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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 100

It's my 100th W.T.F! I'm feeling a little teary eyed but, that could be because I'm retaining water too. Here we go..........

US Weekly is reporting that Nicole Richie and her fiance Adam "D.J. AM" Goldstein have broken up and called off their engagement. This has been confirmed by Nicole's rep Cindy Guagenti saying, "The decision was mutual." US Weekly said that that the couple decided to break up a few days ago.
And to think she may have lost all that weight for the wedding....

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were forced to flee the set of their new movie "El Cantante" after a fire broke out close to their trailers. The couple, who have been filming together were briefly evacuated from the set yesterday after an electrical fire broke out underground - beneath Lopez's trailer. Filming wasn't affected as it was taking place elsewhere. Later in the day, Lopez returned to her trailer to expect the damage. Firefighters had managed to contain the fire underground.

See -that's the negative side of having so many ex-husbands. It could of been anyone.

Scarlett Johansson hates disorder so much, she cleans her hotel suite before the chamber maids arrive. She insists hotel workers will never find her quarters untidy, because she is obsessed with being organized.
She says: "I clean the room before the maid comes you will never find laundry on my floor. I can't stand clutter."

Say Scarlett, if you're not doing anything this weekend...

Angelina Jolie almost caused a riot at New York's The Supper Club on Monday night when she arrived late for a benefit and refused to pose for pictures. Pissed off paparazzi, who had spent over two hours waiting for Angelina in near freezing temperatures, rushed the actress as she attempted to sneak in a back entrance. She was instantly surrounded by the them and ordered her security team to keep them away. She was overheard telling the photographers to "back up," and pushed one woman's camera away when she got too close. The actress stopped to sign a handful of autographs as she continued to plead with the snappers to give her room. Eventually, angry Jolie hissed: "You're not backing up!" before dashing inside the venue.

Angelina really should get an extra bodyguard. A female. One with long dark hair who loves to blog and has seen all of Ms Jolie's films. I hear she'll would work for free too.

Eminem has announced that he and ex-wife Kimberly Mathers are back together and may even remarry even though they have gone through an ugly divorce and custody battle over their young daughter, Hailie Jade. Speaking on Detroit radio station WKQI-FM's "Mojo in the Morning" show, Eminem, 33, said: "We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry."

I thought he despised his ex and she was a bad mother?Will the real slim shady please stand up?

Lindsay Lohan's scheduled appearance on Tuesday's edition of Live with Regis and Kelly didn't happen. Lindsay didn't show up at the last minute because apparently she was sick to her stomach. The New York Post also reports that Lindsay's rep apparently informed the show only five minutes after the show went on the air.
"Lindsay Lohan is sick. She's not coming. Well, that's kind of a blow, she has food poisoning." announced Regis on the show to his sidekick Kelly.

Funny, Lindsay was at the King Kong movie premiere the night before until all hours of the night..... food poisoning my ass.

Heath Ledger ate so much food during his girlfriend Michelle Williams' pregnancy, he gained 20 pounds. His daughter Matilda was born on October 28th, and Heath admits that he packed on the pounds during his sympathy cravings. He says his goal now is to keep both the ladies in his life comfortable.
He says, "I wake up, keep the house clean, get Michelle juices, plates full of vegetables. We take walks, read books."

Heath a good man.

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has confessed to urinating on stage during a recent concert.The singer said she had to douse herself with champagne in front of hundreds of Australian fans to disguise the evidence. She is quoted by Scotland's Daily Record newspaper as saying: "I had a few drinks before the show, but I didn't think to go to the bathroom before we went onstage. We were jumping around and my bladder just started. You know."

In the words of Black Eyed Peas...."Let's get it started"

According to Star magazine, which still claims that Jessica Simpson is pregnant. It must be true.

Madonna who has always been censored because of her racy lyrics and on-stage antics, said it didn't take much to be considered controversial.
"I think as soon as you have an opinion that is outside of what is considered to be the conventional way of thinking - you're considered controversial," she told a news conference in Tokyo, where she is promoting her new album, Confessions On a Dancefloor.
"I think that I like to ask questions, I like to challenge authority, and a lot of people perceive that as controversial."

