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Friday, November 11, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 90

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has laughed off reports he is on the verge of marrying Chinese actress Bai Ling. It was reported Bai said she was engaged to Carter but, both parties insist Ling was falsely quoted.
Nick Carter adds, "We are just friends and I'm dating other women but,would love to meet a great girl that has her life in order and understands my career goals."

I agree. A person who has their life in order is am important quality. So, uh, Nick have you finished rehab for your drinking problem yet or what?

Jessica Simpson is facing criticism from humanitarian agencies after she allegedly interrupted a 10-day charity visit to Kenya with a $1,500 safari, despite insisting she was too ill to visit local children. Jessica spent just two days with Operation Smile, a charity repairing facial deformities in children.
A representative for the charity says, "Jessica got sick, like people do, and couldn't get out of bed." Referring to the safari, an Operation Smile spokesperson says, "It was scheduled downtime."
But the excuse has been challenged by a hotel insider who alleges, "Simpson was not ill, no doctor was called out to see her."

Jessica probably was sick! Sick of Africa. No wonder her publicists are monitoring every word that comes out of her mouth!

Ashlee Simpson may have followed sister Jessica's lead by launching a singing career, but she's not interested in mirroring her romantic life by linking up with a famous guy.
"If you fall in love with somebody, you fall in love with somebody, but I would really like to not like a celebrity. I think it would definitely be easier. I'm not looking for an actor, I'm not looking for a musician!" she said in a recent interview with The Associated Press.

Are we to believe that after her drunken McDonald's behavior that Ashlee has potential suitors breaking down her door? Yeah, ok.

First it was rumored Lohan Lohan andJared Leto were dating. Now, apparently the two are getting married. MSNBC states that Lindsay is looking to get married to make Paris Hilton mad. “She’s angry at Paris for hooking up with Mary-Kate Olsen’s ex, Stavros Niarchos,” says the friend. Mary Kate and Lindsay are friends. “Catching a husband would be a poke in Paris’ eye.”

Gee that's mature. I don't know if this story is true but, I have read that Lindsay is obsessed with Jared and following him everywhere. Maybe she is the only one who thinks they are a couple? Kind of like Jan from the Brady Bunch movie and the "fake" boyfriend?? Paris is Marsha.

Songwriter Steve Wallace sued Britney Spears for allegedly stealing and copyrighting his track. He says he wrote it in 1990 and ahe released her version on her 1999. The suit was thrown out by a U.S. District Judge last week regardless of a side-by-side comparison of the songs in court showing a striking resemblance. The song under question is "Sometimes"
Spears' lawyer David A. Baum quashed rumors the two parties had reached a financial settlement. He said, "I cannot emphasize enough this was not a settlement but a dismissal."

Yeah but does the guy lip sync when he sings his song? Does he make those annoying high pitch moans that Britney does?

Jennifer Aniston says that in the aftermath of her divorce, she has rekindled her relationship with her estranged mother, actress Nancy Dow, who wrote a tell-all book about her daughter.
She said of the reconciliation after nine years of not talking,
"It's been really nice. It's crazy what, you know, your life kind of being turned upside down will lead you to. For us it was the time and it was going to happen when it was supposed to happen. So this is good. It's baby steps."

A girl really does need her mommy at times like this!

Catherine Zeta-Jones thinks some actresses 'insane' for rushing to shed post-pregnancy weight to fit into the Hollywood ideal. The actress, who has two young children with Michael Douglas, made sure she had a steady return to her normal figure.
She commented, "I grew up with dancers where anorexia and other eating disorders were common - so I learned how to deal with diets without losing my limit. I think it's awful, this competition between actresses who just had a baby to see who's first to get back to their normal weight. It's insane. I find this wave of super-skinny women scary."

That Catherine, talking about skinny women like she's a big porker herself. Ok, so she's not stick thin but, she looks incredible considering she has two kids and put on almost 80lbs with her last pregnancy.

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie insists she has never had cosmetic surgery, but she would consider having Botox treatment to improve her sun damaged skin. She says she spent so much time tanning and she knows the effects will soon start to show. Fergie would also consider surgery to maintain her sultry looks and figure as her advancing years begin to take their toll.
She says, "I haven't had any surgery but I would maybe consider a nip and a tuck. I've been sun tanning forever and damaging my skin. I would be open to botox."

Fergie is only 30 years old and looks older already.

Even MORE Fergie news.......Fergie, who's actual real name is Stacy Ferguson is going to play an undercover cop posing as a stripper for the show "THE SOPRANO'S". Rumor has it she is hitting the gym with a personal trainer to be the hottest stripper the Bad-A-Bing's ever seen. She will start filming the episode early next year.
"Fergie can't believe her luck at landing this part. She's obsessed with The Sopranos," an insider told the Daily Mirror."The producers thought she'd be perfect because she's got such a toned body and has no problems flaunting her flesh."

Tony Soprano's gonna see her HUMP and her lovely lady lumps. Her role won't last too long. Don't all the undercover cops on this show end up sleeping with the fishes?

