babe,YOUR attitude/personality sucks can i say EGO !???! Also Bruce Willis has always complaned about how he doesnt understand HOW ppl think of him as a jerk/assh*le.... well, auto pal who loves to get photo's/auto's with celebs .. for herself, had an incounter with him, and lets just say, yah .. u cant be a hero/star 24/7, and neither is Bruce ever .. so we hear, and know...... hence the Annie Lennox deal, ok fine I respect that u dont wanna sign something or have a photo, but for TRUE blue Fans who admirer you, support you,& buy your album's, go to your concerts, for U to make the big BUCK !!! Cmon... PMSIn' or what Ms. Lennox ??!! It's not like The photohounds were up your arse at that time dang ! Have a crumpet and choke on it why don'tcha ! It's part of the job, and for what she said, thats just down right CRASS ! She's lucky she's still in the business... and won the Oscar for LOTR !! By the way.. when u actually gonna change that hairstyle !???! It's Gettin a we bit lame sweets !!
ANd for the issue on the engagement for Kate B & Orlando Bllom GOD forebid !!! Crossing fingers, this rumour is sooo getting old and if he does pop the question ,... i so wonder how the off & on married life will be and or last !
CUZ I J E N Z said so... too ! lol heheh Happy Holi's all ! x0x0

12:41 AM  
Blogger TangentArifa said...

I have not written anything since those delectable Wentworth photos but your Jennifer Aniston/Bond girl caption was spot on!!!

Listen, I was tired of her when she was married to Brad (when is she leaving for Greece again?) Her tv show sucked after a two seasons (sorry to Friends' fans) and her movies are a pain to watch. When will the world realize she's a bad actress? Give it time, she's be on Surreal Life soon.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

OMG Arifa I so agree with you...obviously...I am really tiring of Jennifer. In fact the more I see/hear her the more I myself, want to run into Angelina's arms.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Nadia said...

My 2 cents...Have you ever seen pics of a younger Lindsay Lohan? Or seen her withuot makeup and airbrushing? Let me tell you, that pic of her sis is looking PRETTY DARN GOOD in comparison.

11:06 AM  

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