I like to challenge authority too. I just don't do it in a bustier and stilettos.

Britney Spears is being silent about her marital woes. One of those "sources" who blabs to the tabloids recently revealed, "She's not really talking to anyone about it, she doesn't want everyone saying, 'I told you so.'"
Britney has apparently ended friendships with friends who have badmouthed her hubby. As you may have heard, Spears kicked Federline out of the house last week after he was visited by a couple of friends whom Spears isn't too fond of.
This "source" added, "She was angry because Kevin knows how Britney feels about these guys
and the worst part was that they showed up on a 'Britney and Kevin Day.'"

Isn't everyday Britney and Kevin day? At least in this blog it is.

Mary-Kate Olsen is talking about her ex boyfriend in the Jan issue of W magazine. Her ex is Stavros who is now dating Paris Hilton. Mary-Kate was dating the Greek millionaire all summer and tells W she actually introduced him to Paris. When those two were spotted making out in nightclubs, a distraught Mary-Kate abruptly took a leave of absence from University.
She told the magazine, "I miss him and I love him and I don't speak with him anymore. It's a hurtful and painful subject. This is a hard time for me."

I hope Mary Kate doesn't read my blog. This picture of Paris Hilton's hickey covered neck is sure to sent Mary Kate running back down anorexia street!

Gwen Stefani won new artist of the year award for her solo debut album Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
Oddly enough she seemed to have dropped her Harijuko girl posse and replaced them with a bouquet growing out of her skull.

Madonna (who was not at the awards - she was in Tokyo) may have stolen the Harijuko posse idea....except these look like geisha girls.

Back to the awards...Rapper 50 Cent and rock band Green Day won SIX billboard awards each! 50 was not at the awards but, Green Day was. I have been a fan for years and years. They are only now getting the recognition they deserve. I must also say, these guys are eternally young. They just don't age.

And Mariah Carey wasn't far behind, she left with five awards of her own. Not only did have problems walking on to stage to accept her awards because her dress was too tight but, she also cursed out her assistant. When Mariah read her speech from her blackberry, some of the info was missing and she made some lame comment that her assistant was in trouble. She was not kidding.

Shakira won three awards!

Tom Petty picked up the magazine's top honour, the century award, and told the audience: "Let me remind you that this ain't the end. I can still kick some ass."
I agree but, soon he's gonna need a walker to do it.

Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and Pam's co-star on "STACKED" Marissa Jaret Winokur were presenters at the awards show. Marissa is pretty brave to pose for a photo with these two women. Mind you, Marissa does have two things on them. Hers are real!

Ashlee Simpson performed live.
Isn't that an oxymoron?

This photo has NOT been confirmed but, it is supposedly baby Violet Affleck. Daughter of Ben and Jennifer Garner. I don't believe it is really their baby. If it was, she would be hooked up by I.V to a big starbucks coffee.

sarah Jessica Parker at the premiere of her new movie The Family Stone.

Yikes, surely Whitney has seen better days. Although she wouldn't remember them anyhow.

Mariah's got gas. Literally.

Remember Melissa Joan Hart who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch??

She's older, a whole lot bigger because she is pregnant and in sixteen years she's going to have a teenage witch of her own.

Star Jones seems to find something amusing. Wait until she sees this photo.

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek from their new movie Bandida. Something tells me my husband is going to want the DVD.

The women of Wysteria Lane met their transvestite matches at a recent fundraiser.
Here is Eva Longoria (Gabrielle) with her drag likeness. I don't think the gardener would be as tempted if he was trimming the "lookalikes" bush.

Here's Felicity Huffman(otherwise known as Lynette) with hers. This is ironic because Felicity plays a transexual in the movie TRANSAMERICA which is already getting Oscar buzz for her terrific role in the film.

Marcia Cross appears to be bonding with her likeness. Bree would be mortified!

Nicolette Sheridan (Edie) and her "twin". I wonder who gets more guys.

Teri Hatcher was nowhere to be found. Her transvestite probably got to wear a better dress or looked better in his dress and Teri pulled a "Vanity Fair" hissy fit and left.



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