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Monday, December 19, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 109

Nicole Richie chose to wear a ring that Beverly Hills jeweler Judith Ripka has designed on the cover of her first novel. The designer is so thrilled she is naming the ring after the celebrity. Nicole wears the ring on the cover of her book"The Truth About Diamonds," and now the designer says she is getting a lot of business because of it.
Ripka says, "We love the book, which has gotten us an unbelievable number of calls from potential clients. We're renaming the ring on the book's cover. It's now called the Nicole and retails for $9,000."

Here's the ring that they apparently getting so many calls about. I bet the ring weighs more than Nicole. Why is it that everyone wants to ignore how skinny she has gotten?

Exactly how skinny in Hollywood do you have to get for them to think you have a problem? This skinny? This chick appears to be a model. For what? A new clothing line for q-tips? Honestly, this photo literally turned my stomach.

Scarlett Johansson thinks a night at the movies costs way too much.
She tells, "A problem today is, you need to take out a loan to go to the movies. I've paid $12.50. Buy tickets, popcorn, take a cab, have a bite, maybe a babysitter. How many people can afford that? And Hollywood wants to know why the industry isn't doing well. Movies must be affordable. Going must be pleasurable. During bad days, during the Depression, that was this country's quick cheap fix. We need that."

She finds them too expensive and yet she's in every second movie that comes out...she makes more money than all of us put together!

Heath Ledger had learned to sword-fight for his latest movie, but found his tight trousers restricting during the physical scenes.
His co-star Sienna Miller says, "I was not the most naturally gifted sword fighter, but I learned.
Heath was a very patient partner. He split his trousers on a lunge, which made me laugh and that broke the ice from day one."

So what? Heath split his pants. Someone tell Sienna that it would of been REALLY humiliating if the trousers fell off everytime the nanny came around.

Beyonce Knowles has laughed off reports she is gong to marry longtime boyfriend Jay-Z in the new year, insisting the media makes up engagement stories all the stars.
She says: "I have no wedding plans. No, I'm not rushing. They've been saying it about every celebrity forever. It's not personal. They just do it to everyone. I'm 24 years old!"

No need to explain why you won't marry him.....we've seen him.

Jennifer Aniston was forced to cancel her appearance on America's The Tonight Show on Friday night after she was hit by a severe other words little miss innocent was partying with Lindsay Lohan (Who cancelled a Regis & Kelly appearance due to a "mysterious" cold a while ago) And even more Jennifer news (As my eyes roll into the back of my head)......Jennifer says she credits her mother for showing her how not to deal with divorce.
She says, "I learned by example of what not to do by watching my parents. I watched my mother be very bitter and very angry throughout a divorce and never let it go. I thank her for that unconscious sacrifice of what not to do. You've got to be accountable and take responsibility, because it's so easy to blame, to point, to be victimised. That's just a waste of time ."

Actually, a waste of time is everytime this woman opens her mouth and I have to write about it. I am thinking of banning her from my blog completely but, then again I wouldn't have any one to pick on. Besides Paris Hilton and let's face it that's just too easy. Jennifer doesn't play a victim? Since when? Oh look, here's the non-victim tanning at her house but, this time she had good enough sense to put a top on while the paparrazzi are swarming her home.

Jenny Shimuzi who was bragging last week that ex-lover Angelina Jolie still calls her for the occasional booty call is now denying the whole story. According to the Sun, Angelina had called her three days earlier and warned the lesbian model that “this was coming out.” After that Jenny seemed to change her tune and said,
"Her and I have a relationship just like I have with my friends or my mother but it doesn’t necessarily mean were having sex. "

Nobody in their right mind would deny having sex with Angelina Jolie. Even if it's not true.

Madonna has inspired newly retired supermodelTyra Banks to practice yoga. Tyra wants to get herself in the same shape as Madonna for in the New Year.
Tyra said, "I’ve never done yoga and I’m nervous about it. It’s literally hard for me to touch my toes and then I see Madonna. She’s almost 50 years old and that body? I have cellulite and I’m 32. She’s 50 and has muscles. Something’s wrong here."

I agree that Madonna has a very toned body but, last time I checked she wasn't walking down the runway at a Victoria Secret fashion show. Tyra Banks did...just weeks ago. Cellulite or not....Tyra wins.

Britney Spears’s private honeymoon photos are for sale on Internet auction site eBay. The album consisting of 80 shots of Britney and Kevin is on the site under the caption,"Very private photos of Britney and Kevin Federline on their honeymoon in Fiji. A true must have for Britney and Kevin fans. No photo copies, 80 real pics on CD."

Who cares? What pictures of these two could we possibly see that we havn't? Their honeymoon was probably as routine as their everyday lives. In the 80 pics there are probably 20 of them going to a nightclub, 20 of them eating junkfood, 25 of them smoking and the remainder of them of Britney alone while Kevin was sleeping in, off gambling or at a club without her. YAWN.

On the cover of SEVENTEEN magazine...Kelly Clarkson sizzles as a blonde.

Alanis Morrisette... not so much sizzle.

Jessica Alba walks her dog and manages to sizzle effortlessly.

Carmen Electra puts on some sizzle for her Christmas card with her yorkie dog. Where is her husband Dave? Even I would not send out a card with just Chelsea and I on it...well, maybe on Valentine's but, never at Christmas!

Hilary Duff goes Christmas shopping.

Courtney Love shops with her daughter Frances Bean. I guess her welfare check came in.

Supermodel Gisele Bunchen sang live at an event and word on the street was that she wasn't too shabby. The audience may have been all male for all we know...

Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan leave a nightclub. Looks like they are celebrating the New Year early?

Rumor has it Gwen Stefani is pregnant. This story started because concert goers noticed her tummy seemed to protrude a little. This photo was taken at her recent Toronto concert. Holy crap, my stomach looks like this on a good day. Can't celebrities just be on their period,bloated or retaining water from a little late-night Chinese food? Why does everyone have to be pregnant all the time?????

Clearly Shakira is not retaining water. She almost makes me want to do a situp. I would but, I have a bowl of natchos on my lap and they'd get in the way.....besides, I said ALMOST.

Madonna has been seen in this coat more than twice now. Did she fire her stylist?

Pink makes a phone call. I hope she's calling her hair dresser.

Tara Reid is sober but, thanks to her jeans, she still looks like she peed her pants.

Rachel McAdams. She's so lovely.

Nicole Richie sits down to a big feast of cutlery and sweetner. Yum.

Notice all the out and abouts so far have been about blondes? Hmmm, maybe blondes really do have more fun....

OK...What are the brunettes up to? Victoria Beckham making a face that is not the most flattering on her. But, I suppose the see through mesh top is to take the attention OFF her face. Not working.

Not sure what Tom and Katie are up to . Maybe she finally said the words he's been waiting to hear...."Tom, honey, take me to your leader."

Lisa Rinna and her chia pet lips. Everytime she waters them, they grow.

Angelina and Maddox as she picks him up from school. Say is that a vile of Brad's blood around her neck? I wonder how much she wants for it.

Life & Style's Magazine has some advice for Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. They want them to star in their own show "THE SINGLE LIFE"

Here's what the ad would look like!



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