Rumor is that Heather Locklear's marriage is on the rocks. Her husband, Richie Sambora, is on tour right now with Bon Jovi and being separated is taking it's toll. Sources say that it all started when Heather was working on the tv series LAX. She didn't spend as much time at home and they started to grow apart. A friend of the couple said, "Heather hardly saw Richie at all last year. At this point, it's like they're becoming strangers."Meanwhile, there are rumors that her ex Tommy Lee may be hovering in the background. Heather turned 44 in September and sources say she was "begging" for Lee to help her celebrate. Her rep said that there are not any marital problems.

If this is true it is sad because they are such a nice family here with daughter Ava. I doubt Heather would ever turn to Tommy Lee for comfort - they were married ages ago and she left him because he cheated on her with a porn star!

Madonna says it was literally love at first sight when she first laid eyes on hubby Guy Ritchie. Madonna has revealed that an eyeful of Guy with his top off was all it took. "I saw him with his shirt off playing tennis and that was a big plus, I sat next to him at a lunch and he was incredibly witty and that was another big plus. I think sense of humour is important and finally I saw his first movie (Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels) and I thought, God he's incredibly talented." she told Michael Parkinson in a TV interview.

Who knew he had all this goin' on under his button down shirts?

Celine Dion is scared to leave her hotel during her Las Vegas residency because she fears she will be mobbed by fans and pick up their germs. She is also terrified she will catch an illness that will force her to cancel her show.
She says: "Because of air-conditioning, meeting a lot of people, shaking hands - there's more chances to get sick."

Just another excuse not to kiss her grandfather/manager/husband Renee on the mouth! Smart thinking!

Nicole Richie seems to have included her former friend Paris Hilton in her semi-autobiographical novel "The Truth About Diamonds," basing a character on the hotel heiress. The book's villain Simone Westlake is the spitting image of Hilton. Nicole, calls Simone "an all-around professional fake-rich girl. In one part "Simone" used the word [bleep] after a row with a black man a reference to a similar incident last year when Hilton was accused of using the word. Another section describes Simone boasting about having a strain of marijuana named after her. Other similarities include a mockery of Hilton's habit of stealing catchphrases from other people and the way she allegedly tried to hog the camera on the set of "The Simple Life." In the book, Richie appears to base the heroine Chloe Parker on herself. Chloe is a beautiful Los Angeles socialite with a rock star father. Nicole's father is singer Lionel Richie.

Let's see what else Nicole is up to these days.
Nicole: "Ok, time for my weekly meal. My banana. Come to Mama baby. I am so going to savour this!"

Nicole: "Yum, this sure is good. Have to chew good, make it last. It was worth the wait....and so ripe and delicious!."

Nicole: "$#%!, I have that premiere to go to tonight, I can't eat today! My children's size 4X dress will be too tight if I finish this banana! Oooh, but, so good, I have an idea!"

Nicole: "Ha! Ha! I'll just run off this banana and then it will be like I have not eaten all week! Take that - calorie bi$%$es!!"

If your hubby drooled in his sleep, thats because The Victoria Secret Fashion show was live last night. The finale was a supermodel can can dance including.....
(left to right) Karolina Kurkova, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio on the very right end. Not sure who the girl in the purple is but, Gisele, Adriana and Alessandra are all portuguese....from Brazil. Gisele recently broke up with Leonardo Di Caprio and Adriana used to date Lenny Kravitz.

Believe it or not Heidi Klum just gave birth to her son with singer Seal in mid September! Just look at her stomach? What stomach you ask? My point exactly. She's a freak of nature I am sure, a product of a German top secret experiment.

Tyra Banks strutted down the catwalk for the last time! Tyra is retiring from modelling as of today. She has been modelling since she is 15 and is now 31. She wants to concentrate on her talk show career.

Speaking of, Tyra Banks wore a 350lb fat suit on her show last week and was disgusted by the way she was treated by people.

Eva Longoria gets gas, no not the kind you get from beans...
Although, that would be funnier.

Jennifer Garner tries to shield her face from the cameras. Probably cuz she cannot hide her tummy. She is due any minute now! She is so so so cute pregnant!

Kate Hudson and her son Ryder. Daddy Chris Robinson has long hair too.

Kelly Ripa appeared on Letterman last night.
I bet she rolled her eyes a lot and I didn't even watch it.

Sienna Miller flips out on the paparazzi! Again!!

Paris and flavor of the month, Stavros. Stavros hates the press. For sure this relationship will not last! Paris LOVES the attention and the cameras!In fact that is how they got in that accident I told you about yesterday! He hit a car cuz he was covering his face with his jacket and trying to drive at the same time. DUH. There is a video that is all over the internet showing the short accident. The positive spin on this? This is the FIRST video with Paris Hilton in it where she is not naked AND not having sex with anyone!



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Ummm I doubt Lindsay is marrying Jared just cuz shes mad at Paris, lol thats stupid. I wouldn't be suprised if they do tie the knot.

Also it looks like Tyra will have to go back to modelling, her show is on its way to being cancelled, its horrible... =S

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